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What Co2 Cannister for the Aarke Carbonator? [SODASTREAM]

Last updated on August 18th, 2021

What Co2 Cannister for the Aarke Carbonator

The Aarke carbonator lies somewhere in the grey area of confusing yet simple.

The new piece of technology is aimed to fill your life with fizzy water and soda but could be seen as intimidating to use for the first time. Thankfully, the experts at Aarke have addressed that challenge and made using their product easier than ever.

So the question remains,

What Co2 Cannister for the Aarke Carbonator?

Aarke recommends using Sodastream co2 canisters within their device.

That’s right, if you’re picking up an Aarke carbonator to replace your less durable Sodastream machine, you won’t even have to replace your co2 canisters.

Aarke has made everything as simple as possible and you can continue to use your Sodastream canisters along with your Aarke carbonator.

Sodastream canisters are available online as well as throughout the U.S in various stores such as Wal-Mart.

It’s imperative that you only use Sodastream canisters or those from Soda Sense as other co2 carbonators may damage your Aarke machine.

Furthermore, Sodastream products aren’t covered by warranty if you misuse them or delve away from their recommended usages.

You should only use these recommended products with an Aarke carbonator.

Sodastream co2 canisters come in 60-liter sizes. Even for the most frequent users, you can expect this canister to last several months before you’ll need to replace it. Aarke recommends purchasing two canisters – one as a backup and one as your primary canister.

This is because there may be a small downtime from when you need to refill one canister to when you can get it refilled again.

To prevent any loss of time spent enjoying your refreshing fizzy drinks and sodas, make sure you grab two to always be able to enjoy the carbonation you know and love.

Continue reading to find out how to use Sodastream cylinders within your Aarke carbonator, what size paintball tank fits in Aarke carbonators, and all about the Sodastream refilling process.

Using Sodastream Cannister with the Aarke Carbonator

When you first receive your Aarke carbonator, putting it all together and using it for the first time may seem a bit daunting.

Don’t worry, the process is easy and doesn’t take much time.

To use a Sodastream cylinder with your Aarke carbonator, you’ll first need to attach it to the machine.

To do this, simply tilt your Aarke carbonator at an angle so that you can see onto the bottom side of the machine.

You’ll see a large, circular hole that fits your co2 cylinder perfectly.

From here, go ahead and slide your Sodastream canister into the Aarke carbonator and begin screwing it in.

Ensure that you’ve attached the canister properly and that it’s not sliding or popping out of place. Once you’re no longer able to screw the canister any tighter, you’ll be all set to go.

Using Your Aarke Carbonator for the First Time

Using Your Aarke Carbonator for the First Time

After you’ve attached your Sodastream co2 canister to the Aarke carbonator, you’ll be able to make fizzy water for the first time.

Take the bottle that came with your Aarke carbonator purchase and fill it with water.

Ideally, you want pure water to get the best taste from your drink. If you’re running short on quality water, don’t worry; tap water will do fine.

Pop the cap off of the lid to your bottle filled with water and screw it into the top of your Aarke carbonator.

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You’ll be able to see where it screws it easily. Keep screwing the bottle onto the carbonator until it’s secured firmly.

From here, simply pull the lever down until you hear a sound. The sound will sort of sound like a gear being suddenly stopped.

It’s distinct and you’ll notice it immediately, there shouldn’t be any trouble distinguishing when to stop holding the lever down.

Once you’ve heard the sound, lift the lever to its original position. Now, your water should fill with bubbles as the carbonation is applied throughout the water.

You can repeat the process multiple times until you get the exact amount of carbonation you want in your water. If you want a light fizzy drink, consider only pushing the lever down once or twice.

On the other hand, if you want strong carbonation in your drink, you may want to go through the process of pulling the lever down and back up four to five times. Make sure to slowly release the lever to avoid wasting any co2 gas.

To further preserve gas, don’t lift the handle back its original position in between lever pulls.

This is because a small amount of co2 is still held within the machine and bringing the lever back to the original position will waste a small amount of it. When you’ve finished carbonating your drink to your desired fizziness, then go ahead and push the handle back to its original position.

The only thing left to do now is to unscrew the bottle of water and enjoy the fruits of your labor! You now have perfectly carbonated water to enjoy at your leisure.

What Size Paintball Tank Fits in Aarke?

Paintball tanks are frequently considered a great way to save money when refilling your co2 canisters.

Most carbonator vendors will recommend you stay the course and refill your co2 canisters from a vendor, but this is a way to get you to purchase more of their products.

If you want a cheaper alternative to refilling your Aarke carbonator’s co2 canister, you can use a paintball tank to do the job.

There is no specific size paintball tank that fits within an Aarke carbonator.

Rather, you can purchase an adapter to attach to your preferred co2 canister and refill the canister this way. Adapters are relatively inexpensive and will save you a ton of money in the long run if you consistently use this as a way to replenish your co2.

Paintball tanks themselves can be refilled at most paintball-supply shops and is typically much less expensive than refilling a brand-name co2 canister such as Sodastream.

Be warned that Sodastream does strongly advise against refilling the co2 canisters yourself or refilling them locally.

This is because Sodastream co2 carbonators are filled with beverage-grade co2 and are within FDA standards for food and beverage safety.

Local filling stations aren’t in compliance with these same standards and could potentially introduce toxins into your canister.

Sodastream Refills

If you’re not wanting to deal with the hassle of purchasing an adapter and bringing out a paintball tank every time you need a co2 refill, there’s a much easier way to refill your Sodastream canisters.

Sodastream makes it easy to refill your co2 canisters by doing all their refill business via physical mail.

To do this, you can log onto Sodastream’s website and begin the gas exchange process. Once you’ve completed your payment, Sodastream will send you a replacement canister along with a shipping box and label for your empty once.

Pop your old one into the box you’ve received and send it back to Sodastream and the refill process will be complete.

Make sure you always send back your old co2 canister. If you don’t, Sodastream will charge you for the purchase of a brand new canister.

And a reminder you can pick up the Soda Sense canisters OR the Sodastream ones to use with your Aarke.