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List of soft drink flavors

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**Fruit Flavors:**
– Almond
– Apricot
– Blackberry
– Lime
– Mandarin orange
Orange soft drink
– Papaya
– Guava

**Herbal and Spiced Flavors:**
Birch beer
Ginger ale
Ginger beer
– Lavender
– Tarragon
– Sarsaparilla

**Specialty Soft Drinks and Flavors:**
– Fassbrause
Apple Sidra
Apple beer
Manzanita Sol
– Barbican
– Mate
– Bludwine/Budwine by Bludwine Company
– Dandelion and burdock by Fentimans
– Bacon soda by Jones Soda, Lockhart Smokehouse, Rocket Fizz
– Buffalo wing by Rocket Fizz
Coffee by Rocket Fizz
– Dandelion and burdock soda by Fentimans
– Julebrus by Norwegian breweries
– Open-source cola by various producers
– PepperElixir by Orca Beverage Inc.
– Ranch dressing by Rocket Fizz

**Soft Drink Subtypes:**
– Squash (non-alcoholic syrup mixed with water)
– Frozen carbonated beverage
Ice cream soda
– Non-alcoholic beverage
– Sports drink

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A soft drink is a beverage that typically contains carbonated water, one or more flavourings and sweeteners such as sugar, HFCS, fruit juices, and/or sugar substitutes such as sucralose, acesulfame-K, aspartame and cyclamate. Soft drinks may also contain caffeine, colorings, preservatives and other ingredients.

A glass of cola served with ice cubes and lemon
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