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How to Dispose of SodaStream Gas Bottles UK & Recycle TIPS


The SodaStream is a unique machine that utilizes the scientific process of carbonation level to create fizzy beverages from the comfort of your own home.

Humans have been carbonating their drinks since dawn, although they did so long before scientists understood carbonation.

The system manufactured by SodaStream was extremely popular during the 1970s and experienced a resurgence of interest during the 2000s.

Now, it is a fun device owned by many people. However, proper care guides for the machine and its glass bottles can be difficult to understand.

For example;

  • Do you know the proper way to dispose of a carbonator?
  • Do you know what a carbonator is?

This handy guide will walk you through everything you need to know, especially how to dispose of SodaStream gas bottles. Let’s get to it.

What Is a SodaStream Gas Cannister and Carbonator?

The SodaStream functions using the basic process of carbonation. Carbonation is a chemical reaction caused by carbon dioxide, also called CO2.

During carbonation, CO2 breaks down into several other components: carbonates, bicarbonates, and carbonate acid.

During the release process, the carbon dioxide creates energy that causes a reaction in nearby liquids.

The result is the fizziness of carbonated beverages, which will always have a slightly acidic quality as part of the byproducts of the procedure.

The SodaStream gas bottle, a CO2 cylinder or carbonator, is the pressurized aluminum canister in which CO2 is appropriately stored.

The bottle is designed to release some of the CO2 gas with the press of a carbonating button.

The CO2 is injected into the sparkling water placed in the SodaStream, creating carbonated water.

The carbonators used by SodaStream are made with reinforced aluminum to prevent gas from leaking out.

They are easy to install and remove and are the central component of the device in your kitchen.

Without them, you would be forced to drink unappealing flat water instead of delicious fizzy drinks.

Is Soda Stream Gas or CO2 Safe to Drink?

Home carbonation and, indeed, even carbonated beverages are relatively new.

The process was invented in the last 150 years and rapidly became one of the biggest fads on the market.

Unlike other fads, though, this one stuck. Soda soon became a popular beverage, and even plain water made fizzy was a delight for many.

Unfortunately, this leads many to question whether or not their beverage of choice is safe for them to be drinking.

When it comes to your health, carbonated drinks and the CO2 used to make them actually do not have much of an effect on your body.

People worry about calcium leeching or deteriorating bones, but these don’t happen.

Indeed, no medical expert has been able to prove they do despite numerous online articles claiming carbonation is bad for you.

A carbonated beverage might only affect you if you have irritable bowel syndrome or IBS.

In this case, the gas that creates the bubbly water might agitate the digestive system too much, causing episodes of sporadic defecation.

If you do not already have IBS, you will safely drink carbonated beverages regularly.

Do the Gas Bottles Contain Sodium?

This is an unusual question that is asked a surprising amount.

Because some manufacturers produce carbonated beverages with sodium, some assume the carbonation process is responsible for their drinks’ salt content.

This is not true.

The gas cylinders produced by SodaStream or any other company do not have sodium as an ingredient.

The reason some drinks do contain a moderate amount of sodium is for basic flavoring.

If you need to maintain a low-sodium diet for your health, then be sure to check the ingredients of store-bought beverages. You should be fine if using CO2 bottles from SodaStream with plain lukewarm water.

How to Recycle SodaStream Canisters and Bottles?

recycling sodastream bottles

One of the main reasons many households chose to invest in a SodaStream was to avoid the extensive waste and plastic pollution associated with buying plastic bottles of soda and other carbonated beverages regularly.

Naturally, one of the first questions you might have is whether or not the gas cylinders used by the machine are recyclable.

You will not be able to recycle these gas cylinders using traditional means.

They will not be picked up out of a recycle bin and are not accepted by typical companies that recycle and reuse plastic, metal, and cardboard.

Instead of going down these avenues, SodaStream recommends bringing used cylinders back to the closest retailer in their area. SodaStream recycles this cylinder, and You should read the SodaStream recycling policy.

When you bring them back, you are entitled to a $1 abandonment fee, paid by the retailer in exchange for the bottle.

There is one problem with the manufacturer’s response to this question: What kind of retailer are they talking about?

There is no short answer to this question. SodaStream claims all its retailers are willing to exchange the gas cylinders for full ones, but your results may vary.

In general, you can bring the used cylinders to outlets like Kroger or Walmart, which are more likely to have access to the technology necessary to refill and reuse cylinders.

Can You Mail Them Back to the Company?

This is the best option if you want to dispose of your containers.

You can place any carbon dioxide canisters that have been emptied into a box and mail them back. This is the best way to SodaStream return cartridge policy.

To do this, you need to have a return label, which is only available if you order your canisters online and have them shipped to your address.

Otherwise, you will need to utilize other methods for the best results.

Is It Safe to Dispose of CO2?

what to do with SodaStream canisters

What to do with SodaStream canisters?

SodaStream releases CO2 so that all the gas is injected directly into the liquids you intend to consume.

When the company releases excess gas, it is done so in a way that does not place the CO2 into the environment.

