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Are All SodaStream Bottles Interchangeable? [ Caution ]

Last updated on February 20th, 2022

Are All SodaStream Bottles Interchangeable

The SodaStream drink maker is a remarkable piece of equipment. It can allow you to make your own custom carbonated beverages or sparkling waters, dispensing them into pre-sized bottles that are designed to fit securely beneath their carbonating nozzles.

The bottles are designed to form a tight seal to prevent carbonation from leaking out. SodaStream offers a number of different bottle sizes or types for variety or design purposes.

So are all SodaStream bottles interchangeable?

In short, no. The standard plastic bottles that come with most SodaStream purchases are versatile and can be used by most of the others, but there are a few machines that are designed for use with only a certain type of bottle.

Some custom soda machines are built with carbonator nozzles that only work with bottles of a particular height or shape.

This prevents the standard bottle from being used effectively with their apparatuses, so you have to purchase the special bottles in order to use those machines as intended.

Overall, figuring out the type of bottle that works best for your machine is a simple matter. Even if you have a SodaStream machine that accepts versatile plastic bottles, there are higher-quality bottles available for purchase to improve the life span of your bottle or make them more stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

Do SodaStream Bottles Fit All Machines?

The answer is more complicated, but can essentially be summarized as it depends. Certain bottles are usable with virtually every SodaStream sparkling water maker, while others have much more limited use and are restricted to functioning among certain models.

You’re probably thinking what would happen if you used a regular bottle anyway?  Check out my post on that here.

For starters, the plastic SodaStream bottles that come with most standard purchases are interchangeable with every beverage maker. This default plastic carbonating bottle is meant to be cheap and interchangeable for a reason; you practically get it for free so the manufacturer doesn’t spend a lot of money making sure it’s the best of the best.

Other bottles that have more dollars funneled into their construction and design will necessarily be of a much higher quality but are also limited to certain SodaStream models.

For instance, the glass bottles you can purchase online can only be used with the Aqua Fizz and Penguin SodaStream machines.

The Aqua Fizz machine is specifically shaped to only be used with the glass carafe style of bottle and has a much more stylish aesthetic and dispensing apparatus. It lets out less carbonation than other soda maker models.

The SodaStream Penguin works much the same way and is shaped like the bird of its namesake. Since it has a descending top to seal in the water and carbonation, it requires that you use the glass carafe bottle. The descending seal also prevents messes from spilling over onto your counter when you use the machine.

In addition, slim plastic bottles are compatible only with One Touch, Splash Play, Fizzi, and Power SodaStream sparkling water makers.

These machines are similar to the main soda maker model and are usually fairly lightweight and easy to use.

These are meant to be used with the slim plastic bottles or the standard size bottles that can hold 1 L of liquid.

Some machines, like the Crystal, can’t accept the 0.5 L plastic bottles, but most that take standard-size bottles will be able to accept this size.

Why Don’t Some Bottles Fit Some Machines?

The reasons for different bottles fitting different machines lie in their construction and design. Certain SodaStream machines have carbonate or nozzles that are only sized to receive bottle openings of a certain shape or height.

For instance, the Aqua Fizz has a closing apparatus that descends on the lower opening of the glass carafe bottle.

This descending apparatus would run into the top of the standard SodaStream bottle, and it has to be closed all the way for the carbonation process to begin.

In other cases, the top of the soda maker machine doesn’t descend, but the 0.5 L bottles are too small to easily reach the carbonator nozzle.

While it’s theoretically possible to hold up a 0.5 L bottle to the nozzle by hand, this is naturally unsteady and a recipe for a mess if you’re not careful.

What Types of SodaStream Bottles Are There?

sodatream bottle ranges

To begin, there’s the default plastic SodaStream bottle.

This is typically 1 L in size so it can hold a decent amount of soda before needing to be refilled. While this plastic is hardly the highest quality available, it is BPA free, meaning that it’s made without the same types of harmful chemicals and compounds found in many plastic products across industries.

You can also get plastic SodaStream bottles in .5 L sizes.

These are ideal if you find yourself trying to cut back on the amount of soda you consume in a day. It’s a helpful way to trick your psyche into thinking that you consume the entire soda even though you cut down the amount by half.

These 0.5 L sized bottles come in several different sizes and some of them have different caps from one another.

More interesting is the stainless steel SodaStream bottle. The stainless-steel version has a cap and bottom made of stainless-steel material. Stainless steel is well known for its hypoallergenic qualities and durability.

Stainless steel is used for many products across industries since it doesn’t easily suffer from rust damage and maintains its shape and look for a long time even under heavy use.

The middle of the stainless-steel bottle is also made of BPA free plastic, and you can get a version of this bottle that is compatible with almost every soda maker machine. The only machines it’s not compatible with are the Penguin and Crystal models.

A secondary version of this stainless-steel bottle is slimmer and looks much more stylish, but with the downside of only being compatible with the SodaStream Source, Play, and Power models of machine.

Unlike the plastic slim bottles, the stainless-steel bottle is not compatible with the One Touch machine.

You can get a 0.5 L stainless steel bottle as well. Of the 0.5 L bottles, the plastic ones can be bought in packs of two so there’s good value for money in those purchases if you are trying to service a household with soda instead of just yourself.

Many of these bottles come in a variety of different colors such as green, red, yellow, and orange.

The color of the bottles doesn’t affect their overall quality or durability, but they can help to identify “personal” bottles if the SodaStream machine is used for a group.

There is also a variety of plastic carbonating bottle that is built to be dishwasher safe.

While you should never use your soda maker machine in the dishwasher itself, the bottles are normally quite difficult to thoroughly clean by hand. That makes the dishwasher safe bottle quite a good pick for frequent soda drinkers.

multi colored sodastream bottles

The dishwasher safe carbonating bottle is made of BPA free plastic that is specifically designed to not work or melt under the high temperatures of most dishwasher machines. There have been occasional reports of the bottle still warping to some degree, but it is much less of an issue than with the standard bottles.

Any SodaStream bottles made of glass can automatically be used in a dishwasher since glass isn’t likely to break or bend under the pressures and heat of the dishwasher.

The glass bottles used by SodaStream last much longer than their plastic counterparts.

The plastic bottles all last up to three years regardless of what type they are or what machine they are meant to be used with.

Glass bottles can last for many more years if they are properly taken care of. The downside is that glass bottles run the risk of being shattered when they are dropped, so they are not the best choice if you plan to have your soda maker machine used by children frequently.

The glass bottles hold the same amount of liquid as the typical plastic bottle: 1 L of carbonated water.

All non-dishwasher safe carbonating bottles have to be hand washed using standard soap and water. Due to the small opening, filling the bottles with soapy water and letting them sit for a time is the ideal cleaning method.

Bottle Accessories

sodastream bottle accessories

You can find a number of excellent SodaStream bottle accessories, as well. These accessories have no bearing on the fitting of a particular bottle into your custom soda maker machine.

They just add a little extra value or change the look of the bottle.

For instance, the slim bottles have an insulating sleeve available for purchase.

These can help keep your soda cold on a hot day, but the sleeve is easily removable to allow the bottle to be docked in the SodaStream machine without issue.

There are also several caps available for purchase that you can use to replace caps that were damaged or lost. These should not affect the types of bottles and machines you can use together.