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– **History:**
– Founded in Liberty NY
– Launched as a snack line for Medora Snacks (Ideal Snacks) in 2010 or earlier
– Acquired by Pepsi in Dec 2019

– **Advertising:**
– Noted for an advertisement during Super Bowl LVII
– Advertisement was a spoof of Breaking Bad

– **References:**
– POPCORNERS Trademark of Medora Snacks, LLC
PepsiCo acquired BFY Brands
– Bryan Cranston Talks PopCorners Super Bowl Ad, Breaking Bad, And More
– See Walter White and Jesse Pinkman cooking in PopCorners Super Bowl LVII ad

– **Brands and Partnerships:**
Honey Ohs!
– Loft, Inc.
North American Van Lines
Wilson Sporting Goods
Yum! Brands (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell)

– **Miscellaneous Information:**
– Produced under a partnership with Ekaterra
– Distributed globally
– 49% owned
– Fruit juices under license
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PopCorners (Wikipedia)

PopCorners is an American snack brand owned by PepsiCo.

ProductsPopcorn-based snacks
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