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Punica (drink)

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– Information:
– Rolf Dittmeyer founded Dittmeyers Naturrein in 1960.
– Imported orange juice from Morocco and South Africa.
– Created Valensina brand in 1967.
– Introduced Punica with orange nectar in 1976.
– Acquired by Procter & Gamble in 1984.

– Other products:
– Produced Punica Abenteuer Drink.
– Offered Punica Fruchtig & Spritzig.
– Included Punica Tea&Fruit in product line.
– Introduced Punica Saft-Limo.
– Diversified beverage lines under the brand.

– In popular culture:
– Collaborated with Shrek franchise in 2016.
– Partnered with Madagascar franchise.
– Teamed up with Smurfs: The Lost Village in 2017.
– Collaborated with the film, Early Man in 2018.
– Engaged in various entertainment collaborations.

– References:
– Punica Classic website.
– Article on Punica’s discontinuation by Pepsi.
– article on Punica’s comeback.
– T-online article on Punica’s iconic advertising.
– Stern article on Punica’s legacy.

– Corporate history:
– Purchased by JW Childs in 2004.
– Acquired by PepsiCo in 2005.
– Re-designed by Pepsi in 2019.
– Sold to PAI Partners in 2021.
– Discontinued by PAI Partners in September 2022.

Punica (drink) (Wikipedia)

Punica is a German carbonated soft drink produced by PepsiCo. that was created by Marke der Dittmeyer GmbH and sold from 1977 to 2022.

TypeSoft Drink
Country of origin Germany
FlavorTropical fruit, pink banana, fruity red, melon tropic, tropical fruits, sweet cherry Edit this on Wikidata

It is set to return to the stores in April 2024.

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