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SodaStream vs DrinkMate Which Carbonator is Best? Updated For 2023

Which Carbonator is BestIf you’re considering pickup up a custom soda drinks maker for your home, you’ve got two main choices: SodaStream or DrinkMate.

While SodaStream has been around for quite some time, DrinkMate has only recently appeared on the scene and has brought a new, Sleek Design to the competition.

They use a special fizz infuser part in place of a set of grasping teeth to hold a refrigerated water bottle in place, which is not available in any average Soda Maker to make Sparkling Water.

So, in the battle of SodaStream vs. DrinkMate, which carbonator is best in 2023?

Both carbonator machines and sparkling water machines have advantages and disadvantages.

But as a whole, they are quite similar in the carbonation process.

They use carbonating cylinders, a carbonation nozzle, and proprietary water bottles of the same size, so they take about the same amount of carbonated drinks per cylinder.

You won’t be paying much more or less for long-term usage of your machine, so the real value differences can be seen in the nitty-gritty details.

Let me explain further, and there are some gems in here.

SodaStream soda makers are a little easier to use since they don’t require an extra fizz infuser part to function.

You can slot a bottle into place more quickly and easily than with DrinkMate machines.

But DrinkMate soda makers have a slight advantage in that they are a little easier to clean up since there’s less of a chance of soda spilling onto the counter when you overfill.

For those that want to get straight to the point;  My Recommendation is this SodaStream Model –

my sodastream recommendations

But read on below to find out why this just nudges it over the DrinkMate


Neither machine requires batteries for operation, and both produce carbonated beverages of about the same fizziness

In addition, both soda makers are meant for use on a countertop, although DrinkMate has a much more portable model designed for use during camping trips or backyard barbecues.

DrinkMate’s machines are also customizable between three colors, whereas SodaStream only comes in its iconic black color.

Overall, both machines are great for soda enthusiasts. But there is a clear winner between them for most users in terms of price and other aspects.

Let’s examine how things compare in more detail. Stay with it.

Which design is better between sodastream vs drinkmate?

design of soda maker bottles

To begin, let’s look at the overall design of both soda maker machines. After that, you will decide which one is better, Drinkmate or SodaStream.

As DrinkMate only has one regular model for household use, we’ll use the standard SodaStream Fizzi, its basic model, for direct comparison.

They both have the same overall shape: they’re long machines with a place for the bottle at the front and a concealed plate at the back that hides where the carbonating cylinder is supposed to fit.

The SodaStream soda maker is a little shorter and broader than the DrinkMate.

This is because the latter soda maker requires a little extra height to fit a few more parts into its apparatus for CO2 infusion.

They both weigh about the same and even have a similar, sleek appearance.

The buttons for both machines are also located at their tops.

You can get the DrinkMate in up to three colors, while the SodaStream model is limited to black.

 Opening the backs of both machines to install a carbonating cylinder is almost identical.  

You pull apart a backplate and slot in a carbonating cylinder, of which 14 ounces is the standard size.

You twist the carbonating cylinder to make Fizzy water into place so that it slots into a release valve that forms a tight seal to prevent CO2 gas from escaping and funnel the gas into a bottle of water.

There are a few differences in the placement of the water bottle.

SodaStream machines require you to slot a long carbonating tube into your water bottle and press the bottle against a front-facing plate.

Done properly, the bottle will slot into the front of the machine and sometimes be elevated an inch or so above the ground once the bottle cap is captured by the machine’s teeth.

The DrinkMate soda machine requires you to fit a  “fizz infuser”  part atop the proprietary water bottle before you can slot it into the greater machine apparatus.

This is what necessitates the slightly taller height of the machine. The fizz infuser fits directly into the front of the machine and locks the bottle into place.

Your bottle doesn’t hover over the countertop at all.

Both soda makers use 1 L plastic bottles as their standard receptacles.

Because DrinkMate is newer to the market, they don’t have nearly as many bottles compared to SodaStream.

In addition, SodaStream has dishwasher-safe glass carafes that you can use in place of standard plastic bottles, giving soda lovers an extra choice.

SodaStream uses its own proprietary brand of CO2 cylinders that can be refilled at participating stores for a lower price.

They also have a remote refill program where you can send in your old bottles and get new ones without having to reach a physical location yourself.

DrinkMate also has 14-ounce refillable CO2 cylinders for their own brand. However, these are virtually identical to the ones used by SodaStream.

 As a result, you can feel free to use SodaStream’s CO2 cylinders with your DrinkMate machine  if you have changed brands and don’t want to throw away the CO2 cylinders you might still have in reserve.

