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Marbo Product

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– History:
– Marbo Product founded on April 16, 1995, by Serbian businessmen Andrej Jovanović and Bojan Milovanović.
– Initially had a factory in Maglić near Novi Sad.
– Opened a factory in Laktaši, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2000 (closed in 2021).
– Emerged as a leader in the Serbian potato chip and snack food market.
– Acquired by PepsiCo in August 2008 for €210 million.

– Facilities and Distribution:
– As of 2008, Marbo Product has facilities and distributive centers in multiple countries in the region.
– Countries include Kosovo, Albania, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, and North Macedonia.
– Expanded presence in the snack food market through various facilities.
– Contributed to the regional distribution network.
– Enhanced market reach through strategic locations.

– References:
– Financial statements for Marbo Product in 2018 are available.
– Acquisition of Marbo Product by PepsiCo in 2008 is documented.
– Relevant articles and sources provide insight into the company’s history and acquisitions.
– Information on the company’s financial performance and ownership changes.
– Serbian and international media coverage on Marbo Product.

– Corporate Transition:
– Transitioned from a local business to a multinational corporation.
– Acquisition by PepsiCo marked a significant turning point.
– Integration into PepsiCo’s global network boosted market presence.
– Transition impacted company operations and market strategies.
– Corporate culture and product offerings evolved post-acquisition.

– Impact and Legacy:
– Marbo Product’s legacy includes pioneering work in the snack food industry.
– Contribution to the regional economy through employment and production.
– Influence on the Serbian food industry and market trends.
PepsiCo’s acquisition reshaped the competitive landscape.
– Enduring impact on the snack food market in the region.

Marbo Product (Wikipedia)

44°48′35.5″N 20°24′14.8″E / 44.809861°N 20.404111°E / 44.809861; 20.404111

Marbo Product d.o.o
Native name
Марбо продукт
Company typeSubsidiary
Founded16 April 1995; 28 years ago (1995-04-16)
Đorđa Stanojevića 14, Belgrade
Area served
Southeast Europe
Key people
Nenad Miščević (Director)
ProductsSnack foods
BrandsChipsy, Clipsy, Pardon, GUD
RevenueIncrease 104.99 million (2018)
Increase €6.96 million (2018)
Total assetsDecrease €54.03 million (2018)
Total equityDecrease €36.70 million (2018)
Number of employees
982 (2018)

Marbo Product (Serbian: Марбо продукт / Marbo produkt) is a Serbian subsidiary of PepsiCo that manufactures, markets, and sells potato chips, and other snack foods. Its headquarters is in Belgrade, Serbia. Some of their brands are Chipsy, Clipsy, GUD and Pardon.

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