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Grape drink

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Grape Soda–Whiskey Cocktail. Edible Michiana

Grape drink (Wikipedia)

Grape drinks (also known as grape soda, grape pop, or purple drink in certain regions of the U.S.) are sweetened drinks with a grape flavor and a deep purple color. They may be carbonated (e.g., Fanta) or not (e.g., Kool-Aid).

Grapeade first appeared as a variety of carbonated drink provided in soda fountains in American drugstores in the late nineteenth century, brands including Miner's and Lash's.[citation needed] A recipe for homemade grapeade appears in editions of Fannie Farmer's cookbook.

Today, most commercially available grape sodas are based on artificial flavorings such as methyl anthranilate designed to simulate Concord grapes, and are colored deep purple with food coloring.

Hard grape sodas have been marketed by, e.g., Henry's Hard Soda. It is also possible to use non-alcoholic grape sodas in alcoholic cocktails, such as a grape soda whiskey cocktail, or frozen grape daiquiri.

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