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Paso de los Toros (drink)

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– In the 1920s, Paso de Los Toros had around 8,000 inhabitants.
– Welshman Jorge Jones and chemistry student Rómulo Mangini played key roles in the creation of Paso de los Toros.
– Mangini opened a soda factory in 1926 and developed the tonic water formula by 1929.
– Sociedad Anónima de Agua Tónica Paso de los Toros was founded in 1947.
Pepsi Cola acquired Paso de los Toros in 1955.

Acquisition by PepsiCo:
– Majority of stockholders sold shares to Pepsi Cola in 1955.
Pepsi completed the acquisition in 1961.
– Paso de los Toros plant closed in the early 1960s.
– In 2020, the abandoned factory was turned into a hotel.
PepsiCo sued the owner for trademark infringement over a new mineral water brand.

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Key People:
Caleb Bradham (founder)
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– Robert E. Allen
– Leonard v. Pepsico, Inc.

Paso de los Toros (English: Bulls' Crossing) is a Uruguayan commercial line of carbonated soft drinks named after the Uruguayan city Paso de los Toros. Originally produced by a local company owned by Rómulo Mangini, it is currently owned and marketed by PepsiCo.

Paso de los Toros
Product typeSoft drink
OwnerPepsiCo (1955–pres.)
Introducedc. 1929; 95 years ago (1929)
Previous ownersRómulo Mangini (1929–55)

Originally being a name for tonic water, Paso de los Toros was expanded into a line in itself, with the inclusion of lemon and grapefruit flavored drinks.

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