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Fandangos (snack)

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– **Flavors**:
– Fandangos known for traditional flavors: cheese and ham
– Limited-time flavors include: steak, pizza, barbecue, corn
– Fandangos Pipoca available in butter and barbecue flavors
– Fandoce, a sweet version, comes in chocolate and churro flavors

– **References**:
– Source: Quem é a Elma da Elma Chips?
– Source: Novo Fandangos é produzido com farinha integral
– Source: Junta que Dá Jogo: Pra quem você vai passar a bola?
– Source: Fandangos Churrasco é a Novidade da PepsiCo
– Source: FANDOCE (eu quero!)

– **Brands**:
– Loft, Inc.
North American Van Lines
Wilson Sporting Goods
Yum! Brands
KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell

– **People**:
Caleb Bradham (founder)
Indra Nooyi (chairman)
Ramon Laguarta (CEO)
– Robert E. Allen
– Leonard v. Pepsico, Inc.

– **Categories**:
– Brand name snack foods
– Products introduced in 1983
Frito-Lay brands
– Fictional scarecrows
– Food stubs

Fandangos (snack) (Wikipedia)

Fandangos is a brand of puffcorn snack made by Elma Chips, Brazilian representative of Frito-Lay and a subsidiary of PepsiCo. The snack was introduced in 1983, in corn flavor, as a shell-shaped parallel to Cheetos. It shortly became almost as popular as Cheetos with the Brazilian public. Over time, other flavors, like cheese and ham, were introduced.
In 2017, a version of the brand made with whole flour was sold.

The current Fandangos logo, used since 2008
Product typePuffcorn
OwnerPepsiCo (via Elma Chips)
WebsiteFandangos' Website

The brand's mascot is a scarecrow called Spiguy, introduced in 1993, one year before the introduction of Chester Cheetah in Brazil.

Until 2005, Spiguy was drawn more like a traditional scarecrow, wearing a straw hat. From then on, a more "teenage" look was adopted, featuring a green baseball cap.

Some materials spell the character's name as Spiggy.

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