This reduces how much is wasted and also prevents carbon dioxide from seeping into the environment.

If you have a container with excess CO2 that you do not plan on using, then please do not release it into the environment.

While the amount should have no tangible effect, it is better to send the bottle to a recycling facility than waste it.

Can You Recycle the Metals?

SodaStream gas cylinders are made of a combination of aluminum and brass. The central chamber itself is reinforced aluminum designed to contain excellent CO2.

Meanwhile, the knobs are brass.

In general, you won’t be able to turn the canister in to recycle the metals.

The majority of recycling centres won’t accept the container, so you should give it back to the company when possible.

If you find a recycling center near you willing to take the carbonator, you can give it to them.

This takes the bottle out of circulation, and you will not receive the $1 for repurposing the container by giving it back to SodaStream or one of its affiliated retailers.

(check out my Sodastream Models ultimate guide here).

Do CO2 Containers Have a Time Limit?

Many people wonder if they need to use their SodaStream gas bottles before a specific date. Carbon dioxide will generally survive for five years before it should be replaced.

If you have any containers that are this old and have not been used, you should try to dispose of or recycle them when possible.

You can still get a refill if you exchange them through the proper channels.

If you are unsure when your canister expires, check the date written under the cap.

This will tell the exact date the pressurized CO2 should be released or recycled.

Do You Get a Deposit for Returning Soda Bottles?

do you get a deposit for returning soda bottles

A common question asked by many people is: “Will I get a deposit back for returning my empty carbonator?”

This is a legitimate question. In many individual states in the United States, it is possible to receive $0.05 or $0.10 in exchange for each returned aluminum can or plastic bottle.

Unfortunately, you will not receive a deposit for returning a carbonator.

SodaStream explains this decision was made because someone who buys a gas cylinder does so to take possession of the contents and use them.

According to the company’s website, “the user license is not a deposit and is non-refundable.”

This might grind your gears, but it is not the end. If you do not intend to exchange your cylinder for a full one, you are entitled to receive $1 as a carbonator return fee.

This is paid out by the retailer – for example, Kroger.

Retailers pay the fee because they intend to clean the bottles, refill them, and sell them again as used and refurbished models.

While this $1 does not sound like a lot of money, it is an incentive to bring the bottles back so they can be cleaned and recirculated.

This reduces the number of materials wasted and is more environmentally friendly than trying to throw the bottles away.

Why Are the Gas Bottles So Expensive?

Many people want to recycle their SodaStream gas bottles but also find it irritating that the gas cylinders can be pretty expensive, especially when compared to regular soda bottles and cans.

In general, SodaStream is more expensive because of the metals used to make the cylinders, the CO2 involved, and because the company does its best to avoid using cheap, non-recyclable materials such as plastic.

At the same time, the bottles are not as expensive as they seem when you consider how much use you get out of a single one.

Each 60L canister is supposed to make 60 gallons of carbonated liquid. Since each container costs about $15, the total price comes down to about $0.25 per single one-liter serving.

In the long run, you don’t end up paying much at all.

When you recycle your gas bottles, you also get $1 for choosing the more environmentally friendly option instead of getting rid of them in the trash.

Can You Return a Full Carbonator?

co2 cylinder sodastream

Sometimes, you have one or more gas cylinders you did not use and have no attention to ever use.

Maybe you decided to give up soda and carbonated beverages.

Maybe your machine broke, and you have no intention of getting another one. Perhaps you don’t like the hassle.

Whatever the case may be, it is possible to return a full carbonator, although you most likely will not receive any compensation for such an act.

To return a full carbonator, SodaStream recommends you follow these three steps for the best result.
  1. Return the carbonators to the store you bought them from without going through the exchange process to get new ones.
  2. Request a receipt with the number of carbonators returned and a note saying you did not receive an exchange.
  3. Return mail the receipt with your information to this address:

Attn: Customer Service

136 Gaither Drive, Suite 200

Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

Once you follow this process, SodaStream will issue $1 for every full carbonator.

Unfortunately, you do not receive a full refund for this process because the company will still need to empty and clean the bottle.

They have no guarantees that the carbon dioxide was not contaminated before being returned to them.

How Do You Know There Are No Bacteria in the Canisters?

Many people often worry about buying refilled bacteria because they fear the canisters will have bacteria from the old users.

You have nothing to worry about when you dispose of your SodaStream CO2 bottles and get new ones.

There should be no bacteria from other people on the gas cylinder except those handling it.

However, blowing out any remaining CO2 and filling the container with new gas kills bacteria on the canister.

Before any container is filled, the staff of SodaStream will circulate a small amount of cold CO2 throughout the canister.

The temperature of this material, combined with the pressure, works as a form of cold sterilization, thoroughly disinfecting the bottle.

If you are worried about bacteria on the outside of the canister, you can clean it using basic soap, water, and a damp cloth.

Avoid exposing the container to too much heat or cold, as this can affect the internal pressure inside the bottle.

How Often Should You Refill a Gas Canister?

If you intend to keep your SodaStream gas bottles instead of disposing of them, you can get them refilled regularly. On average, the basic 60L cylinders can make up to 60 gallons of carbonated beverages.

