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Mountain Dew Voltage

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– **History**:
– DEWmocracy campaign launched in November 2007
– Voltage, Revolution, and Supernova were the finalists in the campaign
– Voltage won with 42% of votes in August 2008
– Diet Voltage released in 2011 as part of FanDEWmonium
– DEW-S-A flavor, featuring Voltage, released in 2017 and 2021

– **Campaign Details**:
– Public elected new flavors in DEWmocracy campaign
– Voting conducted through an online game
– Voltage, Revolution, and Supernova were the initial finalists
– Voltage emerged as the winner with 42% of votes
– Diet Voltage competed in FanDEWmonium in 2011

– **References**:
– Tanner, Steve’s article on Mountain Dew Voltage
Mountain Dew Voltage’s victory in DEWmocracy covered by BevNet
– Barry Libert’s book mentions Mountain Dew Voltage
– Lauren Gibbons’ article on MSU sampling Mountain Dew
– Walton Beverage’s coverage of Mountain Dew fanDEWmonium

– **Related Products**:
Diet Mountain Dew Supernova won against Diet Voltage
– Diet Voltage had a limited release during voting
– DEW-S-A flavor featured red, white, and blue Mountain Dew
– Voltage represented the blue flavor in DEW-S-A
– Diet Voltage made it to the finals but came second

– **Company Information**:
Mountain Dew is under Yum! Brands
– Key individuals include Caleb Bradham, Indra Nooyi, and Ramon Laguarta
– Partnership with Ekaterra for production
– Notable incidents include Leonard v. Pepsico, Inc.
Pepsi-Cola sign is a recognizable symbol

Mountain Dew Voltage is a variant of the carbonated soft drink Mountain Dew. It is a blue raspberry/citrus flavor with ginseng and was introduced in 2008.

Mountain Dew Voltage
TypeBlue raspberry/citrus soft drink
Country of origin United States
Introduced2008; 16 years ago (2008)
VariantsDiet Mountain Dew Voltage
Related productsMountain Dew
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