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**History and Development:**
– Founded by Thomas Lipton in 1890.
– Merged with other companies in 1929.
– Purchased tea gardens in Sri Lanka.
– Acquired by Unilever in 1938.
– Joint ventures with PepsiCo started in 1991.
– Unilever bought the global business in 1972.
– Joint ventures with PepsiCo expanded in 2007.
– Faced a product recall in 2008 due to melamine.
– Unilever stopped animal testing for products in 2011.

**Product Range:**
– Lipton produces instant soup mixes.
– Lipton teas are blended from various plantations worldwide.
– Offers different tea varieties and ready-to-drink beverages.
– Lipton Iced Tea available in various flavors.
– Lipton Pyramid Tea in tetrahedral bag format.
– Pure Leaf, a premium tea brand under Lipton.

**Brands and Products:**
– Main brands are Lipton Yellow Label and Lipton Iced Tea.
– Lipton Yellow Label sold since 1890 in 150 countries.
– Lipton Iced Tea distributed in North America.
– Lipton Brisk is a joint venture brand with PepsiCo.
– Lipton Clear and Pure Leaf are other brand variants.

**Global Presence and Marketing:**
– Available in over 110 countries.
– Popular in Europe, North America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australasia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.
– Marketing efforts include sponsorships and campaigns.
– Notably featured in Night of the Living Dead and The Muppets commercials.
– Marketing campaigns to change negative perceptions and promote summer themes.

**Controversies and Special Locations:**
– High pesticide levels found in Lipton tea in China in 2011.
– Unilever responded by clearing affected products.
– Lipton’s Seat in Sri Lanka, near the Dambatenne Tea Factory.
– Observation point offering views of Uva, Sabaragamuywa, and Central provinces.
– Withdrawal from the Russian market due to geopolitical reasons.

Lipton (Wikipedia)

Lipton is a British brand of tea, soup, and dipping sauce, owned by Lipton Teas and Infusions. Lipton was also the name of a supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, owned by Allied Suppliers, which was sold to Argyll Foods in 1982, after which the brand was used only for tea, soup, and dipping sauce. The company, which is named after its founder, Sir Thomas Lipton, who started the business it in 1890, was owned by Unilever for many decades until its sale to CVC Capital Partners in 2022. Lipton’s ready to drink beverages are sold by "Pepsi Lipton International", a company jointly owned by Unilever and PepsiCo.

Product typeTea, soup, dipping sauce
CountryUnited Kingdom
Introduced1890; 134 years ago (1890)
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