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How to Make Flavored Sparkling Water with Sodastream?

How to Make Flavored Sparkling Water

SodaStream is a modern way to enjoy carbonated beverages.

If you’re tired of plastic bottles, and cans, and are looking for a healthier lifestyle and a way to revolutionize the way you enjoy your beverages, this is your ideal product.

Avoid drinking sugary sodas and create your own wide range of flavoring options at home – just carbonate water.

Let me explain.

By using a powered CO2 carbonator, SodaStream allows you to turn tap water into sparkling water easily

It’s a product that provides you with flexibility and creativity to master your fizziness and flavor levels and even make club soda at home.

Or, you can try one of the pre-mixed Sparkling Drink Mixes that SodaStream has available as well.

Before we dive into the process of how to make flavored sparkling water with SodaStream, you’ll need to decide which SodaStream model is best for you.

Three Different Options

how to make sparkling water

SodaStream provides you with three different options to choose from when making your purchase.

It’s important to know which flavored water machine is best for you to make sparkling water so you can appropriately enjoy your flavored sparkling water in the best way possible.

Here are the benefits of each one as well as their costs.

Sodastream Fizzi Classic

The Sodastream Fizzi Classic is the cheapest and most simplistic of the Sparkling Water Makers.

However, this doesn’t take away from its efficiency and elegance.

The Sodastream Fizzi Classic offers a compact and cordless design machine to make sparkling water.

This means you can take your Fizzi Classic on road trips, vacations, or to the office and make Fizzy Water with ease.

It’s easy to transport and doesn’t require an electrical outlet to function, making it perfect for those who want flavorful sparkling water any time in their life.

It’s also compatible with all of SodaStream’s reusable plastic bottles so that you can save more money on buying plastics.

Are Eco-friendly and carbonated beverages on the go? It’s almost too good to be true.

One Touch Electric

The One Touch Electric is ideal for those who want to take a deep dive into the world of flavored sparkling water.

The One Touch Electric is, like it says, electric. You’ll need an electrical outlet to be able to use this.

While you lose the mobility of the Sodastream Fizzi Classic, you gain much more depth and creativity in your choice of sparkling water.

It comes with a speedy fizz-action as well as three different Fizz levels of carbonation for you to pick and choose from.

Once you’ve plugged in your One Touch Electric, it takes literal seconds for your tap water to turn into marvelous sparkling water.

Simply plug it in and select one of the three Fizz levels of carbonation to choose from and watch as you create amazing sparkling water – all at the touch of one button.

It also offers a wide variety of colors to choose from.

For those who like to experiment with all the crazy fizzy water creations, you can think of, give your taste buds a workout with a perfect machine to use with sparkling ice SodaStream.

Sodastream Aqua Fizz Premium

The Aqua Fizz Premium is by far the most elegant and classy of the machines you can purchase.

It features a stunning design that’s perfect to make your countertop pop.

Similar to the Fizzi Classic, the Aqua Fizz doesn’t require electricity as it’s powered by a CO2 cylinder.

This flavored sparkling water machine comes with an easy twist-lock to insert a bottle into it.

It also isn’t compatible with the reusable plastic bottles SodaStream offers. However, it’s compatible with something much better for long-term use.

The Aqua Fizz Premium is compatible with glass carafes that SodaStream has available. These are dishwasher-safe glass containers.

They help save even more money in the long term by ensuring your containers last longer than the reusable plastic ones.

The Aqua Fizz is a bit pricier than the rest of the products. You’ll see the difference in cost reflected in a much more elegant sparkling water creation experience.

The glass carafes are provided when you purchase them and replace the reusable plastic bottles that come with the other machines.

Which Soda Maker Starter Pack Should You Choose?

SodaStream Models featured

Beyond choosing the right SodaStream soda machine, you’ll also need to select whether you’d like the Starter Pack or the Hydration Pack.

The Hydration Pack is more robust and will offer you a wider variety of ways to use SodaStream.

Here are the differences.

