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Duke and Sons

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– History:
– Duke and Sons founded by Dinshawji Cooverji Pandole, named after a cricket ball manufacturing company, Duke & Sons.
– Manufactured Tango, Raspberry, Ginger, Pineapple, Lemonade, and Mangola drinks under Dukes brand.
– Pandole family ran the company until 1994 when sold to PepsiCo with 55% market share in Mumbai and Maharashtra.
– Started with lemonade production in Byculla and Khetwadi areas, later expanding distribution with Ford trucks.
– Dukes survived Coca-Cola competition in the 1950s with Mangola launch and had popular drinks like Gingerade and Raspberry.

– Products:
– Dukes Mangola is a mango-flavored drink marketed by PepsiCo in India.
– Launched in the 1950s to counter Coca-Cola, Mangola remained a market leader in western India.
– Dukes Lemonade, a lemon-based aerated drink, has been marketed in India since 1889.
Pepsico phased out most Dukes drinks in 2004 but retained Lemonade and Mangola.
Lemonade was popular in Irani cafes and as a mixer for alcoholic drinks.

– Controversies:
– In 2005, a sealed bottle of Dukes Lemonade contained a hair clip, raising concerns.
– Indian authorities found high pesticide levels in leading cola brands, including Dukes Lemonade in 2006.

– References:
– Reed, Sir Stanley’s “The Times of India directory and year book including who’s who” in 1972.
– Ratan Tata was noted as the richest Parsi in India in The Economic Times in 2002.
– Various articles and journals cited the sale, relaunch, and history of Dukes beverages by PepsiCo.

– Other:
PepsiCo sold the defunct Dukes plant in Chembur for about Rs170 crore in 2017.
– Various books and publications like “Entrepreneurship and religion” and “Changing face of processed food industry in India” reference Dukes and its impact.
– Dukes beverages were relaunched with new flavors and packaging by PepsiCo in 2011.

Duke and Sons (Wikipedia)

Duke and Sons Pvt. Ltd was an Indian manufacturing company based in Bombay. Established in 1889, Duke produced and marketed soft drinks. It was originally owned by the Pandole family, a well-known Parsi business name. In 1994, the company was acquired by Pepsi, which relaunched the Duke's brand in 2011 through its Indian subsidiary.

Duke and Sons Pvt. Ltd
Company typePrivate
FounderDinshawji Pandole
Defunct1994; 30 years ago (1994)
FateAcquired by PepsiCo in 1994, became a brand
ProductsSoft drinks
BrandsDuke's Lemonade
Duke's Mangola
OwnerPandole family (1889–1994)
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