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Is Drinkmate Better Than Sodastream?

Is Drinkmate Better Than Sodastream

I’ve been looking at getting a new Soda Maker Machine to carbonate drinks and was wondering whether Drinkmate is better than a Sodastream among all drink makers.

I looked at the pros and cons of each and here’s what I found.

In Drinkmate vs Sodastream, a Drinkmate is better than a Sodastream(carbonated beverage maker).

The main differentiating factor between them is that a Drinkmate can carbonate virtually any liquid.

However, with a Sodastream you can only carbonated water, sparkling water, or tonic water.

In regards to price, and usability they are virtually identical, therefore, a Drinkmate is better.

The main reason is that a Drinkmate uses a different technology on the cap of the bottle or bottle of water that you fill with liquid that allows you to carbonate drinks or Sparkling Water other than just water from plastic bottles among Bottle Material. 

In this article, I will review and explain whether you can use Sodastream bottles with a Drinkmate, what kind of CO2 canisters a Drinkmate can use in the carbonation process, whether you can refill you can use SodaSense canisters with a Drinkmate, and if a SodaSense is worth it.

Are Drinkmate And Sodastream Co2 Bottles Interchangeable?

Can You Use SodaStream Bottles With Drinkmate

I’ve got an old Sodastream machine so I was curious whether the bottle in which you put the liquid( not the orange juice) can be used with a Drinkmate.

A SodaStream water bottle or carbonation bottle can not be used with a Drinkmate machine to make fizzy drinks or Seltzer Water.

However, you can use the Sodastream CO2 canisters or carbonation bottle with a Drinkmate.

The limitation is that you can only use the 60L CO2 canisters and none of the other sized CO2 canisters.

That’s according to an official message from the makers of Drinkmate on Amazon (source: link).

Interestingly, Drinkmate will also give you a credit for an empty Sodastream CO2 canister’s carbonation level to make fizzy drinks as well. 

So, if you’d rather have the official Drinkmate canisters then I would go ahead and exchange your SodaStream Fizzi canisters with Drinkmate compatible bottles.

Sodastream though does not recommend using any other CO2 canisters with a Sodastream for the perfect Level Of Carbonation and Fizz Levels. 

I also have an article here on SodaStream bottles and Aarke carbonators. 

and also here on whether you can use regular bottles over Sodastream bottles.

Drinkmate 60L CO2 Cylinders

Drinkmate 60L CO2 Cylinders

I was interested in more info about how the crediting system works when you exchange your CO2 canisters with Drinkmate.

Here’s a rundown of how it all works.

Drink mate (seltzer makers) 60L CO2 cylinders cost $30 each, and you get a $12.50 rebate when you return a CO2 cylinder to Drinkmate. 

Therefore, each 60L cylinder costs $17.50 – when you subtract the rebate.

One difference between Drinkmate and Sodastream is that you can exchange your CO2 canisters at various stores around the country such as Walmart and Target. Where a variety of beverages and carbonated drinks are also available.

Whereas, with Drinkmate you need to order new ones online and have them shipped. 

When you order new ones, though, they’ll send you a return box, and prepaid postage label so you can send your empty CO2 canisters back to Drinkmate.

They say that you should be careful when you open the new box that contains the Drinkmate CO2 canisters because it can be reused to send empty CO2 canisters back to Drinkmate.

That way you can reuse the box rather than buy a new one, and you’ll probably also need to buy some padding.

The box that replacement canisters come in is specially designed and the old canisters fit neatly and snugly inside it.

So, it’s typically much easier to reuse the box that new canisters come in.

SodaSense Refills for Drinkmate

SodaSense Refills for Drinkmate

I’m also interested in using some SodaSense CO2 canisters with my Drinkmate, but I was wondering whether Drinkmate will also give me a rebate for my SodaSense CO2 canisters.

I looked into it and here’s what I found.


Drink mate will give you a rebate for SodaSense CO2 canisters, however, only the 60L  glass bottle.

You can send them to them in the post and they will give you a $12.50 credit per 60L glass bottle.

The easiest way is to order a new CO2 canister with Drinkmate – as the Drinkmate CO2 canisters work with a SodaSense.

When you do that you’ll get a box and postage for free to send them your empty SodaSense CO2 canisters for Refill Cylinders through extra Steps.

Is SodaSense Worth It?

Is SodaSense Worth It

SodaSense was another brand of soda maker or portable soda maker to make club soda. I was looking at them and wondered whether they work well and if they’re worth it.

Here’s what I found.

As a general rule, a Drinkmate is worth it.

The main difference between a Drinkmate, Sodastream, and SodaSense is that a Drinkmate and SodaSense can carbonate virtually pr level of fizz of any liquid. These three are affordable soda makers.

But, with a SodaStream, you can only carbonate water or soda water.

