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– Made from rice meal, edible vegetable oil (palm oil), corn meal, gram meal, spices (such as turmeric), condiments, salt, sugar, tartaric, and E631
– Contains milk solids as one of the ingredients
– Includes natural, nature-identical, and artificial flavoring substances

Flavors in Pakistan:
– Red Chilli Jhatka
– Chutney Chaska
– Toofani Mirch
– Toofani Masala

Flavors in India:
– Masala Munch
– Kurkure Playz Puffcorn Yummy Cheez
– Chilli Chatka
– Naughty Tomato

– Initially launched in India in 1999 with Pooja Ghai as the first brand ambassador
– Launched in Tamil Media in 2008 with Simran as brand ambassador
– Advertised by celebrities like Parineeti Chopra, Kunal Kapoor, Boman Irani, Ramya Krishnan, and Farida Jalal
– Samantha Ruth Prabhu acted in Tamil and Telugu commercials in 2019
– Sara Ali Khan acted in the Hindi commercial in 2024
– Launched in Pakistan in 2007 with actresses Ayesha Omer, Hania Amir, and Iqra Aziz in commercials

PepsiCo India – Kurkure
– How PepsiCos Kurkure managed to grab and retain snack market share
– Kurkure Business In India – Spicing Up The Market
– Product Information (PDF)
– Various advertisements and campaigns featuring different brand ambassadors

Kurkure (Wikipedia)

Kurkure is an Indian and Pakistani brand of spiced crunchy puffcorn snacks made up of rice, lentil and corn, that is owned by Lays, which in turn owned by PepsiCo. It was first launched in 1999 in India. The snack is being manufactured and sold in India and in Pakistan.

Official logo
Product typeCornpuff Sticks
OwnerPepsiCo (India)
Frito-Lay (Pakistan)
CountryIndia, Pakistan (countries of origin)
Introduced1999; 25 years ago (1999) (India)
2007; 17 years ago (2007) (Pakistan)

The word Kurkure means "crunchy" in Hindi and Urdu languages.

In India, it is manufactured in Sangrur, Pune, Howrah, Sonipat, Ranga Reddy, Vaishali and Kamrup. In Pakistan, it is manufactured in Gulberg, Lahore.

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