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Tropicana Products

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**History and Ownership:**
– Founded in 1947 by Anthony T. Rossi in Bradenton, Florida.
– Became a subsidiary of PepsiCo between 1998 and 2021.
– 61% of Tropicana was sold to PAI Partners in August 2021 for $3.3 billion.
– Tropicana’s parent companies are PAI Partners (61%) and PepsiCo (39%).

**Product Evolution and Innovations:**
– Developed flash pasteurization in 1954 for juice preservation.
– Introduced Tropicana Pure Premium in 1957.
– Created a trademarked cartoon mascot named Tropic-Ana.
– Introduced Tropicana Pure Premium HomeStyle orange juice in 1985.
– Started using a blend of Florida and Brazilian oranges in 2007.

**Expansion and Market Changes:**
– Went public in 1969 and listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
– Acquired by PepsiCo in 1998, becoming the world’s leading producer of branded fruit juices.
– Tropicana headquarters moved to Chicago in 2003.
– Introduced Trop50 in 2009, a product with 50% less sugar and calories.
– Adjusted carton sizes in 2010 and 2018 to adapt to market conditions.

**Strategic Business Moves:**
– Sold a majority stake to PAI Partners in 2021 for $3.3 billion to focus on healthy snack foods and zero-calorie beverages.
PepsiCo retained a 39% stake in the new joint-venture company.
– Exclusive distribution rights to the brands in the USA were part of the agreement.
– Initiated the Rescue Rainforest campaign to save rainforest areas.
– Supported the Sustainable Forestry Initiative for environmental efforts.

**Product Diversity and Initiatives:**
– Produces fruit-flavored soft drinks like Tropicana Twister Soda.
– Introduced innovative products like Tropolis and Tropicana Crunch.
– Focused on reducing the carbon footprint and promoting carton recycling.
– Collaborated with Cool Earth for the Rescue Rainforest campaign.
– Offered Trop50 with various flavors like Farmstand Apple and Pomegranate Blueberry.

Tropicana Products (Wikipedia)

Tropicana Brands (/trɒpɪˈkænə/) is an American fruit-based beverage company. It was founded in 1947 by Anthony T. Rossi in Bradenton, Florida. Between 1998 and 2021 it was a subsidiary of PepsiCo. In August 2021, 61% of Tropicana was sold along with the rest of PepsiCo's juice brand portfolio for $3.3 billion to PAI Partners. PepsiCo retained the remaining 39% of the companies ownership.

Tropicana Brands Group
Company typeSubsidiary
Founded1947; 77 years ago (1947)
FounderAnthony T. Rossi
HeadquartersChicago, Illinois, United States
ProductsFruit juice
ParentPAI Partners (61%)
PepsiCo (39%)
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