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Mountain Dew Code Red

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– March 2001: Mountain Dew hosted an online racing game, winners received a box with Code Red items before its official release
– Named Code Red after urban and ethnic focus group preferences
– May 2001: Mountain Dew Code Red released in the U.S., boosting overall sales by 6%
– 2002: Diet Mountain Dew Code Red introduced
– 2022: Replaced by Mountain Dew Code Red Zero

In Popular Culture:
– Computer worm Code Red named after Mountain Dew variant
– December 2010: TV ad featuring rapper Jay Electronica boosted product popularity

– Code Red Pre-Release – A Look Back
– Virus Gave Pepsis New Drink Free Global Brand Recognition
– Marketers of colorful drinks dye for big sales
– Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office
– Code Red Zero Sugar now in stores, local availability may vary

Other Products:
– DEW-S-A limited-time flavor combo with Code Red
Energy drink version of Code Red released in 2022

Media Promotions:
– Jay Electronica’s Mountain Dew commercial

International Partnerships:
– Produced under a partnership with Ekaterra

Mountain Dew Code Red is a cherry-flavored carbonated soft drink that was introduced in 2001 as a flavor extension of the original Mountain Dew. This addition marked the first time that the brand had ventured beyond its flagship flavor on a large scale. In 1988 Mountain Dew Red was sold in some areas of Alabama, but later discontinued that same year. These two soft drinks did not share the same formula or taste. Despite the saturated market of soft drink flavors, Code Red saw great success and is considered a major player in the cherry-flavored beverage market.

Mountain Dew Code Red
TypeCherry soft drink
Country of origin United States
Introduced2001; 23 years ago (2001)
VariantsMountain Dew Code Red Zero
Related productsMountain Dew
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