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What are the Best SodaStream Flavors? – 35 Reviews [Updated FEB 2024]

35 best sodastream flavors i've tried and tested

Everyone has a favorite soda flavor, but every now and again, it’s fun to experiment and try something new.

But just like regular colas, SodaStream flavors are numerous and varied. the Soda Makers served these soda flavors in plastic bottles or water bottles.

Trying them all to determine if they’re worth your time and money are almost impossible. 

However, I have tried and tested this wide range and will share my views with you.   

I also have the 35 flavors listed at the bottom of this post for ease.

So what are the 35 best SodaStream flavors you must try in 2024?

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I tried out a bunch of the most important flavors to bring you my favorite flavors and several for specific kinds of soda drinkers.

They range from across all types of sodas and flavor profiles.

Some of the best flavors are remakes of classic soda pop beverages or fizzy water that you can buy from the store. 

Others are clever twists on old ideas, featuring new flavor mixes that still remind you of the soda that inspired their creation.

Then there are more unique flavors, like types of ginger ale or lemonade.

These allow you to experience those excellent flavors but carbonated just like your favorite soda.

No matter what kind of soft drinks you prefer or what types of flavors you enjoy, there are multiple excellent choices available in soft drinks and Carbonated Water.

In fact, this variety is particularly excellent since it will get you doing more with your SodaStream than simply making sparkling water!

Having some more exciting and novel flavors available allows you to experiment and have a little fun, and maybe even a little bit of childhood nostalgia (well for me anyway).



The Cola Soda Stream Flavors

We’ll begin with the most traditional flavors that lots of new SodaStream Fizzi users will want to check out. The classic, of course, is the   Cola   flavor.

Even though it doesn’t have the proprietary Coca-Cola formula, it’s still fairly similar in overall taste and you can definitely detect caramel in each sip. It’s fully flavored and has a sweet bite to the taste that brings it closer to Pepsi’s flavor overall.

It’s best described as a cross between the two main soda titans, so it might be a perfect choice for those who don’t have a big preference for Coke or Pepsi.

Next up is

  • Diet Cola. While it uses an artificial sweetener just like other diet sodas, it doesn’t overwhelm the taste buds. In fact, I think it tastes a little bit more like regular soda(standard flavor) than other diet soda drinks like Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi. It’s a suitable alternative for those who want a classic soda pop taste without the extra sugar that normally comes along with it. It does have a slight aftertaste, but it’s not too noticeable.
  • Diet Cola with Lime is a variant of the above flavor that adds some extra lime notes like a citrus flavor profile. Rather than a fresh citrusy sensation, though, I thought that the lime taste was akin to that of lime oil or pre-packaged juice. This is a little disappointing overall. In many cases, you’d be better off picking out fresh lime from the supermarket and squeezing your own lime juice into your regular diet cola flavor. It’ll produce a better flavor profile overall.

Then there’s

  • Naturally Sweetened Cola. This soda flavor uses natural sugar rather than artificial corn syrup to provide your next beverage fizzy drinks with sugary sensations. It takes a little crisper than the regular Cola syrup but also has a slight hint of citrus, making us think of classic Coca-Cola. This will probably be the soda of choice for those who enjoy a pop every now and again but dislike overwhelmingly sweetened beverages and fizzy drinks.
  • Caffeine-Free Diet Cola is next on the list, and it’s definitely a much sweeter SodaStream Fizzi flavor than most others. It doesn’t have any caffeine but the sugary blast you’ll experience is enough to make you forget that fact. It’s definitely going to be more popular with Pepsi enthusiasts than with Coca-Cola fans.
  • Cherry Cola is another excellent flavor that combines the standard crispness of regular cola and a nice bite of the cherry.
    • The cherry helps to curb the sugary overtones and makes it a unique flavor that deserves a spot in your fridge if you enjoy regular cherry Coca-Cola. We like that the cherry taste isn’t overt and is more of a hint.

