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– **History**:
– Founded in 1995 by Lithuanian businessmen Ihor Bezzub and Raymondas Tumenas.
– Startup capital provided to Serhiy Sypko, a lecturer at Mykolaiv University of Shipbuilding.
– Production commenced in 1996.
– Puree and semi-finished product production launched in 2000.

– **Key Figures**:
Caleb Bradham (founder).
Indra Nooyi (chairman).
Ramon Laguarta (CEO).
– Robert E. Allen.
– Leonard v. Pepsico, Inc.

– **Partnerships**:
– Produced under a partnership with Ekaterra.
– Distribution outside the U.S.
– 49% ownership in certain ventures.
– Fruit juices produced under license agreements.

– **Related Companies**:
– Loft, Inc.
North American Van Lines.
Wilson Sporting Goods.
Yum! Brands.
KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell.

– **References**:
– Sandora sale – company’s official statement (2007).
– Proekt Ahrarnoho Marketynhu.
– Раймондас Туменас: Біографія, досьє, фото Раймондас Туменас.
PepsiCo in Ukraine.
– Forbes Ukraine article.

Sandora (Wikipedia)

Sandora LLC (Ukrainian: Сандора) is a Ukrainian juice company based in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. Founded in 1995, the company currently holds a 47 percent share of the Ukrainian juice market. In September 2007, American-based PepsiCo, Inc. purchased 80 percent ownership of Sandora's company holdings. In November 2007, PepsiAmericas, Inc. and PepsiCo, Inc. jointly acquired the remaining 20% of Sandora. PepsiAmericas held a 60% interest in Sandora, and PepsiCo held 40% interest in Sandora. PepsiCo acquired PepsiAmericas in 2010 and took full ownership of Sandora.

Sandora LLC
Native name
Company typeLLC
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