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Soda (comics) – Wikipedia

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**1. Soda Comic Series Overview:**
– Created by Philippe Tome and Bruno Gazzotti.
– First appeared in ‘Soda: Résurrection’ in 2015.
– Initial release in Spirou in 1986 (in French).
– Genre: BDoubliées.
– Wikipedia page last updated on 3 December 2023.

**2. Soda Character and Storylines:**
– David Solomon moves to NYC and joins the police force.
– Maintains a double life as a priest and NYPD lieutenant to protect his mother.
– Faces challenges balancing roles and keeping his mother safe.
– Often takes action in his priest attire.
– Left hand missing two fingers, a mystery in the storyline.

**3. Supporting Characters and Themes:**
– Police Captain Pronzini and his pets.
– Sergeant Babs skilled with computers.
– Officer Linda Tchaikowsky, Sodas partner.
– Themes of crime, family, and deception explored.
– Colleagues help Soda maintain his deception with his mother.

**4. Storylines and French Releases:**
– Various titles like ‘An Angel Trespasses’ and ‘Letters to Satan.’
– Unique challenges and developments in each story.
– Mix of action, drama, and mystery in the plots.
– French releases provide insight into Sodas adventures.
– Blend of action, suspense, and personal struggles in the titles.

**5. Code Apocalypse Story and Artistic Style:**
– ‘Code Apocalypse’ released in 2005 involving nuclear material smuggling.
– Challenges faced by Soda and Tchaikowsky in the case.
– Mary, Sodas mother, involved with a questionable man.
– Raises awareness about the black market trade of nuclear materials.
– Art by Bruno Gazzotti, illustrations by Luc Warnant, and Dan Verlinden’s involvement in the artwork.

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