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Kas (drink)

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– Brand roots traced back to 1870 with La Esperanza beer factory
– Román Knorr Ortiz started El As soda business in the 1920s
– Kas, the first flavored soda in Spain, created in 1956
– Expansion in the 1960s with new products like Kascol and BitterKas
– Sponsored cycling and Spain national football team in 1982 FIFA World Cup

– 24 Horas Kas campaign in the mid-1990s with a catchy jingle
– Chica Kas featured in the campaign
– Kas grapefruit launched in Mexico to compete with Fresca
– Successful adaptation of the campaign in the Mexican market
– Rebranding to Kas Mas in 2006

Other markets:
– Kas popular in southwestern France, often mixed with gin or vodka
– Introduction in the Dominican Republic by Supermercados Iberia
– Attempt to enter the Brazilian market with guarana-derived flavors
– Production ended shortly after launch in Brazil
– Orange, lemon, and apple flavors never available in Brazil

Pepsi acquisition:
– Acquired by Pepsi in 1991
– Extension into diet soft drinks and juices
– Commercialization of Kas products in the Spanish market
Mirinda brand used for global marketing
– Partnership with Ekaterra for fruit juices

– Part of PepsiCo soft drinks
– Belongs to PepsiCo brands
– Associated with Spanish cuisine
– Introduced in 1956
– Categorized as soft drinks

Kas (drink) (Wikipedia)

Kas is the brand name of a soft drink produced by PepsiCo. It is made in grapefruit, orange (yellow), lemon (greenish-yellow), bitter (herbal extracts), and apple flavors. Kasfruit juices are also offered in multiple flavors. Kas is available in Spain, Mexico, Dominican Republic and France, and was available in Portugal, Brazil and Argentina during the 1990s.

Product typeSoft drink
OwnerPepsiCo (1991–pres.)
Introduced1956; 68 years ago (1956)
Previous ownersEl As (1956–91)

It is part of a beverage area often referred to as the flavor segment, fruit-flavored beverages which may be carbonated.

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