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Do SodaStream Bottles Work with AARKE?

Last updated on February 20th, 2022

do sodastream bottles work with aarke

As carbonated water becomes a more popular beverage choice for so many people, there are more options available for how to get your carbonated water.

This includes the new introduction of Aarke as a carbonation device similar to the SodaStream model. The two carbonators have a lot in common, but there are few differences.

And the questions is this – Do Sodastream Bottles Work with AARKE?

Yes, SodaStream bottles work with AARKE. Since SodaStream was the first large company to mass-produce carbonators, their bottles will fit most other carbonators.

This includes the Aarke. It becomes more of an issue if you try to use other Soda Maker bottles on a SodaStream carbonator, though it is not impossible, you just need to do your research properly.

But here let’s stick with the AARKE model

As more choices for carbonating water hit the market, many people begin to wonder which parts are interchangeable.

This is a logical question that has a bit of a complicated answer period while many bottles are interchangeable, there are some risks anytime you use a specific brand of the bottle with a different brand of carbonator.

The concern is if the seal is not completely tight, then you risk spraying carbonated water all over your kitchen.

The risk becomes even greater if you are using a glass bottle.

If the structure of the bottle is not designed to handle the carbonation that you are adding to it, the entire bottle can possibly explode leaving you with quite the mess to clean up.

While this sounds daunting, there are some basic guidelines that you can follow.

As savvy business leaders, each company will tell you that the best bottle to use with their machine is their own, and they are not really wrong.

There is a bit more to it, though. In reality, any bottle whose threads allow it to be securely attached to the carbonator can be used.

The word “securely” is key!

Aarke & SodaStream compatibility?

The makers of Aarke recognized that many of their consumers would actually be switching to Aarke from a SodaStream machine.

So to make this transition happen more smoothly, they were careful to ensure that SodaStream bottles can be used with the Aarke carbonator.

It is not a perfect solution, but it’s close enough that you can use SodaStream bottles with an Aarke carbonator without concern.

SodaStream bottles are convenient and easy to purchase.

Many users of SodaStream have a plethora of bottles left lying around their home.

It is easier to make the shift to an Aarke carbonator when you know that your bottles will not have to be thrown away or replaced.

You can begin by just purchasing the Aarke carbonator.

While you may want to start out using your SodaStream bottles with your Aarke carbonator, eventually you will likely want to switch to Aarke bottles.

Having bottles that match the brand of the carbonator is the best way to ensure a secure fit as you carbonate your water.

This eliminates concerns about possible explosions that may leave water spewing all around your kitchen.

Aarke Glass Bottles

To understand the relationship between glass bottles in any carbonator, it’s important to understand what the carbonator is doing.

A carbonator is injecting carbon dioxide into the water in the bottle. This means that the water is then under high pressure with that gas trapped inside it.

aarke glass bottles

Obviously, this means a secure bottle is very important. Think about a soda bottle that has been shaken up. You would expect it to fizz and possibly explode as soon as the cap is loosened.

If a carbonated beverage is not well secured, it can and will explode everywhere.

Now imagine if that were to happen with a glass container.

While many soda bottles can come in glass, they are bottled under very specific conditions, in which many safety measures are taken to ensure that the carbonation level does not exceed the pressure that the glass bottle can withstand.

To make it safe to carbonate a beverage in a glass bottle at home, a carbonator must include a chamber that securely covers the entire glass bottle.

This way if you do accidentally add too much carbonation and the glass bottle cannot handle the pressure, the resulting explosion is contained within that chamber.

This is a very important safety feature, especially since the bottle would spew glass shards all over.

With safety in mind, Aarke has chosen not to manufacture any glass bottles at this time.

They focus on providing a sleek and elegant carbonator that will look nice sitting on your counter.

If a giant safety chamber must be included, the design effect is ruined. This means that Aarke only provides high-quality and very durable, plastic bottles for their carbonator.

Is Aarke Better than SodaStream?

When comparing Aarke and SodaStream it’s important to note how much they have in common.

Both carbonators essentially perform the same function. Both will take any water that you have and add carbonation to it. Both allow you to add any flavorings you would like.

Both give you the freedom to carbonate your own water at home.

The difference between Aarke and SodaStream really lies in their design. While SodaStream looks like a very large counter appliance that may not work well with your kitchen decor, Aarke was committed to designing a carbonator that enhances the existing beauty of your kitchen.

This means that Aarke offers a carbonator that has a smaller countertop footprint comma and can be chosen to match your kitchen decor.

In fact, Aarke offers several different models that all focus on different aesthetics.

They are made of different materials and use different colors that can be chosen to match the fixtures that you have in your kitchen. This means that if your kitchen faucet is made of chrome, you can choose an Aarke carbonator that will match that design.

Each Aarke carbonator features a very small base that is just large enough for the bottle. Behind that extends a single tube that holds the CO2 canister.

This is designed to match the decor of your kitchen and is just large enough for the CO2 canister.

The entire top of the carbonator is a very simple nozzle and control area that is just large enough to do its job.

In fact, it looks a lot like a very small kitchen faucet. Aarke offers the following design choices:

  • Steel
  • White
  • Brass
  • Black and Chrome
  • Black
  • Copper

What Bottles Work with SodaStream?

what bottles work with sodastream

Determining what bottles work with SodaStream can be a bit tricky if you get too nitpicky.

The bottom line is that any bottle that fits tightly and securely in the carbonator will work with SodaStream.

The more detailed answer is that you should only use SodaStream bottles that are specifically designed for that specific model of carbonator in a SodaStream machine.

This detailed answer matters when you consider that SodaStream does offer glass bottle choices.

These glass bottles can be incredibly dangerous when used with any SodaStream model that does not have the built-in safety features to ensure that your glass bottles will be safe.

There are only a few specific models of SodaStream carbonator.

At the end of the day, you should be sure to read your user manual carefully to ensure that any bottle you choose to use is designed to work with that specific model of carbonator.

That said, if you are using a plastic bottle you are likely fine. If the bottle will not attach securely, do not use it with that carbonator.

So long as you stick to plastic bottles comma the worst thing that is likely to happen is that you will end up with carbonated water all over your kitchen and potentially destroy the connection between your carbonator and your bottle, thereby breaking your carbonator.

While this would be a terrible loss it is unlikely to land anyone in the hospital.

If you are using glass bottles it is a different story. Do not use glass bottles that aren’t designed to work with that carbonator.

Both SodaStream and AARKE are very good about using plastic bottles that are high quality, durable, and free of BPA.

They are all made of PET plastic. This means that no matter which brand of bottle you choose, you are sure to get a lot of use out of it. Unfortunately, as with all plastic, it does break down over time.

This means that while you can start out using SodaStream bottles with your new art carbonator, eventually you will want to replace those bottles with new ones.

When you do, it is always best to go ahead and purchase bottles that match the brand of your carbonator.

It is also important to remember that reusing a disposable plastic water bottle is never a good idea.

Disposable plastic water bottles are made out of much thinner plastic than PET plastic water bottles.

This means that they will break down more quickly and can often release chemicals into your water.

They are not designed to be used more than once.