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Cream soda

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**1. History and Development of Cream Soda:**
– E. M. Sheldon’s 1852 cream soda recipe included cream of tartar, Epsom salts, sugar, egg, milk, and baking soda.
– Alexander C. Howell patented cream soda-water in 1865 with ingredients like sodium bicarbonate, sugar, egg whites, flour, and flavorings.
– James William Black patented ice-cream soda in 1885, containing whipped egg whites, sugar, lime juice, citric acid, and bicarbonate of soda.
Cream soda variations were developed in the U.S., Canada, and Nova Scotia in the late 1800s.
Cream soda was suggested as a temperance drink in compliance with laws.

**2. International Variations of Cream Soda:**
– In the U.S., cream soda is often vanilla-flavored, clear, or light golden brown/pink, with Italian cream soda being a popular variant.
– Canadian cream soda is mostly pink, with clear versions in Quebec and Atlantic Canada, and brands like Barqs, Crush, and Fanta.
– Caribbean and Latin American countries have red cream soda variants like Bigga and Frescolita, and Inca Kola in Peru.
– Australia offers red and brown creaming sodas, while New Zealand’s creaming soda is bright yellow or white opaque.
– European countries like the Netherlands and Ireland offer various flavors of cream soda, while the UK has clear, vanilla-flavored versions.

**3. Regional Varieties of Cream Soda:**
– North and South America: Varieties in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, and Latin America.
– Oceania: Varieties in Australia, New Zealand, and Asian supermarkets.
Europe: Varieties in the Netherlands, Ireland, the UK, and Finland.
– Asia: Varieties in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.
– Africa: Popular Sparletta Creme Soda by Coca-Cola in various African countries.

**4. Popular Cream Soda Brands and Varieties:**
– Bigga Cream Soda, Old Jamaica Cream Soda, Bickford’s Australia Old Style Sodas, Golden Circle Creaming Soda, Saxbys Soft Drinks.
– Snowette Cream Soda by, Old Jamaica Cream Soda available at Albert Heijn, and various flavors and variations offered by different brands.
– Range of cream soda recipes available online and cream soda enjoyed worldwide.

**5. Nutritional Information, Serving, and Consumption of Cream Soda:**
– Typically high in sugar content, calorie count varies by brand and serving size.
– Some brands offer low-calorie or diet versions, may contain artificial flavors and colors, not a significant source of essential nutrients.
– Often served chilled or over ice, enjoyed on its own or as a mixer in cocktails.
– Popular choice at soda fountains and ice cream parlors, consumed by people of all ages, can be paired with various foods for a refreshing beverage option.

Cream soda (Wikipedia)

Cream soda (also known as creme soda or creaming soda) is a sweet soft drink. Generally flavored with vanilla and based on the taste of an ice cream float, a wide range of variations can be found worldwide.

Hand-crafted cream soda
A bottle of Sanyo, a brand of green Japanese cream soda, next to a glass of ice topped with ice cream
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