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How To Make Orange Juice Without A Juicer?

How To Make Orange Juice Without A Juicer

Making a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice is one of life’s simple pleasures.

But what if you don’t have a juicer to hand? 

Don’t worry – making delicious homemade orange juice without breaking the bank on expensive kitchen equipment is possible!

In this article, I will show you how to make tasty orange juice without having a juicer.

First, let me explain why squeezing oranges by hand is an underrated skill. 

Not only does it save money, but using nothing more than your bare hands also helps bring out the natural sweetness and flavor of the fruit. 

You can even add some extra ingredients like honey or cinnamon for added zing – something that most store-bought brands won’t offer!

Finally, making orange juice without a juicer isn’t as difficult as you might think. 

It takes little time and effort so anyone can do it at home

Plus, all the necessary items are probably already in your kitchen cupboards! 

So what are we waiting for? 

Let’s get started!

You can make orange juice without a juicer in several different ways.

One easy method is using a blender or food processor with peeled ripe oranges, a little water, and some sugar for sweetness.

Another great option is to microwave the oranges for 45-60 seconds, then manually press out the juice with your hands into a cup or bowl.

Lastly, if you have a garlic press or potato ricer, you can use those tools to extract the juice from halved peeled oranges for an even more pure juice experience.

Use A Hand-Held Citrus Reamer

Method 2 Use A Hand-held Citrus Reamer


A hand-held citrus reamer is a great way to make fresh orange juice without a juicer. This device lets you extract the juices from citrus fruits, including oranges, lemons, and limes. 

It works the same way as manually squeezing your oranges – insert one wedge at a time onto the reamer before applying pressure with downward strokes until all of the juices have been extracted.

When making orange juice with this method, choosing ripe fruit for optimal flavor is essential. For an extra sweet treat, try using blood oranges! 

These unique varieties are slightly sweeter than regular oranges and can be found in many grocery stores during winter months. 

To start creating your homemade orange juice recipe, you only need some ripe citrus fruits and a good quality hand-held reamer!

The result will be freshly squeezed juice that tastes better than anything from a bottle or carton

With so many options availing healthy drinks like orange juice at home, there’s no reason not to try it!

Your taste buds won’t regret it!

Tabletop Citrus Reamer

Method 3 Tabletop Citrus Reamer

If you’re looking for a more hands-off approach to making fresh orange juice without a juicer, then using a tabletop citrus reamer might be the solution. 

This type of device is designed to quickly and efficiently extract juices from any kind of citrus fruit like oranges, lemons, or limes with minimal effort on your part.

Place one wedge at a time onto the reamer before twisting it around until all the juice has been extracted.

Tabletop citrus reamers are great because they can quickly produce large quantities of freshly squeezed juice

Plus, since most models come with an adjustable pulp control setting, you can decide how much pulp goes into your drink – perfect if you want that extra bit of fiber! 

And just like other methods to make homemade orange juice, it’s essential to choose ripe fruit for optimal flavor.

With this method, there’s no need to worry about peeling and squeezing each piece of fruit – toss them into the chute and twist away!

Citrus Squeezer Or Hand Press

Method 4 Citrus Squeezer Or Hand Press

A citrus squeezer or hand press may be the perfect option for those looking for an even faster way to make orange juice without a juicer. 

Both of these devices are designed to quickly and easily extract juice from any citrus fruit with minimal effort on your part. 

Place one piece of fruit into the chamber before squeezing or pressing down until all the liquid has been released.

Citrus squeezers and hand presses offer many advantages over traditional methods, such as producing large quantities in no time. 

Plus, since they come with adjustable pulp control settings, you can decide how much fiber goes into your drink – ideal if you’re looking for that extra nutrition! 

And just like other methods to make homemade orange juice, it’s essential to choose ripe fruits for optimal flavor.

So when you’re pressed for time but still want fresh-squeezed orange juice, having a citrus squeezer or hand press around makes it easy to whip up delicious batches in minutes. 

With this method, there’s no need to worry about peeling and slicing each piece of fruit – throw them into the chute and squeeze away!

Cutting With A Knife

Method 5 Cutting With A Knife

Cutting with a knife will do the trick if you’re looking for a more traditional way to make orange juice without a juicer. 

This method may take time and effort, but it can still produce delicious results if done correctly.

Start by washing each piece of fruit before slicing them into halves or quarters – whichever size you find easiest to handle. 

Then use your kitchen gadgets such as a grater, zester, or spoon to remove any remaining pulp from the fleshy parts of the oranges. 

Once this step has been completed, add all the pieces into a cup of water and mash together until no large chunks are left in sight.

Finally, if desired, strain any seeds that have fallen off during mashing and sweeten them with natural sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup.

You now have freshly squeezed homemade orange juice ready to enjoy! 

Whether you drink it plain or mix it with other ingredients like berries and yogurt, this method ensures an easy-to-make yet tasty beverage.


In conclusion, making orange juice without a juicer is possible. 

You only need some oranges and simple kitchen tools like knives or reamers. 

It’s incredible how easy it can be to make fresh-squeezed orange juice from scratch!

On average, Americans drink almost 5 gallons of orange juice per year. 

That’s an incredible amount of fluid made from squeezing oranges by hand! 

You don’t have to own a juicer to enjoy delicious homemade OJ anytime you please – all you need are readily available ingredients and the right tools.

Making your orange juice isn’t only cost-effective and provides nutritional benefits that store-bought juices often lack due to added sugars and preservatives. 

So why not try making your homemade orange juice today? 

With these tips, I’m sure you’ll find it easier than ever before!