Don’t forget

  • Diet Cherry Cola, of course. It has a slightly more intense bite or tartness to its flavor profile than the regular cherry cola flavor, likely due to the lack of sugary syrup in its formula. It’s not quite as rich or full-bodied and has a hint of bitterness. Still, many adults will enjoy that tingle of sharpness and might even prefer the diet variant of the cherry cola flavor in fizzy drinks over the regular.

The Dr. Pete Duo

best SodaStream flavours

best SodaStream flavours

Dr. Pepper? What about Dr. Pete? You might have already guessed where these Soda stream flavours got their inspiration.

The first is

  • Dr. Pete combines cherry and vanilla with a classic cola flavor. It’s basically SodaStream’s answer to the Dr. Pepper conundrum, as they don’t have the original formula and had to make do with one of their own. Still, I think this is a worthwhile attempt at capturing the spicy, tingly taste of that classic soft drink and fizzy drinks. While it’s not exactly the same as the real deal, it’s close enough and is a fine substitute if you’d rather make your own soda instead of buying another pack of cans.
  • Diet Dr. Pete is, of course, the diet variant of the above flavor. It has slightly more intense citrus notes to make up for the lack of real sugar, although this isn’t really a downside. In fact, many folks might prefer the taste of the diet of Dr. Pete rather than the original. The citrus notes give it a more rounded flavor profile and keep it lighter on the tongue. Overall, I’d appreciate a variant of Dr. Pete with the same citrus focus but with real sugar.

Cream Soda Types

There are two main types of cream sodas sold for use with SodaStream machines. These are   Cream Soda and Diet Cream Soda

The first of these is very reminiscent of the classic vanilla cream soda you can find in supermarkets in bygone decades. It’s almost sickeningly sweet and it smells just like candy. While the syrup appears to be really dark (almost a Coca-Cola color), it’s actually quite light on the tongue and feels both buttery and caramelly.

It’s an  ideal soda flavor  for combining with vanilla ice cream and other cold sweet treats. Kids are usually the biggest fans of these types of soda flavors, but adults wanting a blast back to their younger years might want to give this a sip, as well.

The diet variant of the cream soda flavor isn’t nearly as rich in sugar or taste as its predecessor, but it’s still worthwhile if you want to watch your waistline.

It still tastes pretty close to the classic cream soda flavor even though the Splenda-inspired tingle marks it as a clear diet syrup.

Energy Drink best Soda Stream Flavors

SodaStream also produces several energy drink flavors that are reminiscent of the caffeine-laced beverages you can get in supermarket checkout aisles all across the country. In addition to their unique flavor profiles, each of these contains 80 mg of caffeine per 8-ounce serving, so keep this in mind when fixing up your own carbonated beverages or Fizzy Water.

Each of them can deliver quite a wake-up call to your body!

The first is simply titled   SodaStream Energy

  • Sodastream Energy doesn’t have a direct flavor profile that matches any single flavor one-to-one. Instead, they combine tart notes and sweet notes to create a relatively unique taste that isn’t my favorite flavor overall, but it’s not bad, either. In fact, it lacks the strange aftertaste that many market energy drinks commonly have. You might want to customize your favorite flavors a little bit for your personal satisfaction by adding sugar or a few drops of lemon juice. But altogether it’s fine if the unremarkable syrup is in terms of taste in fizzy drinks.
  • Diet Energy is the second energy drink choice. It has a flavor profile practically identical to the regular Energy taste, although it’s a little more bitter in terms of the aftertaste. In this way, it actually takes a little more similar to energy drinks you can buy at the store.
  • Crystal Light Wild Strawberry Energy flavor is a mouthful both in terms of its name and its flavor profile. It produces a pink soda pop from your SodaStream and combines both strawberry and bubblegum tastes. It’s an excellent choice for carbonated drinks for teenagers as a result, although the flavors might be a little too sugary for most adult preferences.

Finally, there’s   Energy Mango.  This flavor combines the standard energy flavor from the first syrup with a big mango blast. I was very pleased to discover that the mango notes totally covered up the metallic aftertaste that you can detect and most of the other syrup variants. So, energy drinks flavors create a Great-Tasting Seltzer.

