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Baja Blast

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**History and Milestones**:
– Baja Blast was first available in 2004 at Taco Bell.
– It was a collaboration between Taco Bell and PepsiCo.
– Initially exclusive to Taco Bell to boost fountain soda sales.
– Released in packaged format in 2014 for a limited time.
– Re-released yearly from 2018 to 2023.
– In 2019, Taco Bell offered a birthday-themed Baja Blast freeze.
– In 2021, Taco Bell introduced Baja Blast Colada freeze.
– Limited-edition Baja Blast hot sauce created in 2023.
– In 2024, Pepsi announced year-round availability for Baja Blast in celebration of its 20th anniversary.

**Promotions, Campaigns, and Media Coverage**:
– Heavily promoted at launch with advertising campaigns.
– Promoted on Twitter and through on-air ads with Dale Earnhardt Jr.
– Part of the DEWcision campaign in 2016 against Pitch Black.
– Featured in NASCAR paint schemes and a Nickelodeon-themed event.
– Discontinued from retailers after losing the DEWcision vote.
– CNN reported on Mountain Dew Baja Blast going boozy.
– Food Network discussed the arrival of hard Baja Blast Mountain Dew flavors.
– Gear Patrol reviewed Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast Hot Sauce.
– The Takeout mentioned that MTN DEW Baja Blast will be available year-round in 2024.
– Foodbeast highlighted the debut of two new, limited-time Baja flavors.

**Product Line Expansion and Innovations**:
– Zero sugar version introduced in 2019.
– Alcoholic Baja Blast Twisted Freeze at select Taco Bell Cantina locations.
– Baja Blast included in the Hard Mountain Dew alcoholic line in 2022.
– Added to the Mountain Dew Energy drink line.
Taco Bell is testing MTN DEW Baja Blast Gelato in Southern California.
PepsiCo released new Baja Blast flavors as part of the Summer of Baja promotion.
– Hard MTN Dew Baja Blast Variety Pack features three new flavors.
– MTN DEW introduced two new limited-time Baja flavors.

**Flavors and Collaborations**:
– Released alongside Baja Punch and Baja Flash in 2021.
– New flavors in 2022: Baja Gold, Baja Mango Gem, and Baja Deep Dive.
– Alcoholic line Hard Mountain Dew offers Baja Blast with new flavors.
– 2023 release included Baja Caribbean Splash and Baja Passionfruit Punch.
Pepsi introduced limited-time flavors Baja Laguna Lemonade and Baja Point Break Punch in 2024.
Taco Bell created a Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze with a Piña Colada twist.
Taco Bell launched a Piña Colada-inspired Mountain Dew Baja Blast Colada Freeze.
Taco Bell served frozen margaritas with Crunchwrap Supreme.

**Merchandise and Marketing Campaigns**:
– Merchandise expansion to include lip balm, room sprays, and Halloween costumes.
Taco Bell introduced a new twist on Baja Blast Freeze.
Mountain Dew Baja Blast is available in a hard version and as lip balm.
Taco Bell launched energy drinks at select locations.
– FoodSided discussed a Halloween-themed collaboration between MTN DEW and Spirit.
– Chew Boom shared the launch of MTN DEW Baja Flash and Baja Punch flavors.
Taco Bell’s Summer of Baja featured new Baja Blast flavors and a giveaway.

Baja Blast (Wikipedia)

Mountain Dew Baja Blast is a tropical lime-flavored soft drink created for Taco Bell restaurants. Since the original flavor's launch in 2004, the Baja Blast brand has since expanded to include new flavors, alcoholic beverages, and energy drinks, as well as merchandise.

Baja Blast
TypeCitrus soft drink
Country of origin United States
Introduced2004; 20 years ago (2004)
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