Starter Pack

  • 620 Milliliter glass carafe
  • Similarly, this is only available for the Aqua Fizz Premium as that product uses glass carafes instead of reusable plastic bottles.
  • Free Shipping
  • Three-year warranty

Hydration Pack

  • Only available for Aqua Fizz Premium purchases
  • Only available for the Sodastream Fizzi Classic and One Touch Electric
  • Lemon Fruit Drop flavoring
  • Free shipping
  • Three-year warranty

How To Make Sparkling Water With SodaStream Flavors?

Make Flavored Sparkling Water

Now that you understand the different machines SodaStream offers, it’s time to start learning how to use one.
You’ll need to start by gathering the essentials for creation.

This is what you’ll need:

  • The soda machine of your choice
  • Your SodaStream carbonator
  • A reusable plastic bottle or glass carafe that has come provided in your SodaStream purchase
  • Decide on your Flavor Options or use one of the Sparkling Drink Mixes is available for you to purchase – such as Fruit Drops.
  • If you’ve bought the Hydration Pack, you’ll already have the Lemon Drop flavor ready to go

Align these on your countertop and get ready to soon enjoy the magnificent taste of flavored sparkling water.

It also may be helpful to set up near a source of water so that you can easily fill your bottle with water later.

First Steps

The first thing you’ll want to do is remove the plastic seal from your carbonator.

If you’re using the carbonator that came with the SodaStream machine you’ve purchased, it will be labeled “SodaStream CO2.”

Once you’ve done that, go ahead and unscrew the cap as well.

At this point, you’ll want to pop the back cover off of your soda machine / Sparkling Water Maker.

You’ll be able to see the edges of the back cover along the sides of your soda machine.

The cover should pop out with relative ease.

You may need to hold the machine with one hand to steady it while you use the other to remove the back cover.

It should be noted that if you’re using a smaller model of a SodaStream machine, the top will be located on the top of the machine rather than the back.

Either way, take it off and set it to the side so you can reattach it later.

Let’s Get Ready To Carbonate

This is where things start to get exciting for the soda and Sodastream sparkling water fanatics out there.

You’ll need to insert the carbonator into the soda machine.

You’ll see the space where the carbonator is intended to go – it’s the space that’s now unaccommodated because you’ve taken off the back cover.

If you have a smaller machine, you can place it where you’ve taken off the top cover and it will work all the same.

You’ll now need to screw the top of the canister into your soda machine.

The mechanism that connects the carbonator is easily visible. Simply take your canister and attach the top of it to the connector and screw the carbonator about three times in a clockwise rotation.

You’ll need it to be securely attached and make sure it’s not able to wiggle around.

Those with a smaller machine should take note that you will not need to screw your cannister in.

You’ll be able to lock it in without screwing it into place.

You’re now almost ready to start carbonating your water.

At this point, take the back or top cover that you’ve set to the side and reattach it to your soda machine. This will allow the carbonator to lock in place.

You must make sure the cover is secured back on before you start using your soda machine.

This goes for both the smaller and larger, newer models of SodaStream machines to get carbonated water.

Grab Some Plain, Boring Flat Water To Transform

how to make carbonated water

It’s now time to dive into the process of making flavored sparkling water and ditch those sugary sodas.

Once your soda machine’s carbonator is correctly attached, grab your reusable plastic bottles or the glass carafes that are provided with your SodaStream machine purchase.

The glass carafes and plastic bottles should both have a line on the inside of the container that indicates how much-chilled water you should be filling the container up with.

Take the container and fill it up to where the line indicates.

SodaStream highly recommends using cold water to carbonate to receive the best experience.

If you don’t use cold water, you’ll have to allow the drink time to chill before you can drink it.

If you’re wanting to immediately enjoy a glass of your flavored sparkling water, you must use cold water.

Once you’ve filled up your container to the appropriate amount, you’ll now need to snap or screw the container back into the machine.

The different models of soda machines carry different variations of how you can lock your bottle to the machine.

You’ll either have to screw the bottle in, or it will be able to snap-in.

Either way, secure your container to your soda machine by either turning the bottle three times in a clockwise position or simply push the top of your container into place.

Ensure that the bottle is in an upright vertical position.

There should be a visible gap between the base of your soda machine and the bottom of your container.

It’s Time to Get Carbonated

Once you’ve secured your carbonator and container into your soda machine, it’s time for the magic to happen.

