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What Are Pepsi Soda Brands? [PEPSI Products]

Last updated on August 8th, 2021

what are pepsi soda brands

Pepsi has been around since 1893. In the years since then, Pepsi has modified its products and also come out with a host of new sodas and other drinks.

Pepsi currently produces a lot of different beverages, and they are also a big player in the food industry, owning Frito Lay and other snacks.

The future is very bright for Pepsi brands, as they have been well-marketed over the years. So what are Pepsi Soda Brands?

Let’s get some background on Pepsi and their list of brands below

About Pepsi

Pepsi’s mission involves using sustainable goods to improve the world. They strive to provide nourishing products and to improve the world by offering a sustainable planet to children and future generations.

By capturing the market of convenient foods and beverages, Pepsi aims to remain a global leader in its industry.

While they will always aim to continue to strengthen their operations in the United States, Pepsi is always trying to expand its global market as well.

Pepsi very proudly tries to make a difference in the world, as they work with partners worldwide to provide relief services to areas that are affected by natural disasters.

Pepsi Soda Products

pepsi cola building USA

Pepsi is probably most well-known for producing sodas, and the list of sodas Pepsi makes is extensive.
Here’s a list of just some of the sodas made by Pepsi.
    • Pepsi,
    • Pepsi One


    • Pepsi Max


While Pepsi has added other beverages over the years, soda will always be their bread and butter.

They have been producing sodas for over 100 years, and have it down to an exact science.

Mountain Dew

While Mountain Dew is technically a soda, it is a unique soda that has been branded all by itself.

A highly caffeinated beverage, some drink Mountain Dew in the morning to wake-up instead of drinking a cup of coffee.

Mountain Dew also sponsors several events like the Dew Tour, which is a skate and snowboard competition.

Mountain Dew was not an original Pepsi soda, which is why it is marketed by itself.

There have been some successful Mountain Dew marketing campaigns. For example, it was paired with Doritos and marketed towards teenagers and video gamers, which helped boon business.

Over the years, they have come out with additional Mountain Dew options like Diet Mountain Dew and Code Red Mountain Dew.

Some are marketed for a short time and then stopped, and others remain a part of the Mountain Dew brand forever.

Other Pepsi Beverages

Pepsi produces a number of non-soda beverage options.

Here’s a list of just some of what they make.
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee and Tea. Pepsi took over this brand as well and now has its hands in the coffee and tea industry.
  • Gatorade – Pepsi owns Gatorade, and now has their brand in the sports drink industry with perhaps the leading sports drink on the market, Gatorade.
  • Tropicana products – Pepsi owns Tropicana and produces all kinds of orange juices, grapefruit juices, etc.
  • Iced teas – Pepsi produces Lipton teas, which you can get in a variety of flavors, including Diet sugar-free options.

Recognizing that people wanted more non-alcoholic beverage options on the market than just soda, Pepsi has capitalized on this industry.

If there’s a drink option out there, chances are Pepsi makes it.

Water by Pepsi

When bottle water became popular, Pepsi also wisely entered that market as well.

They produce Aquafina, and it is a leader in the bottled water industry.

Pepsi also produces Bubly, which is advertised and supported by Michael Buble, its new product in the sparkling water industry.

Capitalizing on the new trend towards health food and drinking water, Bubly offers consumers a flavored sparkling water option, which is available in many different flavorful options.

Pepsi anticipates this sparkling water to grow into another of its $1 billion industries.

Food by PepsiCo

Not satisfied with dominating the beverage industry, Pepsi has also branched into the food market as well.

They own and produce products like these.
  • Doritos – Doritos is owned by Pepsi. As Pepsi moved into the snack industry, Doritos was one of their first purchases.
  • Tostitos – Tostitos, also owned by Pepsi, is another key player in the snack industry. And, for years they helped to market the Pepsi brand by sponsoring the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.
  • Fritos – Pepsi owns Frito Lay, and they make a variety of snacks like Fritos and Lay’s potato chips. Frito Lay makes over 1,100 snack options.

With tentacles in both the food and beverage industries, Pepsi is well-suited to be a dominant force for years and decades to come.

New Drink – Pepsi Café

In December 2019
, Pepsi announced it is coming out with a new drink. Coming out in April 2020,

Pepsi is releasing a drink that is a combination of coffee and Pepsi, for when you really need an extra jolt of caffeine in the morning.

This product will be available in an original flavor as well as in a vanilla flavor. It will have twice the amount of caffeine as a can of Pepsi, so it will help get you going in the morning.

Perhaps Pepsi has cornered a new market, and this will be a new best-selling product.


pepsi cola sponsorship mural

The Pepsi brand is proud to be a part of several sponsorships.

Since 2002, Pepsi has partnered with the large industry that is football and has sponsored the National Football League.

They also sponsor several individual players such as Russell Wilson.

NASCAR and Major League Baseball are also sponsored by Pepsi, so you will see Pepsi products for sale at major sporting events all over the United States.

Internationally, Pepsi sponsors the UEFA Champions League and the International Cricket Council, which has helped them increase their footprint and become a worldwide global leader in the food and beverage industries.

Star Power

Several superstars have teamed up with Pepsi to do ads, including:
  • Britney Spears
  • Beyoncé
  • Janet Jackson
  • Madonna
  • Michael Jackson
  • Sofia Vergara – in fact, while you may know this actress from her famous role on Modern Family, her ad with Pepsi when she was 17 is what made her famous. Without modeling for Pepsi, the world might not know who Sofia Vergara is.

Pepsi has never had a problem getting starts to perform in their commercials, and they’ve had quite a few memorable Super Bowl ads as well.

Pepsi has always led strong marketing campaigns, which has set them up for financial success.

Pepsi’s Top Competitor

It’s no secret that Pepsi’s chief competition is Coca-Cola.

Their rivalry dates back so long and is so famous that it was even featured in Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” with a line about “Coca-Cola wars.”

Between Coke and Pepsi, the two brands own almost every snack and soda you see at your local supermarket.

The prime difference between the two colas is that Coke has more sodium and Pepsi has more sugar.

Facts about Pepsi

old pepsi cola soda bottles

Here are some facts about Pepsi that you might not know.
  • It was originally called Brad’s Drink. It was first founded in 1863 by a guy in North Carolina named Caleb Davis Bradhem. He wanted to name the drink after himself, so he originally called it “Brad’s Drink.”
  • The company almost dissolved completely because of World War I. When sugar spices priced during the war, it was almost impossible to keep the company profitable.
  • In the 100+ years Pepsi has been around, it has only used 11 different logos.

When a company has been around as long as Pepsi has, there are always going to be some obscure facts.

Pepsi also owns over 500 different patents, including on items that were never actually made, and probably never will be.

The Future of Pepsi

Pepsi actually now generates more profits from its food products than from its beverage products. From a business perspective, Pepsi has been paying dividends to its stock owners for 43 straight years.

22 different brands within the Pepsi name generate more than $1 billion in sales each and every year.

Overall, Pepsi is valued at over $100 billion. Needless to say, the future for Pepsi is bright, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Pepsi dominates the soft drink industry.

Pepsi also has a huge presence in the snack food industry and owns many different products.

With such a huge worldwide footprint and international superstars advertising for them, Pepsi brands will be a successful company for decades to come, especially since they have figured out how to react to current trends and position themselves in new markets like sparkling water.