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**Types of Cartons:**
– Folding cartons made from paperboard suitable for various products.
– Tray styles with a solid bottom shipped flat for assembly.
– Egg cartons made from molded pulp, expanded polystyrene, or PET.
– Aseptic cartons for liquids fabricated from laminates of liquid packaging board, foil, and polyethylene.
– Perga cartons patented in 1932 as leak-proof cans.

**Packaging History:**
– Commercial cardboard box production began in England in 1817.
– Robert Gair created the first automatically made carton in the 1870s.
– National Biscuit Company first used cartons for packaging crackers in 1896.
– G. W. Maxwell developed the first paper milk carton in the early 1900s.
– Various innovations in milk carton design occurred in the early to mid-1900s.

**Shape and Design:**
– Cartons commonly cuboid but can lack right angles or straight edges.
– Unique shapes like tetrahedral available for specialty items.
– Some cartons have hexagonal or octagonal cross sections.
– Squrounds used for ice cream packaging.
– Different shapes cater to specific product requirements.

**Materials and Varieties:**
– Cartons made from paperboard, duplex, white kraft, recycled plastics, and various composites.
– Some materials food-grade for direct contact with foods.
– Paperboard can be waxed or coated with polyethylene for moisture resistance.
– Various wax paper cartons available for sale.
– Choice of material depends on the product’s needs.

**Consumer Engagement and Marketing:**
– Milk-carton ads used to build strong brands.
– Cartons utilized for various food and beverage products.
– Consumer favorite packaging for over a century.
– Best chocolate drinks often packaged in cartons.
– Packaging designers explore patterns for carton designs.

Carton (Wikipedia)

A carton is a box or container usually made of liquid packaging board, paperboard and sometimes of corrugated fiberboard. Many types of cartons are used in packaging. Sometimes a carton is also called a box.

Examples of several types of cartons for different products
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