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Ice cream float

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**History of Ice Cream Floats:**
– Invented by Robert M. Green in Philadelphia in 1874.
– First known mention in the 1828 novel ‘The Great Levroney.’
– Green combined ice cream and flavored soda during a celebration.
– Other claimants for the invention include Fred Sanders, Philip Mohr, and George Guy.
– Known as the ‘Originator of the Ice Cream Soda,’ Green’s tombstone is engraved with this title.

**Regional Names for Ice Cream Floats:**
– In Australia and New Zealand, known as a spider due to the reaction between carbonation and ice cream.
– In the UK and Ireland, referred to as an ice-cream float or simply a float.
– In Mexico, known as ‘helado flotante’ or ‘flotante.’
– In the United States, an ice cream soda typically contains soda water, syrup, and ice cream.
– In Puerto Rico, it is called a black out.

**Varieties of Ice Cream Floats:**
– Popular variations include chocolate ice cream soda, strawberry ice cream soda, root beer float, Boston cooler, and purple cow.
– Varieties of ice cream floats are numerous and enjoyed in different regions.

**Specific Ice Cream Float Variations:**
– **Chocolate Ice Cream Soda:**
– Made with chocolate syrup and chocolate ice cream.
– Unflavored carbonated water is added, topped with whipped cream and a cherry.
– Available at local soda fountains and Dairy Queen stores.
– **Strawberry Ice Cream Soda:**
– Prepared similarly to a chocolate ice cream soda but with strawberry syrup and ice cream.
– Topped with whipped cream and a cherry.
– A refreshing variation of the traditional ice cream soda.

**Additional Information and References:**
Root beer floats have a hidden history in Chicago.
Ice cream soda was a new drink in 1921.
– Seattle pioneer invented the ice cream soda.
– Boston Cooler’s origin is a topic of curiosity.
Ice cream soda day is celebrated on June 20th.
– Various sources like books by Anne Cooper Funderburg, Cheri Y. Gay, and others provide insights into the history of ice cream floats.

Ice cream float (Wikipedia)

An ice cream float or ice cream soda, also known as a spider in Australia and New Zealand, is a chilled beverage that consists of ice cream in either a soft drink or a mixture of flavored syrup and carbonated water.

Ice cream float
Soda jerk from the 1930s passing ice cream soda between two soda fountains
Alternative namesIce cream soda, Coke float, root beer float, spider
Place of originUnited States
Region or statePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Created byRobert McCay Green
Main ingredientsIce cream, syrup and soft drink or carbonated water

When root beer and vanilla ice cream are used together to make the beverage, it is typically referred to as a root beer float (United States and Canada). A close variation is the coke float, using cola instead of root beer.

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