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Ramon Laguarta

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– Laguarta graduated from ESADE Business School in Barcelona in 1985 with bachelors and masters degrees in business administration.
– In 1986, he obtained a masters degree in international management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

– Before PepsiCo, Laguarta worked at Chupa Chups, a candy company in Spain.
– He joined PepsiCo in January 1996.
– Laguarta’s roles at PepsiCo included CEO of Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.
– He led the acquisition of Wimm-Bill-Dann in 2010, a $5.4 billion deal.
– Laguarta became President of PepsiCo in September 2017 and CEO in August 2018.

Leadership at PepsiCo:
– Laguarta established priorities for PepsiCo: accelerating organic revenue growth, strengthening the company, and enhancing sustainability.
– He focuses on building a more sustainable food system.
– Initiatives include reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making packaging recyclable.
– Laguarta led PepsiCo’s acquisition of SodaStream to reduce plastic waste.
– He serves on the PepsiCo Board of Directors and as Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Food Systems Initiative.

Personal Life:
– Laguarta is multilingual, speaking Catalan, English, Spanish, French, German, and Greek.
– He is married and has three children.

– Sources for information on Ramon Laguarta include articles from various publications like the Wall Street Journal and Fortune.
– He is also cited in reports from Thunderbird School of Global Management and the World Economic Forum.
– Laguarta’s career progression at PepsiCo and his sustainability efforts are well-documented.
– His roles, achievements, and initiatives are extensively covered in business news sources.
– Laguarta’s leadership style and strategic direction for PepsiCo are highlighted in various publications.

Ramon Laguarta (Wikipedia)

Ramon Laguarta (born 1963 in Barcelona, Spain) is a Spanish businessman who is the chairman and chief executive officer of PepsiCo. He became CEO on 3 October 2018 after Indra Nooyi stepped down. He is the sixth CEO in the company's history and the first Spanish CEO of a large American multinational company.

Ramon Laguarta
Born1963 (age 60–61)
Barcelona, Spain
EducationESADE (BBA, MBA)
Arizona State University, Phoenix (MS)
TitleCEO of PepsiCo
PredecessorIndra Nooyi
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