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– Information:
– Tropolis is a fruit purée introduced by Tropicana Products in 2010.
– It is an 80-calorie fruit puree sold in pouches.
– Target audience is mothers and children.
– Initially rolled out in the Midwest as a trial market.
– Developed in collaboration with mothers and children to ensure a suitable texture.

– Criticism:
– Criticized by nutrition professor Marion Nestle for high sugar content.
– A Penny Arcade comic strip mocked the product.
– Nestle suggested that children are better off eating whole fruits.
– Product’s fruit concentrates are highlighted as sugary.
– Criticisms regarding the healthiness of Tropolis were raised.

– References:
– Valeria Bauerlin’s article in The Wall Street Journal discusses PepsiCo’s challenge with Tropolis.
– Penny Arcade comics provided satirical commentary on Tropolis.
– Multiple sources referenced in the article.
– Articles from various sources discussing Tropolis.
– References include publications like The Wall Street Journal and Penny Arcade.

– Ownership:
– Tropolis is owned by PepsiCo.
– Produced by Tropicana Products.
– Introduced as part of PepsiCo’s good-for-you portfolio.
– Part of an initiative to incorporate more fruit into children’s diets.
PepsiCo’s CEO, Indra Nooyi, sees a market for snackifying drinks.

– Production and Launch:
– Tropolis was introduced in 2010 by Tropicana Products.
– Limited circulation began in January 2011.
– Full circulation started in 2012.
– Developed without the use of gums or starches.
– Aims to increase fruit consumption among children.

Tropolis (Wikipedia)

Tropolis is a fruit purée that was introduced by Tropicana Products in 2010. It began limited circulation in late January 2011 with full circulation occurring in 2012.

Product typeFruit purée
Produced byTropicana Products
Introduced2010; 14 years ago (2010)
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