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Is AARKE Soda Maker worth?- [Best Sparkling Water Maker]

AARKE SODA MAKER REVIEWS - Best sparking water maker

If you’re looking for a soda maker, there are a host of different options available on the market. Whether you’re looking to create carbonated water or sparkling water, or you want to produce homemade Club soda, a soda machine is a perfect solution.

Unfortunately, not all soda makers are designed to the same standard.

ARRKE soda makers have emerged as premium appliances in the industry.

In this aarke carbonator review,   we’ll be taking a closer look at both AARKE soda maker models to help you determine if they’re the best soda makers.

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AARKE Carbonator I

The original sparkling water maker from AARKE is the AARKE Carbonator I.  It is the best sparkling water maker. 

To use the machine, you screw the provided bottle into the top nozzle. A side lever is used to automatically carbonate the water in the bottle – the machine will buzz when your soda is ready.

This particular model is designed using stainless steel, which offers a refined and sleek aesthetic for your kitchen countertop.

It’s also extremely slim, which is a feature not found in many other soda machine models.

It’s not just the soda maker itself that is designed with care; you’ll also find that the PET bottle is purposefully made with non-toxic chemicals.

It’s much safer than drinking from traditional plastic reusable bottles.

The machine is powered by one 60L Co2 canister. You will need to purchase co2 canisters separately since they don’t come with the carbonator.

While the AARKE Carbonator I is still available via various suppliers, the manufacturer itself recommends that you purchase its latest model: the AARKE Carbonator II. We’ll explore the latest product in more detail below.

Key Features
  • Non-toxic design
  • Sleek steel-based aesthetic
  • Easy lever for carbonation
  • Uses a Co2 canister for carbonation
  • Two-year warranty

AARKE Carbonator II

The AARKE Carbonator II is the best carbonated water maker released by AARKE and sold by retailers including here on Amazon.

AARKE CARBONATOR II Premium Sparkling water maker in stainless steel

While it shares a similar external design, it has additional features that make it a much higher-quality product.

The general mechanics of the product are the same: you simply screw in the bottle and operate the lever to begin adding carbonation to the glass bottle’s water. You will hear a buzz when your water is fully carbonated.

However, the AARKE Carbonator II offers some of the strongest features on the market. The strength of the carbonator is one of the primary benefits of purchasing this second-generation product.

You can also choose from a range of different finishes with this new model. Matte black, brass, and white are available, in addition to the traditional steel aesthetic.

It’s easy to add this soda-making machine to any kitchen style.

The PET bottle doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals and is a reminder that you’ll have to purchase the 60L Co2 canister separately.

Key Features
  • Non-toxic design
  • Sleek steel-based aesthetic
  • Multiple finishes available
  • Super quick carbonation
  • Easy lever for carbonation
  • Uses a single 60L Co2 gas canister
  • Two-year warranty

Benefits of AARKE Soda Makers

If you’re planning on purchasing an AARKE soda or carbonated beverage maker, it’s critical to understand the benefits of the product.

While we’ve already overviewed both of the primary products available from the manufacturer, let’s explore the six primary advantages of using these unique carbonators.


While industrial soda manufacturers utilize complex machinery to carbonate their drinks, the AARKE sparkling water makers or Aarke carbonators make the process extremely simple and easy.

Once you fill the bottle with liquid, you screw it to the nozzle under the top of the machine.

When it’s secure, you simply pull the lever to begin carbonating the liquid.

If you’re looking for a simple product that only takes a matter of seconds to use, this is one of the industry’s best options.

Quality Carbonation

If you’re looking for a product that can consistently carbonate liquids, this is an excellent option. AARKE soda makers are much more powerful than a basic soda siphon. It is simply the best carbonated water machine

Waste Reduction

One of the primary benefits of a soda maker is reducing your waste. If you’re someone that enjoys carbonated drinks, you’re likely purchasing single-use plastic bottles or aluminum cans.

This significantly impacts the environment, even if you’re making an effort to recycle your water bottles and cans.

The AARKE sparkling water or fizzy water maker will help you eliminate waste entirely.

