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List of soft drink producers

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– Major North American soft drink producers:
Pepsi and Coca-Cola are major North American companies.
– These companies are present in most countries worldwide.
– They have a significant global market share.
Pepsi and Coca-Cola offer a wide range of soft drink products.
– Both companies have a long history in the beverage industry.

– AmBev:
– Brazilian company operating in 14 countries.
– Owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev.
– Largest bottler of Pepsi Cola products outside the U.S.
– Produces Guarana Antarctica, Soda Limonada, Sukita, H2OH!, and Guara!.
– Diversified portfolio of soft drink brands.

– Oceanic Beverages Co., Inc.:
– Notable soft drink producer.
– Presence in the beverage market.
– Offers various beverage products.
– Engaged in the production of soft drinks.
– Known for quality beverages.

– Ajegroup:
– International soft drink producer.
– Operates in multiple countries.
– Diversified product line.
– Strong presence in the beverage industry.
– Known for innovative drink offerings.

– Grupo Perú Cola:
– Prominent soft drink producer in Peru.
– Offers a variety of beverage options.
– Known for quality and taste.
– Contributes to the local beverage market.
– Recognized brand in the Peruvian beverage industry.

In every area of the world there are major soft drink producers. However, a few major North American companies are present in most of the countries of the world, such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

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