Depending on which machine you own, you’ll need to either press down on the carbonating block or button to start the carbonation process.

The button will look like a small black button while the block is the entire top block of your machine. Both are easily identifiable.

To get the best carbonation possible for your flavored sparkling water, you’ll need to push the block or button down in short bursts.

You’ll also need to take a one-second break in between each press you make.

The One Touch electric will have its way of showing carbonation levels, while the Fizzi Classic and Aqua Fizz Premium will have their way of carbonation. Here are the differences.

The Fizzi Classic and Aqua Fizz Premium

The Fizzi Classic and Aqua Fizz Premium and other soda machine models don’t come with predefined levels for your carbonation.

SodaStream recommends pressing your carbonation button in short bursts of 2 seconds, with a one-second pause in between, a total of four times if you’d like to add flavor.

The fewer bursts you use, the less carbonated your drink will be.

However, SodaStream doesn’t recommend ever pressing the button more than five times as it will add too much carbonation to your drink.

Try experimenting with different increments of bursts to find the perfect carbonation for your flavored sparkling water.

Or, stick to the standard four increments of two-second bursts as SodaStream recommends.

The One Touch Electric

The One Touch Electric shines in terms of adjusting how carbonated your drink will become.

It comes with LED lights that indicate how carbonated your regular water has become.

There are three levels of carbonation:

  • Light fizz
  • Medium fizz
  • Strong fizz

Decide beforehand which fizz is right for your flavored sparkling water.

You may want to try multiple fizzy levels to find the perfect amount for your drink.

Finishing Up

Once you’ve achieved the level of carbonation you desire, you’re almost finished.

You’ll need to pull the bottle or glass carafe of water out of the lock mechanism once carbonation has finished.

You’ll either need to twist the bottle out or pull it towards yourself to unlock it.

Either way, remove the container from the locking mechanism in your soda machine.

Adding Flavor

At this point, you’ll want to grab a capful of flavoring.

This can either be a concoction you’ve created or a capful of Sparkling Drink Mix that you’ve purchased that will create Classic Fruit Flavors.

Take the flavoring and hold your container at a 15-degree angle as you pour the flavor mix into the bottle.

Pouring it at an angle makes it much less likely for the container to overflow as you pour the mix into your drink.

Once you’ve added your flavor, screw the cap onto your bottle of cold water and drink mix and shake it gently for 10 seconds.

This will ensure that your mix is thoroughly incorporated into your drink.

Be careful to not shake with too much strength as you can cause the container to overflow.

Voial you now have a refreshing Fizzy Drink.

A useful tip to try is slowly turning your bottle upside down and then back to the right side up to mix your flavors well without risking overflowing the container.

Enjoy the Deliciousness You’ve Created

Finally, you should now have a bottle of the flavored sparkling water of your choosing.

You can pour the flavored sparkling water into a cup with ice or just drink it straight from the bottle.

It should be cold and refreshing if you’ve stuck to using cold water.

You can even store excess soda in the fridge for up to two days as long as the cap is on.

Any longer than two days and you run the risk of your drink becoming flat.

While you can re-carbonate plain water, you can’t re-carbonate water that is already flavored.

So, make sure you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor when you can!

Creating Your Flavors

Creating your flavored sparkling water is only half of the fun. Creating your flavors is an exciting and unique way to express yourself for your tastes.

There are generally two methods to creating your flavoring for sparkling water:
  • You can use syrups you’ve created or
  • Purchased or muddle fruits and/or herbs to flavor it as well.

Either way, you’ll need to start with a bottle of cold, sparkling water that you’ve created using your SodaStream.

You’ll need to make sure you’ve done this first before you can add any flavor to your sparkling water.

The process will not work nearly as well if you add flavoring before the carbonation process.

Here are some ideas for both methods:

Creating Syrups

Creating your syrups is by far the most creative and expressive way to make your flavored sparkling water.

To create your syrup, you’ll need water and sugar or a sugar substitute.

You’ll need equal parts of sugar and water to create the syrup, so one cup of each is a good starting point.

You can take the sugar-water concoction and microwave it for several minutes or take the time to boil the sugar water to allow them to combine thoroughly.

