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Soda Drinker Pro – Wikipedia

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– **Gameplay**:
– Controls: WASD for movement, mouse for looking around, left mouse button places soda, right mouse button sips soda
– Soda Consumption: Soda must be at player’s mouth to sip, soda meter in upper left corner measures soda level
– Progression: Drink soda to move to next simulation, collect Bonus Sodas in environments
– Simulation: Player navigates soda drinking scenarios
– Interaction: Engage in soda drinking activities

– **Vivian Clark**:
– Secret Game: Accessible in the park house on 2nd level
– Original Access: Stand by a specific rock for 30 seconds
– Gameplay: Consists of linked mini-games to beat consecutively
– Objective: Beat as many mini-games as possible without failing
– Special Feature: Hidden within Soda Drinker Pro

– **Development**:
– Timeline: Developed in one day in 2008, continued development for Xbox One and Steam release in 2016
– Initial Version: Released with 5 levels
– Evolution: Progressed from basic version to multi-platform release
– Innovation: Showcases unique soda drinking simulation concept
– Expansion: Increased content and features over time

– **Release**:
– Steam Greenlight: Posted in March 2013, greenlit by Steam Community on January 29, 2015
– Platforms: Released on Steam and Xbox One on April 14, 2016
– Android Version: Previously available on Google Play Store, now removed
– NES Release: Launched in 2023 via Limited Run Games
– Accessibility: Available on various gaming platforms

– **Reception**:
– Metacritic Score: Holds a rating of 30/100 based on 9 critics
– Critic Review: Described as having generally unfavorable reviews
– Visuals and Sound: Criticized for poor quality
– Comparison: Vivian Clark likened to WarioWare and LSD: Dream Emulator
– Abstract Gameplay: Offers unique and unconventional gaming experience

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