This means you don’t need to refill them too often, depending on how much you consume.

If you found yourself needing a replacement or disposing of tons of bottles on a regular basis, then you should try to use less carbonation per batch.

You only need 1-2 presses of the carbonation button to create a fully carbonated beverage.

It is most likely empty if your bottle releases no carbon dioxide.

Is It Safe to Throw Away Gas Bottles?

There is one primary obstacle when it comes to the disposal of carbonators: They are pressurized, and you cannot be sure all of the CO2 has been removed from the inside.

Regular pressurized gas cylinders are used for various engineering and calibration activities.

The carbonators used by the SodaStream are very similar because they also keep gas under pressure to serve a specific function.

The proper disposal of a cylinder depends on what it contains.

Because SodaStream only uses essential carbon dioxide, they are technically not toxic waste and can be safe to dispose of when empty.

Unfortunately, you might not be able to eliminate all of the gas, and the pressurized metal cylinder can be dangerous if exposed to too much external pressure or heat.

Instead of throwing away your carbonators when you are done with them, it is best to bring the bottles back to be refilled or recycled.

This way, the management of SodaStream can make sure they are correctly disposed of.

This also cuts down on your waste since you are not contributing to the mounting piles of garbage overflowing on the planet.

Is It Safe to Throw Away the Plastic Bottles?

When you use the SodaStream, you need to use special plastic bottles designed to withstand the pressure of the CO2.

While people are great at recycling and refilling their carbonators, many throw away their SodaStream drinking bottles when they do not need to.

It is generally a bad idea to dispose of plastic bottles instead of recycling them.

Trying to throw away your regular SodaStream bottles can be even more dangerous for the environment because of the type of plastic use.

SodaStream utilizes PET, a type of synthetic plastic that can withstand the pressure of carbonation but will start to disintegrate when exposed to heat. This is why they are not machine washable and must be scrubbed by hand.

If you toss your bottles in the trash, you risk having the plastic break down.

The ingredients will leech into the ground, contaminating it. It sounds like only a tiny amount will be released, but remember, many people like you have undoubtedly done the same thing.

Millions of people tossing out perfect bottles can significantly affect the environment.

To avoid this problem, clean and reuse the regular plastic bottles with SodaStream for holding carbonated beverages. These can be hand washed in a sink and are compatible with dish soap.

Can You Clean the Gas Cylinders?

You cannot clean the gas cylinders inside. The environment created for the cylinders is designed to be sterile and to keep the carbon dioxide under the pressure it needs to perform carbonation.

If you tried to open it, you would destroy that environment and also contaminate it with outside bacteria.

If you are worried about the cleanliness of your canister once it is empty, bring it to be repurposed and recycled.

During the cleaning process, the retailers can inject a small amount of ice-cold carbon dioxide into the canister.

This process kills any bacteria or spores lurking inside by freezing them. The cylinder is then ready to be refilled and used by someone else.

Should You Dispose of a Leaking Cylinder?

This is not a common problem but should be addressed immediately. Stop using it directly if you hear carbon dioxide leaking out of your SodaStream cylinder.

The pressurized environment is compromised, and the container could expand or implode from the sudden changes in the atmosphere.

Move the canister to a separate location away from people.

You can contact SodaStream for further assistance. SodaStream is a customer service desk. Their team will be able to walk you throw proper disposal and might be able to take the canister from you for repairs. 

In general, the leaking cylinder should not be dangerous when left alone. Over time, the CO2 will completely dissipate.

Do NOT keep it in a confined environment, and try to store it away from direct sunlight or a source of heat.

Please do not bring the canister back to a retailer without explaining the leak.

Can I Refill the SodaStream Gas Canister on My Own?

SodaStream Gas Canister

This is a bad idea. The carbon dioxide provided by local companies will not meet the same standards as the gas used by SodaStream and its associated retailers.

The level of carbonation utilized by SodaStream needs to meet regulations by the Food and Drug Administration.

It must be kept in a sterile environment and stored under the right amount of atmospheric pressure to be safe to use in beverages.

If you try to refill your cylinder on your own or at a company that does not handle food grade carbon dioxide,

you risk damaging the container and your SodaStream.

You could also accidentally introduce toxins into your water.

Can You Use a Different Type of Cylinder in the SodaStream?

Again, this is another bad idea. Different cylinders will be under varying pressure differences, which could damage your machine when you try to use a model from another company.

Using other gas bottles or carbonators will also void your warranty from SodaStream.

If any damage occurs, you will not be able to seek reparations or payment.


Properly disposing of the SodaStream’s carbonators can seem difficult if you do not know what you are doing, but the process is quite simple.

Instead of throwing the bottles out, please bring them to a local retailer to have them refilled and recycled.

The process is easier on the environment, allows you to reuse materials, and even nets you an extra $1 for the trouble.

If you are worried about disposing of any part of the SodaStream, including the attached plastic bottles, remember that it is better to recycle than throwing things in the trash.
 Reuse bottles as much as possible, and look into recycling companies in your area to get the most bang for your buck.