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– History:
– Original Munchos were marketed as thicker potato snacks.
– Current Munchos are thinner than most potato chips.
– Ingredients include dehydrated potatoes, corn/sunflower oil, and various additives.
– In 1969, a 7.25oz bag sold for 59 cents, now priced at $2.29 to $3.29.
– Munchos debuted after Pringles, resembling Pringles in shape and texture.

– 1969 ad campaign featured a high-pitched “Its MUNCHOS!” slogan.
– Commercials by Jim Henson with characters Fred and Arnold.
– Arnold’s puppet later became Cookie Monster on Sesame Street.
– Fred’s puppet transformed into Zelda Rose on The Muppet Show.
– Memorable marketing approach with recognizable characters.

– See also:
– Munchos listed in the brand name snack foods category.

– References:
– FritoLay is the producer of Munchos.
– Reviews of Munchos Potato Crisps available on Influenster.
– Munchos products are certified Kosher.
– Various other brands and related topics in the reference list.

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– Loft, Inc., North American Van Lines, Wilson Sporting Goods, Yum! Brands.
– Notable people like Caleb Bradham, Indra Nooyi, and Ramon Laguarta.
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Munchos (Wikipedia)

Munchos are a potato chip snack food manufactured from dehydrated potatoes by Frito-Lay.

Product typePotato chips
Produced byFrito-Lay
Introduced1969; 55 years ago (1969)

Munchos are somewhat similar to Lay's Stax and Pringles, which are also made from dried potatoes. Some reviews say that the chip differs in its "light and airy taste", and have a lot more of a salty texture than its more popular associate Lay's. They are also kosher.

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