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Dole plc

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**Company History and Evolution:**
– Dole plc has a rich history dating back to the establishment of Castle & Cooke in 1851.
– The Hawaiian Pineapple Company, founded in 1901 by James Drummond Dole, played a significant role in the company’s growth.
– Dole expanded through acquisitions, including the purchase of Lanai island in 1922 and the merger with Standard Fruit in 1968.
– The separation from Castle & Cooke in 1996 marked a new phase of expansion for Dole, including acquisitions of other food companies.
– The company faced financial struggles in the early 2000s but was rescued by David H. Murdock in 2003.

**Operational Overview and Reach:**
– Dole is a major player in the produce industry, particularly in Europe, with a strong presence in countries like Ireland, Spain, and Denmark.
– The company has a diverse portfolio, including fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, and packaged food products.
– Dole’s operations span across 109,000 acres of farmland, 13 cargo vessels, five manufacturing plants, 75 packing houses, and 160 distribution centers.
– The company is vertically integrated, with plantations in Central America and a focus on quality and safety in its production processes.

**Leadership and Headquarters:**
– As of 2021, Dole plc is led by CEO Rory Byrne, chairman Carl McCann, and COO Johan Lindén.
– Following a merger with Total Produce, Dole plc has its world headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, and US headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.
– The company’s management team plays a crucial role in steering Dole’s operations and strategic direction.

**Product Range and Partnerships:**
– Dole offers a wide range of fresh produce, including bananas, pineapples, salads, and vegetables.
– The company has brand licensing agreements with entities like The Walt Disney Company and Pepsico for branded fruits, vegetables, and beverages.
– Dole focuses on providing healthy and sustainable options to consumers, emphasizing quality and freshness in its products.

**Financial Performance and Market Presence:**
– Dole plc generates annual revenues exceeding $4 billion and was publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange before being acquired by Total Produce in 2018.
– The company faced challenges related to food safety controversies, including recalls and lawsuits, impacting its market reputation.
– Dole’s market impact includes strategies for operational efficiency, product diversification, and efforts to regain consumer trust post-recalls, leading to stock fluctuations post-IPO.

Dole plc (Wikipedia)

Dole plc (previously named Dole Food Company and Standard Fruit Company) is an Irish-American agricultural multinational corporation headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The company is among the world's largest producers of fruit and vegetables, operating with 38,500 full-time and seasonal employees who supply some 300 products in 75 countries. Dole reported 2021 revenues of $6.5 billion.

Dole plc
Company typePublic
FoundedJune 2, 1851; 172 years ago (1851-06-02)
Kingdom of Hawaii
FounderSamuel Northrup Castle
Amos Starr Cooke
James Dole
Key people
Carl McCann (Chairman)
Rory Byrne (CEO)
Johan Lindén (COO)
Other food products
RevenueUS$6.5 billion (2021)
$349.1 million (2021)
Number of employees
Dole-branded pineapples

As of 2021, the company had approximately 250 processing plants and distribution centers worldwide in addition to 109,000 acres (44,000 ha) of farmland and real estate. The company operates through four segments: Fresh Fruit (bananas and pineapples; about 35% of 2020 revenues); Diversified Fresh Produce in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; Diversified Fresh Produce in the Americas and other world regions (combined 37% of 2020 revenues); and Fresh Vegetables (29% of 2020 revenues). Dole grows and markets bananas, pineapples, grapes, berries, deciduous and citrus fruits, and vegetable salads. Dole operates a 13-vessel shipping line for importing its produce and exporting third-party goods to Latin America.

The multinational company PepsiCo sells bottled fruit beverages under license using the Dole brand. Dole has a comarketing agreement with The Walt Disney Company to encourage the public, including children, to consume fruits and vegetables.

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