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Brisk (drink)

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– Brisk originally contained around 44 grams of sugars per 16-ounce can.
– After reformulation with sucralose, sugar content reduced by about half in most varieties.
Lipton’s old slogan was the brisk tea.
– Brisk is famous for its Thats Brisk, baby! campaigns featuring claymation pop-culture icons.
– In 2010, Lipton Brisk expanded its product line and lowered prices to compete with Arizona Beverage Company.

PepsiCo used Yoda to promote Brisk Tea.
– Unilever sold its Tea business, ekaterra, to CVC Capital Partners Fund VIII for €4.5bn.
PepsiCo had three brands reach the $1 trillion mark.
– Mother Jones discusses how a former dentist influenced the sugar industry.
– Various news agencies and brands are associated with Brisk and PepsiCo.

– Brisk’s marketing campaign features exhausted celebrities reinvigorated by drinking Brisk.
– J. Walter Thompson and Mekanism were involved in creating the iconic Brisk commercials.
– The advertisements featured celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Babe Ruth, and Eminem.
– Brisk offers a wide range of flavors including lemon, raspberry, and green tea with mango dragonfruit.
– The brand expanded its product line and lowered prices to compete in the market.

– Brisk offers lemon iced tea, raspberry iced tea, sweet tea, and peach green tea.
– Other flavors include green tea with mango dragonfruit, fusion iced tea with lemonade, and honey and ginseng iced tea.
– Fusion white tea with pink lemonade, strawberry melon, fruit punch, lemonade, and diet lemonade are also available.
– The brand has a variety of options to cater to different consumer preferences.
– Brisk’s product range includes both traditional and unique flavor combinations.

– Brisk is produced under a partnership with Ekaterra.
– The brand has collaborations with various companies and agencies.
PepsiCo, the parent company, has partnerships with Loft, Inc., North American Van Lines, and Wilson Sporting Goods.
– Other partnerships include Yum! Brands, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell.
– Notable figures associated with PepsiCo include founder Caleb Bradham, chairman Indra Nooyi, and CEO Ramon Laguarta.

Brisk (drink) (Wikipedia)

Brisk is a tea and juice brand managed by the Pepsi Lipton Partnership, a joint venture founded in 1991 between PepsiCo and Unilever until November 2021 when private equity company CVC Capital Partners purchased Unilever's tea unit, Ekaterra, and its interests in the venture. In 2012, PepsiCo announced Brisk had surpassed $1 billion in annual revenue, making it one of the 22 billion-dollar PepsiCo brands.

Iced tea and watermelon lemonade (left) and lemon iced tea (right)
Product typeIced tea
Introduced1991; 33 years ago (1991)
MarketsNorth America
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