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Lay’s Stax

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– Stax compared to Pringles:
– Lays Stax are heavier and thicker than Pringles.
– Stax have a simple curve shape called a hyperbolic cylinder, while Pringles have a double-curve shape known as a hyperbolic paraboloid.
– Flavoring is spread across the inside curve of Stax, while it’s on the outside curve of Pringles.
– Stax come in plastic canisters, while Pringles are in canisters made of cardboard and aluminum.
– In the UK, Stax (under the Walkers brand) are in all-cardboard cans; in China, Stax are packaged similarly to Pringles in America.

– Rebranding:
– Lays Stax in China retain their original name but are branded differently in some countries.
– In Brazil, Lays Stax are sold as Elma Chips Stax under the Elma Chips division of PepsiCo.
– Cans in Brazil have yellow lids with the Lays Stax branding seen in most regions.

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– References:
– Pringles vs Stax comparison (September 3, 2008)
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Lay’s Stax:
– Produced under a partnership with Ekaterra
– Known internationally
– Notable people associated with the brand include Caleb Bradham, Indra Nooyi, Ramon Laguarta, Robert E. Allen
– Legal cases like Leonard v. Pepsico, Inc.
– Marketing campaigns such as Pepsi-Cola sign and Pepsiman

Lay's Stax (Wikipedia)

Lay's Stax is a potato chip snack food produced by Frito-Lay, a subsidiary of PepsiCo. It was introduced in 2003 as direct competition for Procter & Gamble's (later Kellogg's in 2012 and Kellanova in 2023) Pringles.

Lay's Stax
Product typePotato chip
Produced byFrito-Lay
CountryUnited States
Introduced2003; 21 years ago (2003)
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