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Can Children Drink Shloer? [Sugar & Caffeine Content]

Last updated on June 19th, 2022

can children drink schloer

According to the website, the four most popular soft drinks in the United Kingdom are;

  1. Dandelion and burdock
  2. English breakfast tea
  3. ginger beer (non-alcoholic beer with a ginger flavor)
  4. Earl Grey tea.

That said however there is a growing trend of new Cordial sparkling drinks and Schloer is one that stands out.

With the increasing consumption and availability of Schloer in supermarkets, it leads to people and parents asking themselves

Can Children Drink Schloer?

Well in short, yes they can as it’s non-alcoholic.  It also doesn’t contain caffeine either.

It is still a soft drink and contains sugar although there are some low sugar / sweetener-based varieties too. 

So if you’re planning to give your child a Schloer drink then do so in moderation, please.

What exactly is Shloer?

It is a company that produces sparkling fruit or juice drinks throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Look at the chart below to see all of the different, delicious flavors it has!

Pressed Range Bubbly Range Core Range Fruit Range Light Range
Rhubarb and Apple White Bubbly Rosé Crisp Cranberry Raspberry and Grape Red Grape
Strawberry and Lime Pink Bubbly White Grape Tropical Mango and Passion Fruit White Grape
Mixed Berries Red Grape Orchard Apple and Grape
Wild Elderflower and Grape

Each Shloer drink uses natural ingredients and fresh fruit to taste so delicious!

Keep on reading to find out more about this amazing drink that’s “Shloer” to have your guests talking about it at your next party!

Flavors of Shloer

Flavors of Shloer

Let’s talk about the delicious flavors in the chart above! Each of the different “ranges” has its own special method of being brewed.

All of the Shloer soft drinks are blended with grape juice.


What goes great with grape juice?

Try some apple juice blended into it! The pressed Shloer each contains an apple-based blend to match the grape juice that you know and love.

These pressed drinks come in three flavors: rhubarb and apple, strawberry and lime, and mixed berries.

Imagine the delicious taste of strawberry, lime, and grape! All three pressed ranges are slightly dryer than the other ranges.


Are you celebrating a birthday, graduation, retirement, or just having a great group of friends over for a party?

Make sure you have Shloer Bubbly at your party!

It will be talked about for years to come if you do!

There are two flavors: white bubbly, and pink bubbly. This type of blend is particularly sparkling – the more bubbles, the more there is to celebrate!


The core range is your best bet if you aren’t feeling too fancy, but you still want some great grape juice.

Keep this in the house for when your children do well in school, when you just had a rough day at work and want to relax a little bit, or just because it tastes so good.

You can get the core range in rosé, white grape, and red grape.

The core is just the simple taste of grape juice with no extra flair – but that doesn’t make it any less tasty than the other great blends!


These fruit fusions are going to taste delicious. You’re going to have some wonderful flavors with these fruit blends.

This is for the most adventurous of drinkers – you have been warned!

The four fruit flavors you get in this range are crisp cranberry raspberry and mango, tropical mango and passion fruit, orchard apple and grape, and wild elderberry and grape.

These great flavors both look and taste exciting!


You look good! Have you been working out and losing weight? If you’re worried about your diet, but still want the great flavor of Shloer, make sure you pick up some light blend!

Have some light red grape or some light white grape. You don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying your Shloer anymore!

These flavors come with the same great taste as their core counterparts, but with fewer calories.

Can You Get Drunk on Shloer?

Can You Get Drunk on Shloer

No, you cannot get drunk on Shloer. It has no alcohol. Look at this great list of dietary restrictions you no longer have to worry about!

  • No alcohol
  • No gluten
  • No caffeine
  • Halal – approved
  • Vegetarian – friendly
  • Vegan – friendly

Does Shloer Taste Like Wine?

does schloer taste like wine

Even though Shloer is not alcoholic, it has one thing in common with wine: lots of different options to choose from.

You can also pair your Shloer with your meal, similar to how you would pair red wine with meat and white wine with fish.

However, Shloer does not taste like wine.

According to a woman known as Ms. Bittner, “it tastes like grape juice (sometimes in a fruit juice blend) with carbonation.”

Ms. Bittner also goes on to say that even though Shloer does not taste like wine, it is still incredibly tasty… and, that both wine and Shloer look nice in a glass.

Don’t let the fact that Shloer doesn’t taste like wine prevents you from serving it at your next baby shower!

A thread on has two women say that they would love to have some Shloer of any flavor while they are pregnant.

One of these women goes on to say that, although Shloer is sweeter than wine, it is a great alternative to it!

Is there Caffeine in Shloer?

Is there Caffeine in Shloer

No, there is no caffeine in Shloer.

That is just one of many reasons it is a better alternative to sodas, which often have the same amount of caffeine as half of a cup of coffee.

Now, you can have a drink that tastes great and not have to worry about a caffeine crash later in the day.

This also makes the drink better for children to have.

You already know that children are bundles and bundles of energy, to begin with – do you really want to give a child more of that energy after a long day of work?

Giving your children Shloer not only prevents their energy levels from rising exponentially, but it also is a healthier alternative to soda, with all of its extra sugars and other flavorings.

Shloer has been in business for over 80 years.

The sparkling juice is made with real fruit juice. There are no preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial sweeteners.

It is tasty fun for everyone involved!

While you’re having your children drink healthy, you can teach them too! Bottles of Shloer occasionally change color while people are drinking them.

Since Shloer only uses natural ingredients in their drinks, the color of the actual liquid depends on the grapes that were harvested. Tell that to their science teacher!


Shloer is a wonderful, flavorful, sparkling fruit juice!

You can get it in so many different flavors and ranges, there is sure to be one that you and your friends love!

With a tasty, healthy, fruit drink safe for pregnant women and children, and appropriate for any sort of celebration, go and buy some for yourself!

They can be picked up at any major supermarket in the United Kingdom and Ireland (like Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Morrisons, Nisa, and the Co-Op).

If the store is out, though, go to your local convenience shop, or even order some online!