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Simba (South African company)

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– **History**:
– Company founded in 1939 by Elizabeth Ann Greyvensteyn
– Received R3,000 loan in 1940 for business expansion
– Andre Greyvensteyn joined in 1945
– Originally sold as Uitspan and Outspan Rusks, later renamed Ouma Rusks
– Rusk business sold in the 1970s

– **Expansion**:
– Andre Greyvensteyn started chip business in 1955
– Became Simba chairperson in 1960
– Company diversified into chips after America tour
– Ouma Rusks became a popular snack in South Africa
– Chip business grew under Andre’s leadership

– **Legacy**:
– Ouma Rusks remains a beloved South African brand
– Simba’s expansion led to international recognition
– Company’s roots in family recipes and entrepreneurship
– Andre Greyvensteyn’s leadership pivotal to Simba’s success
– Ouma Nannie’s vision transformed into a thriving business

– **References**:
– Articles on the history and success of Ouma Rusks
– Marketing Site and TimesLIVE as key sources
– Panorama’s coverage of Simba’s recipe for success
– Loft, Inc. and North American Van Lines references
– Notable individuals associated with Simba and its brands

– **Industry Impact**:
– Simba’s success story inspires other food businesses
– Relationship with Fedfood and other companies shaped industry
– Ouma Rusks and Simba chips are iconic South African snacks
– Simba’s journey reflects evolution of South African food industry
– Company’s growth and diversification influenced snack market trends

Simba (Pty) Ltd. (commonly referred to as Simba) is a South African snack food manufacturer mainly operating in South Africa. It was founded in 1957 by Leon Greyvensteyn, and acquired by PepsiCo in 1999. It is best known for manufacturing potato and maize-based snack foods. They hold 63 percent of the South African crisps market.

Simba (Pty) Ltd.
Company typeSubsidiary
Founded1957; 67 years ago (1957) in Gauteng, South Africa
FounderLeon Greyvensteyn
Area served
Southern Africa
ProductsSnack food
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