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Soda siphon

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– **History**
– Aerosol concept introduced in France in 1790 for self-pressurized carbonated beverages.
– Modern siphon patented in 1829 by two Frenchmen for dispensing soda while maintaining pressure.
– Popularity of soda siphons in the 1920s and 1930s declined post-World War II.
– Classic siphon bottles wrapped in metal mesh still used in bars and themed dining venues.
– Destruction of siphon manufacturers’ plants in Eastern Europe impacted popularity.

– **Modern-day production**
– Commercial production of pre-filled seltzer bottles continued in Southern California and Eastern Seaboard regions of the US until 2009.
– Delivery services for seltzer bottles ongoing in Argentina, Vienna, Austria, and Toronto, Canada.
Coca-Cola Mexico introduced Ciel-branded mineral water in 1.75-liter plastic siphon bottles in 2015.
– Adcocks Syphons is the sole producer of siphons in the UK, with vintage siphons restored by Acqua Spumante.
– Acqua Spumante operates via an eBay store and website for vintage siphon restoration.

– **Filling**
– Bottles in seltzer plants are washed, evacuated, and filled with carbonated water using vacuum pumps.
– Portable 1-liter siphon bottles are filled with cold water that can absorb more carbon dioxide.
– CO2 chargers are used to carbonate water in siphon bottles, which are then shaken to release seltzer water.
– Modern manufacturers like SodaStream offer soda machine systems using larger CO2 canisters for carbonating beverages.
– Pump may be used to force higher pressure into the bottle during filling.

– **See also**
– Soda machine (home appliance)
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– Gasogene
– Whipping siphon for making whipped cream with compressed gas

– **References**
– Donald A. Bull’s work on Cork Ejectors
– Bryan Grapentine’s publication on Seltzer Bottles
– Corey Kilgannon’s article on the Seltzer Man in Brooklyn
– Sarah Elton’s piece on the last Seltzerman in Canada
– Various sources for historical information and references

Soda siphon (Wikipedia)

The soda siphon (sometimes spelled syphon), also known as the seltzer bottle, siphon seltzer bottle, or just siphon) is a device for storing and dispensing carbonated beverages (typically carbonated water) while maintaining the internal pressure, thereby preventing it from going flat. The carbonated beverage is dispensed using the internal pressure of the bottle, so the setup is not a true siphon in its operation.

Original Sparklets New York soda siphon from 1930
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