This bumps it up to one of our favorite flavors from the Energy Drink flavor category.

Fruity Soda Maker Flavors

SodaStream also puts out a huge variety of fruity soda flavors. I’ve got plenty of favorite flavors to tell you about.

First up is

  • Pink Grapefruit. This soda syrup is super sweet, but the grapefruit notes inherent in the flavor profile prevented it from overwhelming the palette. It combines both regular sugary sweetness with the range of bubbles and juiciness and tartness of the grapefruit plucked right from the branch. In fact, it’s one of the best SodaStream flavors I tried out in terms of how close this range of bubbles tasted to the “natural” thing.
  • Pineapple Grapefruit is another great choice that combines both of the titular fruits. The resulting conch action is sweet and tart at the same time, and the pineapple notes create a refreshing aftertaste that pairs well with the carbonation of a soda pop beverage. It’s an excellent choice for sipping on a hot day when something sweeter might be overwhelming.
  • Orange is a classic flavor that tastes awfully similar to the classic Orange Crush soda pop. it’s a standard energy flavor, Fans of that soda will definitely want to pick up a few bottles of this flavored syrup, as the taste is notably artificial. It doesn’t taste like natural orange citrus very much but instead brings the old-school orange soda flavor to life once again. The colder the water you use with it, the better.
  • Diet Orange is also available for those of you counting your calories. It’s sweetened with sucralose, but this difference isn’t enough to totally eliminate the Orange Crush similarities. Overall, it’s a decent diet syrup although you can still detect the signature diet aftertaste.

Then there’s

  • Sparkling Natural Orange and Pineapple. This unique flavor combination is super refreshing. It combines a more realistic orange citrus taste with the naturally soothing sensation brought about by pineapple notes. It’s another excellent summer standard flavor and a decent choice.
  • Diet Orange Mango manages to cover up the telltale diet aftertaste with the mango infusion. As a result, it’s one of the better diet SodaStream flavors you can buy. Although, it’s a decent choice.
  • Sparkling Natural Black Currant and Pear is another great choice. The crisp pear flavor is combined with apple juice from the concentrate, causing the syrup to produce a full-bodied and round flavor profile. The black currant berry flavor gives it a light feel on the tongue that I really enjoyed.
  • Peach Fruit Drops is one of my favorites. It has 0 calories but is flavored with all-natural ingredients. The resulting mixture is subtle but refreshing at the same time. It’s one of the excellent choice syrups for creating a classic “flavored sparkling water” experience with your SodaStream.

I also enjoyed

  • Apple Goodness. It’s the closest thing you can get to carbonated apple juice but it isn’t overly sweet. The syrup retains the crispness of fresh apples and, as a result, makes a beverage that is closer to sparkling cider than mere bubbly juice taken from a large jug.
  • Berry Mix is another great fruity soda flavor. it is an excellent choice. It uses real fruit juice and natural sweeteners to produce a carbonated beverage that kids and adults alike will find enjoyable on hot summer days or as an afternoon treat. It is quite sweet, though, so folks with more bitter palettes will want to look elsewhere.

Of course, no soda flavor collection would be complete with Lemon-Lime. it’s an excellent choice.  Fans of Sprite and similar sodas will really appreciate this syrup. It doesn’t have any negative aftertaste and is instead dominated by a light and bright lemon flavor that’s equally refreshing and invigorating.

Ginger Ale

Don’t forget to check out the SodaStream ginger ale offerings.

Their standard   Organic Ginger Ale flavor  is the excellent choice of the bunch. It has a light ginger and citrus flavor profile that doesn’t rest heavily on the tongue.

In fact, its mild flavor and pleasant weight make this syrup a contender for one of the better ginger ale purchases you can make even when considering store-bought bottles. I’d easily recommend this syrup for ginger ale enthusiasts.


SodaStream makes a few tonic flavors for those looking for a more unique soda experience.

