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How Many Pepsi Factories Are There?

How Many Pepsi Factories Are There?

PepsiCo is the second largest beverage provider in the USA.

To distribute so many beverages and snack foods, it makes sense for PepsiCo to have a broad network of factories spread throughout the globe to cut down on the cost of transporting them to stores and restaurants.

Today, I will explain how many Pepsi factories there are.

Overall, there are 14 significant Pepsi factories. 3 are located in North America.

The rest are spread internationally in Central America, Russia, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and South America.

Pepsi does not state precisely how many factories, only the significant ones explained below.

Searching for Pepsi factories on Google Maps reveals there are A LOT more Pepsi factories.

For example, in Canada, there are 14 factories and distribution warehouses.

Below, I will explain exactly where the leading Pepsi factories are, how many smaller Pepsi factories are in English-speaking countries, and how many Pepsi beverages are produced and sold each year.

Where Are the Pepsi Manufacturing Plants in the USA?

Where Are the Pepsi Manufacturing Plants in the USA?

PepsiCo has a wide distribution of manufacturing plants in the USA.

Here is where they are located.

There are 14 Pepsi manufacturing plants in North Carolina, 2 in Maryland, 1 in Delaware, 1 in South Carolina, 1 in Iowa, 1 in Texas, and 1 in Florida.

All of these make either Pepsi beverages or snack foods for brands owned by Pepsi under the Frito-Lay division of Pepsi.

Pepsi Bottling Ventures is a privately held soda company licensed to manufacture PepsiCo beverages.

But, there are only 4 Pepsi manufacturing plants owned or leased by PepsiCo, Inc. in the USA.

Of these, only 2 make Pepsi beverages such as Pepsi and Mountain Dew.

These are located in the following:

  • Arlington, Texas – This is a Pepsi beverage concentrate plant
  • Winston Salem, North Carolina – This is a Pepsi beverage plant. But, it also makes Quaker Foods convenient foods, including cereal such as Quaker Oats and snack bras. As well as Frito-Lay snacks and suitable nourishment.

The PepsiCo annual report refers to these as PBNA facilities which stand for PepsiCo Beverages North America.

The other 2 factories/manufacturing plants owned or leased directly by PepsiCo are slightly different. These are located in the following:

  • Bradenton, Florida – Produces Tropicana beverages only
  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Produces Quaker foods convenient foods only

Convenient foods is an industry term PepsiCo uses and includes products such as dips and oats.

As you may know, PepsiCo, Inc. owns Frito-Lay, which holds an extensive range of convenient food brands.

PepsiCo owns hundreds of beverage brands that are either beverages or snack foods.

I provided a complete list of them in this article about what Pepsi owns.

Of note is a large concentration of Pepsi bottling plants in North Carolina.

There are 14 there, whereas almost every other Pepsi bottling plant is limited to 1 or 2 per State.

This is because PepsiCo was invented in North Carolina and was one of the first markets they sold to.

New Pepsi bottling plants were established first before spreading throughout the USA.

Here’s a video that shows an inside look into a Pepsi factory that makes both cans and bottles of Pepsi:

Top 10 PepsiCo factories outside of the USA

The leading PepsiCo factories outside the USA are located in the following:

  1. Celaya, Mexico – Convenient foods plant
  2. Vallejo, Mexico Owned – Convenient foods plant (2 separate ones)
  3. Kashira, Russia – Convenient foods plant
  4. Lehavim, Israel – Convenient foods or beverages (PepsiCo does not say)
  5. Moscow, Russia – Dairy plant
  6. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Convenient foods plant
  7. Wuhan, China – Convenient foods plant
  8. Colonia, Uruguay – Beverage concentrate plant
  9. Cork, Ireland – Beverage concentrate plant (2 separate ones)
  10. Singapore – Beverage concentrate plant

PepsiCo also has research and development facilities.

There are two of these in the USA. Which are:

  • Valhalla, New York – Pepsi Beverages only
  • Plano, Texas – Frito-lay convenient foods only

PepsiCo makes concentrates and sends them 3rd party bottling facilities

Based on the info provided in the PepsiCo annual reports (source), Pepsi owns or leases the production facilities that create the concentrates used to make their beverages.

After that, they send them to other companies that use these concentrates to make the finished bottles and cans.

PepsiCo explicitly states that its main facilities are concentrate plants, where they make the concentrates.

Doing so also allows Pepsi to oversee the production of its concentrates directly.

That way, they have greater control over ensuring the secret recipe doesn’t get out.

It’s also likely cheaper for them to do the bottling at a facility that makes other beverages.

That way, they can take advantage of an economic term known as the economies of scale.

As you may know, it becomes cheaper to produce something when a lot of it is produced at once.

For example, it’s cheaper to produce the final bottles and cans of Pepsi at a facility that does a huge volume rather than a smaller factory custom-built to make Pepsi soft drinks and beverages.

Does Pepsi Have Factories in China?

Does Pepsi Have Factories in China?

China has the largest population in the world, and many businesses have expanded their operations to produce and sell products in China.

PepsiCo has factories worldwide and agreements with other companies to produce PepsiCo beverages on their behalf.

But, here is if Pepsi has factories in China.

Pepsi does have factories in China.

PepsiCo owns a convenient food factory in Wuhan, China.

They don’t explicitly state if they own beverage factories in China but state that they either have agreements for other companies to make them on their behalf or have their own factories.

The revenue that PepsiCo makes in China is only 3% of the total yearly income that PepsiCo makes.

Therefore, beverage manufacturing and sales in China are a tiny part of PepsiCo’s total sales.

Most Pepsi beverages are sold in North America, followed by Latin America.

The percent of Pepsi’s total sales in North America is 32%.

Whereas, in Latin America, it’s 10%.

Does Pepsi Have Plants in Russia?

Does Pepsi Have Plants in Russia?

Russia is one of the largest countries in the world by land mass and has a huge population.

Pepsi was established in the USA, and most of the beverage and snack food sales made by Pepsi are in the USA.

But does Pepsi have plants in Russia?

Pepsi does have plants in Russia. However, they have halted the production of beverages and convenience foods in Russia, according to

They continue to produce milk because they have said it is an essential food item.

PepsiCo, Inc. states in its annual report that they have 1 research facility and 1 dairy manufacturing facility in Russia.

They deem these worth mentioning because they are significant factories.

It’s almost guaranteed Pepsi has beverage production and bottle facilities in Russia.

However, it’s common for Pepsi to send concentrate to facilities owned by other companies to produce finished bottles and cans of Pepsi.

Pepsi has no official word about how many factories and bottling facilities they own in Russia.

Or if they agree with other beverage manufacturers to produce them for Pepsi.