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**Product Details and History**:
– SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker forces CO2 gas into water
– Includes machine, CO2 cylinder, and reusable bottles
– Varieties of concentrated syrups available for soft drinks
– Famous brands like Tizer and Fanta available in concentrate form
– Partnerships with Kraft Foods, Ocean Spray, and Samsung for flavor options
– Forerunner of the machine created in 1903 by Guy Hugh Gilbey
– First home carbonation machine produced in 1955
– Popular in the UK during the 1970s and 1980s
– Slogan ‘Get busy with the fizzy’ associated with nostalgia
– Slogan dropped in 1996 after 17 years

**Financial Performance and Market Presence**:
– 2010 NASDAQ IPO: Eighth largest for an Israeli company on NASDAQ
– Market capitalization rose from $367 million to $1.46 billion in 2011
– Sales: 20% of Swedish households owned SodaStream machines in 2010
Europe accounts for 45% of sales
– U.S. sales grew from $4.4 million in 2007 to $40 million in 2011
– Despite record sales, profit margins are declining
– SodaStream surged in New York amidst rumors of a bid from PepsiCo
– SodaStream’s stock rose on NASDAQ
– SodaStream’s stock performance was highlighted by financial news outlets
– SodaStream faced concerns related to Jewish settlement boycotts
– SodaStream addressed business challenges to enhance performance

**Sustainability Initiatives and Marketing Campaigns**:
– Focus on environmental attractiveness of tap water and returnable gas cylinders
– Involved in waste reduction, beach cleanup, and reforestation projects
– Donation to fund educational beach cleaning initiative
– Tree planting initiative for each home beverage carbonation system sold
– International campaign raising awareness on bottle and can consumption
– Displayed cages with empty bottles and cans in various countries
– Utilized influencer marketing in social media since 2016
– Super Bowl commercials promoting sustainability
– Use of humor to criticize traditional soft drink marketing
– Collaboration with celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Priyanka
– Emphasis on influencer campaigns for audience expansion

**Business Operations and Expansion**:
– 13 production facilities worldwide
– Principal manufacturing facility in Israel employing around 1,400 workers
– Additional plants in Israel producing syrups and flavors
– European operations in the Netherlands and Germany
– US headquarters in New Jersey
– SodaStream planned to enter U.S. grocery and drug stores in 2014
– Products from SodaStream sold out at Wal-Mart stores
– SodaStream aimed to expand its market presence in various retail outlets
– SodaStream considered market entry strategies for different regions
– SodaStream’s growth strategy included expanding product offerings

**Controversies and International Impact**:
– Criticized for operating primary manufacturing plant in the West Bank
– Oxfam controversy over Scarlett Johansson’s brand ambassador role
– Accusations of supporting BDS movement by Oxfam
– Legal battles over labeling and product origin
– Boycott campaigns and store removals due to BDS pressure
– Conflict with EU over products from Israeli settlements
– Legal disputes regarding factory location
– Impact on Palestinian workers at the factory
– French court ruling against boycott campaigns
– Impact on Johansson’s ambassadorial role

SodaStream (Wikipedia)

SodaStream International Ltd. (Hebrew: סודהסטרים) is an Israel-based manufacturing company best known as the maker of the consumer home carbonation product of the same name. The company's soda machines, in the style of soda siphons, add carbon dioxide to water from a pressurized cylinder to create carbonated water for drinking. It also sells more than 100 types of concentrated syrups and flavourings that are used in the process of making carbonated drinks. In 2018, SodaStream distributed its products to 80,000 individual retail stores across 45 countries.

SodaStream International Ltd.
Native name
Company typeSubsidiary
Founded1903; 121 years ago (1903)
England, United Kingdom
FounderGuy Hugh Gilbey
Area served
Key people
Eyal Shohat (CEO)
ProductsHome carbonation systems
RevenueUS$543.37 million (2017)
US$81.40 million (2017)
US$74.40 million (2017)
Total assetsUS$452.73 million (2015)
Total equityUS$334.19 million (2015)
Number of employees
1,950 (2015)
ParentPepsiCo, Inc.
Footnotes / references

The company was founded in 1903 in England. After it merged with Soda-Club in 1998, it was relaunched with an emphasis on healthier drinks, and went public on the Nasdaq stock exchange in November 2010. SodaStream is headquartered in Kfar Saba, Israel, and has 13 production plants. In August 2018, the company was acquired by PepsiCo for US$3.2 billion. PepsiCo was attracted to the company due to its technological innovations and a desire to move into providing more healthy products; SodaStream has since launched a variety of PepsiCo flavours into their range.

Until 2015, the company's principal manufacturing facility was located in Mishor Adumim, an industrial park within the Israeli settlement of Ma'ale Adumim in the West Bank, which generated controversy and a boycott campaign. In October 2015, under growing pressure from activists of the Palestinian-led BDS movement, SodaStream closed its facility in Mishor Adumim and relocated it to the town of Lehavim in Israel proper.

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