  • Tonic is the main flavor, combining quinine, natural flavors, sugar, and citric acid. The resulting lemon-lime soda is refreshingly bitter and sharp.
  • This is one of my Perfect flavors for when I want to drink a carbonated beverage but not necessarily a typical, super-sweet soda.
  • Diet Tonic is also available. It’s a little sweeter than the main Tonic flavor, but it still has the sharp bite and finishes that tonic enthusiasts will enjoy.


Don’t forget lemonades!

Be sure to try out

Tea Soda

Check out these tea sodas Perfect flavors for a sparkling herbal beverage.

My favorite is   Sparkling Natural Green Tea  . It’s plenty sweet and has a little citrus flavor, too. It’s not quite as herbal as warm traditionally-steeped tea, but it’s good enough to remind the tongue of iced green tea.

Peach Iced Tea is another excellent choice. The peach tea flavor is suitably sharp and fruity, but it doesn’t become too heavy on the top and it doesn’t overwhelm the palate.

Root Beer Types

Finally, SodaStream’s root beer flavors shouldn’t be avoided.

The Root Beer standard flavor has plenty of vanilla to rival A&W’s formula. It’s not as spicy as other root beer variants but it’s quite tasty and super refreshing on a hot day. There’s a diet variant, too, although it’s a little too sweet and is closer to cream soda than real root beer.

  Sparkling Natural Root Beer  is another excellent choice, as it has a little more bitterness to its flavor profile that makes you think less of cream soda and more of the real deal.

now you’re probably thinking …

Where Can I Buy SodaStream flavors?

I recommend these bundled varieties on Amazon. Near the bottom of the page.

1ColasClassic Colasodastream classic cola
2ColasDiet Coladiet classic cola
3ColasDiet Cola with Limediet cola with lime syrup
4ColasNaturally Sweetened Colanaturally sweetened cola
5ColasCaffeeine-Free Colacaffeine free cola by sodastream
6ColasCherry Colacherry cola soda mix
7ColasDiet Chery Coladiet cherry cola soda mix
8Dr PepperDr Pete
Dr Pete dr Pepper tasting soda mix
9Dr PepperDiet Dr Petediet dr pete dr pepper tasting syrup
10Cream SodasOriginal Cream Sodaoriginal cream soda flavored mix
11Cream SodasDiet Cream Sodadiet cream soda flavored syrup
12Energy DrinksSodastream Energysodastream xstream energy syrup
13Energy DrinksDiet EnergyDiet Energy Xstream soda mix
14Energy DrinksCrystal Light Wild Strawberry Energycrystal light energy sparkling drink mix
15Energy DrinksEnergy MangoEnergy Mango flavored soda mix
16FruitsPink Grapefruitpink grapefruit soda mix
17FruitsPineapple Grapefruit pineapple grapefruit
18FruitsOrangenatural orange flavored soda mix
19FruitsDiet orangediet orange soda syrups
20FruitsOrange & Pineappleorange and pineapple flavored drink concentrate
21FruitsDiet Orange & Mangodiet orange & mango drinks mix
22FruitsNatural Black Currant & Pearblack currant & pear flavored soda syrup
23FruitsPeach Fruit Drops
24FruitsApple Goodnessapple goodness flavored blend
25FruitsBerry Mixberry mix sodastream waters naturally sweetened
26FruitsLemon-Limelemon lime natural drink mixer
27Giner AlesOrganic Ginger Ale
organic ginger ale flavored drink concentrate
28TonicsOrginal Tonicclassic indian tonic soda syrup
29TonicsDiet Tonicdiet tonic sparklink drink syrup
30LemonadesOrganic Old Fashioned Lemonadeold fashioned lemonade syrup
31LemonadesCountry Time Half & HalfCountry Time Half & Half lemonade & iced tea
32TeasNatural Green Teanatural green tea sodastream syrup
33TeasPeached Iced Teapeach iced team drinks mix
34Root BeersStandard Root Beerroot beer flavor concentrate
35Root BeersSparkling Natural Root Beersparklink natural root beer flavor concentrate

I hope you found some value in this post.

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 Happy Soda Tasting!