In terms of price, they are all roughly the same at about $100.

Here’s a breakdown of affordable soda makers of the cost comparison:

Brand Average Price Range
SodaSense Sensei $99
SodaStream $81 to $100
Drink mate $70 to $100

When I was trying to decide which to choose, whether they could carbonate most liquids or only carbonate water was the major factor.

But, there were some other factors, which I’ll explain below.

Here’s a table that shows the distinguishing features between SodaSense, Drinkmate, and SodaStream:

Brand Distinguishing features
SodaSense Sensei Can carbonate most liquids not just water
SodaStream Been around a long time, and is very trusted
Drink mate Can carbonate most liquids not just water

In Sodasense vs SodaStream and SodaStream vs Drinkmate,  you can see one of the advantages of SodaStream is that it’s been around a long time, and it’s had more than enough time for people to see how good or bad it is.

And the general consensus is that it’s a very good machine.

Other soda machine companies have needed to recall some of their CO2 canisters because they became defective.

Although this is an understandable issue because SodaStream has been around for such a long time, in my opinion, they’ve had time to iron out all the kinks in their machines.

How the machine looks

drinkmate sodastream compatible

Then beyond that, the main thing was how each machine looked.

You may prefer the design of one of the soda machines over the other.

For example, I personally think Sodasense and Drinkmate look virtually identical to make carbonated drinks.

However, the Sodastream looks much different, and I prefer the design of the Sodastream machine.

But, at the end of the day which machine you think looks the best is a matter of personal preference.

Can You Use SodaStream Co2 In Drinkmate?

Is Drinkmate Compatible With SodaStream

Since I was thinking about getting a new Drinkmate, I wanted to know whether a Drinkmate bottle or bottle of seltzer and/or the CO2 canister will work in a SodaStream.

So, can drinkmate use sodastream co2?

The Drinkmate CO2 canister and the bottle of water for the liquid are not compatible with a SodaStream.

Technically the Drinkmate canisters can work with a SodaStream, however, Sodastream strongly advises not to use other CO2 canisters with a Sodastream for health and safety reasons.

However, you can use SodaStream CO2 canisters with a Drinkmate, and they will exchange them.

Does CO2 Come With Drinkmate?

Does CO2 Come With Drinkmate

I’m looking at getting a Drinkmate and wanted to know if it comes with the CO2 canisters or whether you need to buy them separately.


As a general rule, a Drinkmate comes with a CO2 canister for better Levels Of Carbonation.

However, you can also buy a Drinkmate machine separately.

The cost of a Drinkmate machine on its own is equivalent to the price of a Drinkmate machine with a CO2 canister when you factor in the cost to buy a CO2 canister on top of the cost to buy just the Drinkmate machine on its own.

Here’s a breakdown of the average price difference:

Drink mate Product Average Prices
Drinkmate machine only $75
Drink mate machine with CO2 canister included $110
CO2 canister on it’s own $30

As you can see $110 minus $30 for the CO2 canister comes out to $80.

Therefore, it’s actually slightly cheaper to buy just the machine only and buy the CO2 canister separately.

The one caveat is that Drinkmate only sells CO2 canisters in sets of 2.

And the price is $60 for 2x 60L CO2 canisters.

So, you need to buy two in order to get one.

The good news is that Drinkmate and some of the other soda machine makers recommend having 3 CO2 canisters on hand.

That way you’re less likely to run out completely.

And as a result, you don’t need to wait for the new CO2 canisters to arrive in the post.

How Long Does a 60L CO2 Cylinder Last?

How Long Does a 60L CO2 Cylinder Last

So, a 60L CO2 canister is a good size because you can use other brands of CO2 canisters on a Drinkmate.

But, how long does a 60L CO2 cylinder last?

A 60L CO2 canister will make approximately 60 liters of soda.

An average person that drinks a lot of soda will drink around 1 to 2 liters of soda a week.

Therefore, a 60L CO2 canister will last around 6 months to a year for 1 person.

However, if you have other people in your household, you’ll likely use a lot more.

A general rule of thumb is that 1 person will use a 60L canister in 6 months.

You can divide that by the number of people that use it.

For example, if you have a family of 4 you should divide 6 months by 4. Which is 1.5 or 1.5 months.

I put this info in a table, to make it easier to see:

Number of people using the soda maker How long a 60L canister will last
1 6 months
2 3 months
3 2 months
4 1.5 months
5 36 days
6 30 days
7 25 days

However, that’s making the assumption that one person will drink 2 liters of soda a week. 1 cup of soda is equal to 250 mL. Therefore, if you drink 2 cups of soda a day then you would drink around 2 liters of soda a week.

Well, there you have it, most of the main points about whether a Drinkmate is better than a Sodastream, as well as, other interesting info about different topics related to soda makers.