Ease of Use

Both soda makers  are easy to use overall,  but there are a few differences in their operations.

The biggest difference is the inclusion of the fizz infuser that is required with the DrinkMate machine.

This infuser is screwed onto the top of the brand water bottles.

The bottle is specifically designed to fit with the level of the fizz infuser to make Fizzy water, which is shaped like a small canister about the size of your hand.

The canister is then screwed into the bottom of the soda maker machine nozzle.

CO2 is funneled from the carbonated cylinder through the fizz infuser and into the bottle.

By contrast,  SodaStream Fizzi only requires you to slot a bottle of water into the appropriate place, then push a button to begin carbonation.

 SodaStream has a slight advantage over DrinkMate as a result. 

While you aren’t supposed to use other bottles for carbonation with your soda maker, you can do so with a SodaStream if you so choose. Such rule-bending is much more difficult with DrinkMate’s design.

In addition, having an extra part means that there’s one more thing that can break with the DrinkMate.

However, the fizz infuser makes cleanup a lot easier when compared to the SodaStream.

The chance of soda overflowing onto your counter is nonexistent, even though both soda makers request that you only fill their water bottles up to a pre-marked line.

If you go over this line, SodaStream Fizzi machines have no defense against fizzy water flowing out of the top and spilling sticky soda all over your counter.

The fizz infuser makes this a lot more contained with the DrinkMate.

The infuser part doesn’t run on fuel or wear out very quickly.

It should be cleaned regularly as most soda particles will come into contact with this part of the DrinkMate machine.

The fizz infuser can break or become clogged up with sticky soda remnants.

If it ever stops functioning entirely, you’ll have to purchase a new one from the DrinkMate website before you can use your soda maker again.

Both soda makers only require you to slot your water bottle into place and press a single button to begin carbonation.

 Removing both types of bottles or carbonating cylinders is as easy as twisting and pulling and doesn’t require a lot of strength

Both the DrinkMate and most SodaStream machines do not require electricity or batteries for safe operation.

A few higher-end SodaStream machines require an electrical connection for operation, but these are the exception.

Quality of Carbonation

carbonation quality

The quality and level of carbonation between both types of soda makers are virtually identical.

Because they both use 14-ounce canisters of compressed CO2 gas, the carbonation that you receive for your next beverage should be extremely similar.

The only differences that may arise will be the result of  faults within individual CO2 canisters  or the machines themselves.

Both machines use a long nozzle that extends down into the bottle of water to ensure that CO2 is deposited deep into the liquid.

The CO2 will spread throughout the bottle and infuse itself into the water until the water is totally saturated, at which point no further carbonation is necessary.

Both bottles also run for about the same amount of time during their standard carbonation cycle and Fizz level.

You can press the carbonation button up to three times on both machines if you want some additional level of fizz or want to push the carbonation level of your beverage or sparkling water to the max.

However, SodaStream does offer extra machines that allow you to fine-tune your level of carbonation beyond that offered by the basic DrinkMate.

 Their Aqua Fizz model, for example, offers up to three levels of carbonation that are preprogrammed within the machine .

In this way, you don’t have to hold the button for a set amount of time to get your alcoholic beverages and sparkling water just as fizzy as you like it.

Overall, there isn’t much of a difference between these two machines in this regard.

Is Drinkmate Better Than SodaStream in Terms of Portability?

In terms of portability, both SodaStream and DrinkMate are very similar as well and are excellent options. Both standard machines don’t weigh too much, and neither of them requires electricity for operation.

You do need to take one extra part with you if you decide on the DrinkMate, as the fizz infuser is required for the machine to work.

 However, DrinkMate does offer an alternative model of soda maker called the Spritzer.  

This portable drink maker is shaped like an electric tool, so you can use it one-handed.

A large handle is attached to a big trigger, and you can insert a smaller, 10-ounce bottle of water at the end of the Spritzer barrel.

Drinkmate SodaStream

Drinkmate SodaStream

Using the same fizz infuser as before, you can twist the bottle into place at the end of the barrel and pull the trigger to deposit carbonation right into that beverage.

This portable soda maker only takes specific sizes of both bottles and carbonating cylinders specifically developed for it.

However, this is an excellent solution if you bring your custom sodas on a camping trip or take them with you on a cross-country adventure.

You can also purchase a Spritzer kit that comes with everything you need right on the DrinkMate website.

It comes with two of the 3-ounce carbonating cylinders that are designed for use with the machine.

