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Miss Vickie’s

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– **History[edit]**
– Recipe originated with Vickie and Bill Kerr in New Lowell, Ontario
– Chips debuted at the 14th annual Alliston Potato Festival in 1987
– Chips quickly gained popularity and sold out
– Production and marketing from Pointe-Claire, Quebec
– Held 1% of the national market in Canada

– **References[edit]**
– Book by Julie V. Watson in 2004
– Book by Mark Kearney and Randy Ray in 2002
– Hostess Frito-Lay acquired Miss Vickies on February 1, 1993
– Various references related to the brand and acquisition
– Mention of other brands and individuals in the industry

– **Brand and Product Information**
– Miss Vickie’s is a Frito-Lay brand
– Specializes in brand name potato chips and crisps
– Canadian snack food product introduced in 1987
– Part of the Frito-Lay brands portfolio
– Initially established in 1987 in Canada

– **Ownership and Distribution**
– Hostess Frito-Lay acquired Miss Vickies in 1993
– Miss Vickie’s distributed under Frito-Lay
– Ekaterra is mentioned as a partner in production
– Brand has international distribution
Frito-Lay owns 49% of Miss Vickie’s

– **Categories and Stubs**
– Miss Vickie’s falls under Frito-Lay brands
– Classified as brand name potato chips and crisps
– Categorized as Canadian snack foods
– Product introduced in 1987
– Establishment in 1987 in Canada

Miss Vickie's (Wikipedia)

Miss Vickie's is a Canadian brand of potato chips made by Frito-Lay in the United States and Canada. The chips are kettle cooked and come in a variety of flavours. They are sold in Canada, Europe, and the United States. Originating on a farm from a recipe her mother had given to her, company co-founder Vickie "Miss Vickie" Kerr slightly altered her inherited recipe by adding peanut oil to the potato chips.

Miss Vickies
Product typePotato chips
Produced byFrito-Lay
Introduced1987; 37 years ago (1987)
MarketsNorth America, Europe
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