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Soda PDF

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– History:
– Soda PDF launched in 2010 as LULU Software’s flagship product.
– In 2011, a new version with 3D viewing tech and enhanced editing was introduced.
– CNET praised Soda PDF Professional 2011 for its capabilities.
– Soda 3D PDF Reader 2012 featured realistic page-turning.
– Soda PDF 2012 was commended for its design and efficient navigation.

– Features:
– Soda PDF allows easy adjustment of PDF file sizes.
– Tech Republic highlighted the optimize feature for reducing file sizes.
– Soda PDF 6 supports reading comic book and eBook files.
– PC Mag praised the powerful PDF tools and cloud storage integration.
– Modular pricing and OCR functionality were noted as areas for improvement.

– Soda View / 3D and Create:
– Soda View/3D is a free PDF app for viewing and creating PDFs.
– The 3D feature enables realistic page flipping.
– CNET praised the 3D Reader for its usability.
– Some users reported unwanted software installations with Soda PDF.

– Version history:
– Soda PDF Professional 2011 introduced OCR and security features.
– Soda PDF 2012 added 3D view and improved editing tools.
– Soda PDF 5 redesigned the interface and added new tools.
– Soda PDF 6 introduced modular feature installation.
– The latest version, Soda PDF 14, was released in May 2022.

– References:
– Release notes and system requirements are available on the official Soda PDF website.
– Reviews from various sources like CNET, PC Mag, and Tech Republic provide insights.
– LULU Software’s product line extension and updates are documented.
– External links to related PDF software and resources are provided.

Soda PDF (Wikipedia)

Soda PDF is a family of Microsoft Windows OS applications used to open, view, create, convert, edit, secure and share Portable Document Format (PDF) files. The software was developed by LULU Software, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Developer(s)LULU Software Limited
Initial release2010
Stable release
14 / 12 May 2022; 22 months ago (2022-05-12)
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
Available in8 languages
TypePDF Software
LicenseEnd-user license agreement

Soda PDF states that its programs run on Windows based systems from Windows 7 to the modern Windows 11 operating systems.

Soda PDF supports Mobile device users (Apple IOS and Google Android) as well as Mac users by offering access for its product features through an online web browser based solution.

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