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How Much Sugar in a Can of Pepsi?

How Much Sugar in a Can of Pepsi?

Sodas have a bad wrap for containing a lot of sugar and being bad for you.

However, most people like sodas and drink them quite often. Today, I will explain how much sugar is in a can of Pepsi.

One can of Pepsi (12 oz, 350 mL) contains 39 grams of sugar.

The sugar in a can of Pepsi is equivalent to 10 teaspoons. But Pepsi Zero sugar contains no sugar or calories.

The amount of sugar in Pepsi is identical to the amount of sugar found in a can of Coca-Cola.

Various health foundations recommend a certain amount of sugar each day based on the advice of medical professionals that have done long-term studies on the effect of sugar.

Below, I will cover if drinking 1 can of Pepsi or other sodas a day is OK and how this relates to how much sugar you should consume per day.

Is It OK to Drink 1 Pepsi a Day?

Is It OK to Drink 1 Pepsi a Day

Pepsi comes in a range of different sizes. It is sold in cans, bottles of various sizes, and in disposable cups at restaurants like KFC.

Here is if it’s OK to drink 1 Pepsi a day, and how much Pepsi is too much.

Generally, it is OK to drink 1 can of Pepsi per day.

But only if it is the sugar-free version.

Otherwise, it’s virtually guaranteed you will consume more than the recommended daily intake of sugar. 1 can (12 oz, 350 mL)  of Pepsi contains 108% of the recommended daily sugar intake.

There are various-sized bottles of Pepsi, but virtually all of them are bigger than a can.

Many people also buy a big bottle of Pepsi and drink it from a cup or mix it with things like ice cream to make an ice cream float or with alcoholic drinks.

1 metric cup is equal to 8 oz (236 mL), which is about what is in a standard cup a person would have in their home.

A regular cup is about two-thirds 66% of the recommended daily intake of sugar (source).

Here’s a video that shows what the amount of sugar in a 20 oz bottle of Pepsi looks like:

Pepsi and other carbonated beverages are also part of a combo that you get from restaurants like KFC, Taco Bell, and Mcdonald’s. Here is a rough idea of how many

  • Medium – 20 oz (591 mL)
  • Large – 30 oz (887 mL)
  • Mega Jug – 64 oz (1.89 L)

Most colas, such as Pepsi, contain caffeine which soda companies report improves the flavor.

But, the caffeine content in Pepsi is low enough that even if you consume more than 1 can a day, you won’t get near the recommended daily intake of caffeine.

Diet sodas also do not contain any sugar, so technically, you can consume more than 1 can per day.

But, in my opinion, it’s best not to.

However, no studies have found concrete evidence that consuming large amounts of artificial sweeteners is terrible.

And medical professionals do not provide any formal recommendation about how much of them to consume.

How Much Is Sugar OK in a Day?

How Much Sugar Is OK in a Day

Regular soft drinks are known to be relatively high in sugar.

Sugary drinks in moderate amounts are generally acceptable. But, here is how much sugar is too much and how much sugar is OK to consume daily.

According to the American Heart Foundation, on average, no more than 36 grams (9 teaspoons) for men and 25 grams (6 teaspoons) per day.

Men typically have more body mass than women, so their bodies can process more sugar without any adverse effects.

If you’re a big fan of sodas, zero-sugar versions are better options, such as Diet Pepsi and Coke Zero.