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How Many Glasses Are in a Bottle of Shloer? [Calories & Sugar Info]

how many glasses in a bottle of schloer

You just get home from a rough day of work, after your boss yelled at you for not doing your job properly.

You are so frustrated and upset, and the only thing you can focus on is making dinner and drinking some nice, refreshing Shloer with your food. That seems to lift your spirits!   

Well, maybe not haha – but let me explain.

If you are unfamiliar with Shloer drink, it is a line of sparkling cordial soft drinks that contain White Grape Juice or white grape real fruit juice as the main ingredient. It is available in the United Kingdom and in Ireland.

Shloer comes in a wide variety of wonderful flavors – look at the table below to see all of them!

Pressed Range Bubbly Range Core Range Fruit Range Light Range
Rhubarb and Apple White Bubbly Rosé  Crisp Cranberry Raspberry and Grape Red Grape
Strawberry and Lime Pink Bubbly White Grape Tropical Mango and Passion Fruit White Grape
Mixed Berries   Red Grape Orchard Apple and Grape  


    Wild Elderflower and Grape  

As you can see, there are plenty of delicious flavors of Shloer (white grape) for you to choose from, with plenty of great combinations of fruity flavors!

How Many Glasses in a Bottle of Shloer?

A glass bottle contains 700 mL (23.67 fluid ounces) of Shloer(white grape juice), whereas a can of Shloer contains 330 mL (11.16 fluid ounces) of delicious juice.

But Shloer is for sharing, so you definitely want to pour a glass for your friends and family. And, most of the ranges do come in a 4-pack, to begin with, so that will make it even easier for you to share!

Most people have glasses that can hold a volume of 250 mL (8.45 fluid ounces). That means you can have most of a can for yourself, and then give the rest to your kids.

If you’re drinking a bottle, though, that means you can have almost three full glasses worth of Shloer( white grape juice) to share! Or, have it all for yourself across a few different nights. Or, mix and match two different flavors across any of the ranges.

There is no wrong way to drink ta Shloer!

While you are busy figuring out what drinks you want to buy, share, and hoard for yourself, read on to find out more great information about Shloer!

Does Shloer Contain Alcohol?

No, Shloer  (white grape juice) does not contain alcohol. Make sure you still have it at every party you have though! It’s guaranteed to make your parties that much better!

Speaking of parties, your friends and family likely have some dietary restrictions.

All the more reasons to have Shloer as your drink of choice! Besides being alcohol-free, Shloer (sparkling juice drink) is also gluten-free and free of any type of nut or sesame seed.

Can people who only eat certain foods still drink Shloer? Absolutely! Shloer is Halal-approved, vegan-friendly, and vegetarian-friendly as well.

How Much Sugar is in a Bottle of Shloer?

How Much Sugar is in a Bottle of Shloer

Are you excited to try a Shloer, but you want to see how healthy and low in sugar it is first?

Look at this chart! The information is also on the label on the bottle of Shloer, as well as other health information.

Each number on the right-hand side of the chart is how many grams of sugar there are per 100 mL.

Pink Bubbly 5.4
White Bubbly 5.3
Red Grape 4.8
Rosé  4.8
White Grape 4.8
Wild Elderflower and Grape 7.1
Orchard Apple and Grape 5.9
Tropical Mango and Passion Fruit 5.3
Light Crisp Cranberry and Raspberry 5.5
Light Red Grape 5.3
Light White Grape 5.3
Rhubarb and Apple 4.3
Strawberry and Lime 4.5
Mixed Berry 4.5

There is no added sugar with fancy names that are hard to pronounce when you drink Shloer! That means you can still have some cake at a birthday party where they are serving Shloer.

How many calories in shloer?

How Many Calories Are in a Bottle of Shloer

Even though Shloer is delicious and low in sugar, you still may want to know how many you can have in a day without exploding.

Look at the chart below to figure it out! Each number on the right-hand side of the chart is how many Kilocalories there are per 100 mL.

Again, this information, as well as other nutritional facts, can be found on the labels of the bottles.

Pink Bubbly 23
White Bubbly 23
Red Grape 21
Rosé  21
White Grape 21
Wild Elderflower and Grape 30
Orchard Apple and Grape 26
Tropical Mango and Passion Fruit 22
Light Crisp Cranberry and Raspberry 18
Light Red Grape 19
Light White Grape 19
Rhubarb and Apple 19
Strawberry and Lime 20
Mixed Berry 20

Is shloer healthy?

Shloer is a popular sparkling fruit drink that is marketed as a healthier alternative to traditional soda. It contains no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, and it is made with real fruit juice and natural ingredients. While it is certainly a better option than soda, it is important to note that Shloer is still a sugary drink and should be consumed in moderation. A standard bottle of Shloer contains over 20 grams of sugar, which is equivalent to five teaspoons. While it may be a healthier choice than a soda, it is still a source of added sugars and can contribute to weight gain and other health problems if consumed excessively. Ultimately, the healthiness of Shloer depends on the frequency and amount consumed.

Why is Shloer called “Shloer?”

Professor Jules Shloer invented the original recipe for Shloer in Switzerland in the year 1935. The Shloer of today still has that same great taste and great flavor that it did 85 years ago!

Professors Jules did not use any preservatives or artificial coloring, and neither does the company today!

When you drink Shloer, you get all-natural fruit juices.


Shloer is delicious to drink without any extra flair. However, you know how to party. Here are a few ideas for recipes to make your Shloer taste even better!

These are all alcohol-free recipes; however, nobody is preventing you from adding alcohol of your choice to these recipes.

Summer Berry Blitzer

Add two cut-up strawberries and a handful of blueberries to a glass. Then, add a ½ teaspoon of honey, followed the juice of half of a lime.

Add two parts of Red Grape Shloer for every one part of water, and finish with a sprig of mint.

Apple Julep

In a large pitcher, mix Orchard Apple and Grape Shloer with a ¼ cup of lemon juice, and a cup of pineapple juice.

After mixing for two to three minutes, put some ice in some glasses. Add a sprig of mint leaves to each glass and drink to your heart’s content!

Sparkling Hurricane

Take four cups of Tropical Mango and Passion Fruit Shloer and four cups of pineapple juice, and mix it up with some lemon juice.

If you want to look as cool as the drink is, add some lemon wedges to the side of the drink.

Make sure to serve the sparkling hurricane in a chilled glass.

If you are going to add alcohol to this drink, add some rum and chilled champagne.

Sunshine Punch

The night before you want to make sunshine punch, make a large block of ice, and keep it in the freezer or cooler.

When you take out the block of ice, squeeze six oranges and six lemons onto it, making sure that you throw away the seeds.

Place a pound can of pineapple juice and 2 quarts of  White Grape (or Light White Grape) Shloer, as well as a small bottle of maraschino cherries, in a punch bowl over the block of ice.

This is delicious and is recommended to bring for picnics!

Now that you know all about the nutritional information about Shloer or white grape drink, as well as some great recipes, your next party will be a huge success!

Don’t forget to have enough glasses and ice for all of the guests!

If you want more information, make sure to visit Schloer directly – and enjoy!