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Can You Carbonate Maple Syrup? [Fizzy SAP]

Can You Carbonate Maple Syrup

I’ve been researching lots of different sodas and ways to make sodas, and I’m interested in whether you can carbonate maple syrup.

I had a look if anyone has tried it and here’s what I found.

As a general rule, you can carbonate maple syrup. It does, however, taste quite bad on its own.

Maple syrup has a strong flavor (sweet flavors) that most people can not drink much of on its own.

Maple syrup flavor or maple flavors can also naturally ferment.

It will get slightly fizzy with Malt extract and produce alcohol if left in the right conditions.

There are also some companies that make a maple soda made from maple sap – also called maple water, such as the brand Sap!

In this article, I will explain whether drinking carbonated maple syrup is bad, whether maple water is good for you, and what SAP soda is.

Can you drink Maple Syrup?

Is It Bad To Drink Maple Syrup

Maple syrup tastes pretty good, however, I can’t drink much of it because it’s so sweet.

But, I was wondering whether drinking maple syrup is bad. Here’s what I found.

Generally, drinking maple syrup isn’t bad.

However, you don’t want to consume too much of it.

Maple syrups can contain a lot of sugar (maple sugar), and based on the level of sugar in popular maple syrups with organic acids you should not drink more than around ¼ of a cup of it a day.

There are, however, zero-sugar maple syrups. And as the name implies they have zero sugar

With zero-sugar maple syrups, you don’t need to be concerned with consuming too much sugar if you drink or eat it.

But, drinking a little bit of maple syrup here is largely fine regardless of how much sugar it has.

Aunt Jemima is one of the most popular brands of maple syrup.

It contains 53g of sugar per 3.4 oz (100 mL).

Which is equal to around half a cup of maple syrup.

The recommended daily sugar intake for males is around 37g of sugar per day.

And for females, it’s around 25g of sugar (grams of sugar) a day.

As you can see, half a cup of maple syrup will cause you to consume your daily (maple sugar) sugar limit.

However, one of the other really popular maple syrup inrich with organic acids brands, Mrs. Butterworth’s, has only around 10g of sugar per half-cup.

So, you could drink quite a bit of it, or use a tonne on your pancakes and still be within your daily sugar intake limit.

Therefore, whether it’s bad to drink maple syrup is dependent on how much sugar is in the specific maple syrup you’re considering drinking.

Is Maple Water Good for You?

Is Maple Water Good for You

Maple water is one of the ingredients in maple syrup and is an interesting source of beneficial nutrients.

But, is it good for you?

As a general rule maple water is good for you.

Maple water forms in a maple tree when water is mixed with other nutrients the maple tree has taken up from the soil.

It contains high amounts of a range of different nutrients such as manganese, thiamin, and potassium. 

Maple water is naturally low in sugar, so you can drink more of it than you could with maple syrup and still maintain good health.

A registered nutritionist named Kelly Jones looked at some studies about the health benefits of maple water and found that overall it was quite neutral.

And as part of a balanced diet, drinking maple water can be good for you.

What is Maple Syrup Pepsi?

Pepsi Maple syrup is a unique flavored soda that has a sweet, rich, and natural taste. It is a limited edition drink that is available for a short period of time and is highly sought after by soda enthusiasts. The drink is made by combining classic Pepsi with the smooth and creamy flavor of maple syrup, which adds a touch of sweetness to the beverage. This flavor is perfect for those who love a little bit of sweetness in their drinks and enjoy trying new and innovative flavors. Maple syrup Pepsi has received rave reviews from consumers who have tried it and is a popular choice for those looking for a different kind of soda. The combination of the two flavors is sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth, making it a must-try for those looking to add some excitement to their beverage choices.

What Is Sap? Drink?

What Is Sap Drink

There are various brands – mostly in Canada aye – that make a maple water soda or maple water flavored drink.

One of them is Sap!

Sap! is a soda made from maple water.

They make a maple water seltzer, and a sap maple soda, as well as a range of other flavors.

These are:  

  • Ginger with lemongrass
  • Strawberry with habanero
  • Tangerine with chamomile
  • Cranberry with goji berry.

Interestingly, Sap! has a big environmental focus, and is interested in sustainability.

They contribute 1% of the company’s profits to organizations and causes that safeguard forests.

Is Sap! Good for You?