You can reuse the bottle included with your soda machine for the entire lifespan of the product.

Co2 canisters are often recyclable, and several companies offer free returns with a subscription.

Sleek Design

If you’re shopping for a soda maker, you’ve likely viewed various products. Unfortunately, many of the carbonators on the market are made from cheap plastic. If you’re hoping for your carbonator to fit in with other kitchen appliances in your home, these alternative products are not viable.

One of the primary benefits of the AARKE soda makers is their sleek design.

This is the most attractive stainless steel option on the market.

The second edition of the product has a range of other finishes that you can match with other appliances or color schemes in your kitchen.

This design isn’t just about appearances – it also means that the product is much more durable than other options on the market.

When you first feel an AARKE soda machine, you’ll immediately notice its sturdy nature. The slim design also avoids over-cluttering the space in your kitchen – you’ll barely notice its size when you’re not using it.

Extended Warranties

If you purchase mechanical equipment, you’re typically offered a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. Another significant advantage of the AARKE soda machines is that they offer a two-year warranty.

AARKE stands behind its products with this outstanding guarantee, unmatched by most other manufacturers. 

You can read more about the AARKE company here.

They will stand behind the quality of their product, and make sure that you are happy with your soda maker.

Offer More to Visitors

It goes without saying that a carbonator in your kitchen gives you the unique ability to entertain guests. If you want to offer more to visitors, an AARKE soda maker can help you quickly carbonate almost any type of liquid. It’s sure to draw attention when you have a dinner party at your home.

The Company Behind the Products: AARKE

AARKE is a Swedish company that was started by two industrial designers.

The firm bills itself as an appliance firm, but so far has only released carbonation products. The first AARKE soda maker was released in 2016.

While the company has less than five years of experience in the market, it’s become a household favorite for many consumers around the world. The sleek design and high functionality of their appliances have earned them a spot as the premium provider of water carbonators.

AARKE Compared to SodaStream

If you’re in the market for a carbonator, you’ve likely come across the SodaStream product.

SodaStream is the soda marker that brought household carbonators into the mainstream. While there’s no doubt that SodaStream is the most recognizable brand in the niche, AARKE’s products are much more suitable for consumers who want a premium option.

SodaStream products provide reliable carbonation, but they don’t have the same sleek design that you find in the AARKE options.

SodaStream uses plastic components to build its products like a fizzy drink, and they also have a much bulkier design than its AARKE counterparts.

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If you’re concerned about the aesthetic appearance of your appliances, SodaStream just can’t compete with AARKE. For further details, you can check out soda stream reviews.

Carbonator FAQs

If you’re new to buying a carbonator, you might have a few questions about the product. Below, let’s take a look at some common questions that we receive from readers.

What’s a Carbonator?

Carbonators turn standard liquids into carbonated liquids. When you carbonate water with soda makers, you do so by adding gas to the water, producing sparkling water.

While this was formally a luxury only afforded to large companies producing fizzy water and carbonated drinks, you can now create carbonated drinks in the comfort of your home.

What Can You Carbonate?

While many people carbonate water, you can actually carbonate any drinkable liquid with a sparkling water maker. Many people use it to create their own sodas or carbonate different fruit drinks. The possibilities are endless.

Can You Carbonate Flat Drinks?

If you purchase a fizzy drink, or you carbonate your own drink, it will eventually go flat. While there’s no reason that you can’t carbonate previously carbonated drinks, it’s not always a good idea. If there is still gas in the liquid, the carbonation process may cause an adverse effect which can result in too much fizz.

For the best results, it’s always a good idea to stick with carbonating liquids that have never contained gas.

Ever wondered if you could carbonate milk?

Verdict: It’s Hard to Find a More Premium Product

It’s easy to see why the AARKE soda makers are so popular carbonated water maker reviews. While the price tag is slightly higher than other options on the market, the design, functionality, and warranty included in the product ensure that it’s a step above the rest.

I’d recommend you check it out here on Amazon, and you’ll also see some further buyer reviews and additional information on their other soda-related products (seltzer makers), which should compliment my own views I’ve shared here.

Go forth and make the best sparkling water & homemade sodas you can!