Because of the Spritzer’s smaller size and lighter weight, DrinkMate is clearly the superior choice between the two drink makers regarding portability.

SodaStream machines can be taken with you while you travel, but they aren’t designed for that kind of function.

There aren’t any small SodaStream Fizzi machines, as each of their models is designed to be used on a stable countertop.

For those of you that do pick up a SodaStream then check out my practical travel tips for taking it with you on the move.

Soda Variety


homemade syrup flavors

When it comes to the variety of fizzy drinks and carbonated juices, SodaStream is the clear winner.

It shows that they’ve been in the custom soda business for much longer.

They offer a huge variety of flavored syrups that you can add to any carbonated bottle of water to almost instantly get a beverage of your choosing.

  The flavored syrups are extremely potent.  You only need to add a few drops of syrup to a regular liter bottle of water to get a full taste of each type.

The flavored syrups are easy to store in a pantry or refrigerator and have lengthy lifespans, so they don’t expire very quickly.

The flavored syrups also last a long time since you don’t need to use too many drops for a full bottle of custom soda.

You can also find all of the flavors on the SodaStream website. Ordering a variety of flavors or a lot of your favorites is extremely easy.

Undoubtedly, those who like to try lots of different types of custom sodas or sugary drinks will prefer a SodaStream machine.

Check out my 35 Best Sodastream Flavors post for my own reviews.

In contrast, DrinkMate doesn’t offer any proprietary syrups on its website or through any attached businesses.

This drink maker is designed for making more than carbonated plain water however.

Their website does list several recipes for making your own flavored fizzy beverages.

Drinkmate review

Drinkmate review

For instance, there’s a recipe for an apple juice fruit soda that has you combine regular fruit juice with a specified amount of carbonated water.

These recipes are nice to have, but they’re a little more complicated to fulfill, and they require you to measure out your own amounts of other liquids and ingredients.   Overall, the SodaStream syrup method is a lot easier to use, and there’s a lot more variety

You can carbonate beverages other than water with both types of machines, but neither company recommends this.

Carbonating beverages other than water can result in a mess on the countertop or clogging of the carbonator tube.

Still, carbonating relatively clear beverages like Soda Water, tea or lemonade isn’t likely to cause much harm.  Don’t try carbonating milk, though – here’s why!

Overall Cost

Finally, let’s look at each machine’s overall costs.

  • SodaStream’s basic Fizzi model typically costs around $89.99 for the beginner pack.
    • This pack comes with a 1 Liter Of Water bottle, a single carbonating cylinder, and a three-year manufacturer warranty.
  • DrinkMate’s beginner option costs around $114.99 and comes with a single 1 liters of water bottle plus a 0.5 L water bottle.
    • It also comes with a single carbonating cylinder, a fizz infuser, and a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.
 Since both carbonating bottles produce about 60 beverages before running empty, there’s no difference in CO2 cost

As you can see, SodaStream’s beginner option is a much better choice as you only get an extra 0.5 L water bottle and the required fizz infuser for DrinkMate’s higher asking price.

But what about lifetime costs?

homemade red cola Once again, SodaStream reigns supreme.  They allow you to purchase a single 60 L carbonating cylinder for an average of ~$29.99.

  • DrinkMate only offers a twin pack of two 60 L carbonating cylinders for, on average, $68.99.
    • While it’s nice to be able to pick up two cylinders at once, the cost per cylinder is still higher than that of SodaStream. In addition,
  • SodaStream has a gas exchange program where you can receive new carbonating cylinders for around $14.99 if you turn in your old cylinders.

If you decide to go with the DrinkMate soda maker, we recommend using the SodaStream carbonating cylinders, as these will fit into the DrinkMate machine but cost less overall.

There’s no difference in the type of carbonation produced by either cylinder.

It’s simply a more cost-effective option.

Plastic bottle costs are identical across both companies.

They sell new liter bottles in packs of two for, on average, $19.99, and both also sell packs of two 0.5 L bottles for around the $16.99 mark.


Who wins in the Battle of Drinkmate vs Sodastream?

SodaStream has more options in the form of its glass bottles.  And for me the WINNER is Sodastream.

But for the purposes of head-to-head comparison, both companies are basically equal. 

You do have to pay extra for the SodaStream syrups, but taken point-for-point, their soda makers and accessories are cheaper than those offered by DrinkMate.

For me, they’re a better short-term and long-term investment for custom soda lovers. It depends on your Personal Preferences. 

I hope you found this useful and if you want to pick up a recommendation, then Check the Latest Price On Amazon