Is Sap Good for You

Maple water contains beneficial nutrients and is one of the main ingredients in Sap soda.

However, is Sap! good for you? I looked at the nutritional information for their sodas and here’s what I found.

On the whole drinking Maple Sap! soda is good for you. 

It contains around the same amount of sugar, alcohol level, and calories as most sodas on the market today. 

But, it also contains significant levels of beneficial calcium, thiamin, iron, riboflavin, zinc, magnesium, manganese, and copper.

However, at the end of the day, it depends on the level of these nutrients in YOUR body.

As far as I know, the only way to know whether these extra beneficial nutrients will impact your health is to get a blood panel done that will tell you the levels of each area in your body.

And how they compare to healthy levels.

But, as long as you don’t drink it all day every day.

And only consume around 1 can of Sap or sap water! soda a day then you will stay within the recommended daily sugar intake for the day in homemade kombucha.

And it will also be balanced out by the other food and drink you consume.

Each of the different flavors of Sap! soda has very different levels of each beneficial nutrient.

For example, Sap! Maple soda has 90% manganese.

Whereas, Sap! Cranberry-Goji Berry has only 60% of manganese by comparison.

Therefore, the only way to know for sure is to find out what your current levels of each of the nutrients are in your body, to see whether it will be good for you overall.

Is sap water?

Is sap a water

Sap such as maple water extracted from the maple tree is an interesting liquid that’s typically sticky and yellow.

I wanted to know whether it was a type of water, and what it is exactly.

Here’s what I found.

The sap is technically not water.

Water in the strict meaning of the word is only 2 hydrogen molecules and 1 oxygen molecule – H2O.

Because sap is a mixture of other chemicals and water, it technically is not water.

Certain maple species such as sugar maple have particularly sweet sap, and for that reason, their sap is extracted and used in various products. 

However, when tree sap leaks from a tree it will go hard and sticky after some time and is virtually impossible to drink.

The sap collecting process involves drilling a hole in the tree and inserting a pipe where the sap can be collected.

On a side note, recent findings showed that drinking liquids such as coffee, tea, juice, and soda count towards your daily water intake.

For example, adults generally should consume 8 glasses of water.

For that reason, in my opinion, maple water is also equivalent to water because it’s also a soda.

Sap! Soda

Sap! is also the name of a soda. But, Sap! soda is not water and is labeled as flavored sparkling water.

Sparkling water is another name for carbonated water, soda water, tonic water, club soda, or fizzy water.

There are very minor differences between each of the different carbonated waters.

For example, tonic water typically has added quinine, which was traditionally used as a remedy for malaria.

I wrote about this fact in an article about how tonic water compares to Coca Cola.

Read it here, Sugar in Tonic Water vs Coke

Where Can You Buy Sap! Soda?

Where Can You Buy Sap Soda

Sap! soda was featured on the famous show Shark Tank in 2018, and as a result of the show, they reported their sales have increased.

But, where exactly can you buy it?

Sap! soda can be purchased directly through Sap! soda website in packs of 12 or 24 cans.

Each can is 12 fl oz (355 mL) in volume.

You can also find it on Amazon, and on Walmart’s online store.

However, other than that it is very difficult to find.

Because Sap! soda is made from maple water that comes from the owner’s tree plantations, there is a hard limit on how much they can Sap! soda they can supply. 

Also at this stage, they have yet to become a household name. And therefore, it isn’t readily available at local convenience stores. 

Typically a unique and less well-known soda like Sap! Soda is also available from specialty soda websites.

But, surprisingly Sap! isn’t.

Does Sap! Does Soda Contain Caffeine?

Does Sap Soda Contain Caffeine

I looked at the ingredients of each of their sodas and here’s what I found…

On the whole, none of the Sap! soda’s characteristic flavors contain caffeine.

The main ingredients in all of them are tree sap, and organic fruit juices and extracts.

In the future, they may make a cola, and typically colas contain added caffeine for flavor.

So, it’s possible they might sell a soda that contains caffeine in the future.

Caffeine naturally occurs in certain plants, and it’s extracted by boiling the plants in water.

The remaining liquid is boiled so that extra water evaporates to create a concentrated liquid that’s high in caffeine.

Well, that about sums up whether you can carbonate maple syrup, as well as, a bunch of interesting info about maple water, how it’s used, and Sap! soda.