Either way, you’ll need to boil both the syrup and the sugar so it’d be in your interest to just start by boiling the sugar water into syrup.

Once you’ve created your syrup, it’s time to get creative.

This is where you’ll begin to add fruits, honey, or other items to create your concoction of deliciousness.

Common flavors include lime, lemon, and orange. Or, try combining all of them with some cranberries and pomegranates thrown into the mix.

There are almost endless possibilities of flavors you can create.

After you’ve loaded up your boiling syrup with your flavor items, allow them to simmer for four to five minutes to blend with the water.

After you’ve finished simmering them, run the now-delicious syrup through a fine-mesh strainer to remove any remaining fruit pieces.

After you’ve let it cool, you’ve now created your syrup that no one else has!

Add a capful of this to the sparkling water you’ve created with your SodaStream machine and start enjoying the refreshing coolness that only you know how to create.

Using Muddled Fruits

Using muddled fruits is classic and takes little time and gets rid of all the preservatives. Using this instead of syrup can be a great way to live a little healthier and save time.

It’s ideal for flavored sparkling water lovers.

To flavor your sparkling water with fruits, simply take the fruits of your choice (strawberries and peaches are amazing) and begin to muddle them with a blunt object.

Muddle them down into mush for several minutes to ensure that all of the juice and flavor are brought out.

After you’ve done this, just add the single muddled fruit or mixture of muddled fruits into your sparkling water to create a refreshing flavored sparkling water using only fruits.

Many love to use this method to continue to enjoy flavored sparkling water even when on strict diets.

It’s also great for the on-the-go consumer who wants to quickly create flavored drinking without spending the time to make their syrups.

Common Issues and How To Resolve Them

As with any new thing, there will likely be a small learning curve.

This can be especially true if this will be your first time creating flavored sparkling water.

Flavored Sparkling Water with Sodastream

Here are some frequently asked questions and how to resolve them.

Can I Re-Carbonate My Drink?

The answer is yes and no.

You can re-carbonate plain sparkling water.

If you have not added flavor to your drink, you’ll have no issues adding more fizz as long as the water reaches the line indicator on your container.

If you’ve already flavored your beverage, then you won’t be able to add more fizz to your drink.

The SodaStream machines are only made to add carbonation to water.

Go here more common issues with your Sodatream

If you’re flavored sparkling water has gone flat, your best bet may be to create more carbonated water and mix it with your flat drink.

How Long Until My Fizzy Drink Goes Flat?

The seal on your container’s cap will work just as well as ordinary store-bought beverages.

If you’re using it correctly (keeping it tightly sealed and secured), your flavored sparkling water should remain carbonated for up to two weeks.

However, if you’ve left it out in the open with no seal on for too long, expect a flat drink.

can you use SodaStream flavors in plain water?

Yes, you can add SodaStream flavors directly into the plain water.

However, it may taste bad afterward due to the sucralose aftertaste of the soda stream flavoring.

You can consider enjoying flavored water with this technique. 

Can I Carbonate Other Drinks?

SodaStream states that you should never carbonate anything other than water in your soda machine.

You could create a mess and/or damage your machine if you attempt to carbonate other drinks.

This can be especially true in sugary, sticky drinks.

This is why you should never try to re-carbonate an already-flavored drink.

However, you can add more carbonated water to your drink as a quick fix to adding more fizz to a flat drink.

You’ll also invalidate your warranty if you attempt to carbonate anything other than water in your SodaStream machine, so make sure to avoid doing so at all costs!

How Do I Refill My CO2 Cylinder?

where to Refill Sodastream

SodaStream will exchange your empty CO2 cylinder for a full one at a reasonable cost.

You can order an exchange online or find a local retailer to do it in person.

You should also know that you can’t refill your CO2 locally, on your own, or use a different company’s CO2 cylinders.

This is because SodaStream’s cylinders are licensed and filled with beverage-grade CO2 that complies with FDA standards for food and beverage safety.

A local filling station may not comply with these standards, which could introduce toxins into your cylinder.

SodaStream also only provides a guarantee for its products.

If you manage to damage a SodaStream product by using another company’s filling station or cylinders, SodaStream won’t accept them for return.

Always only use SodaStream products to use in your SodaStream machine.