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Vault (drink)

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– Vault was a citrus-flavored beverage like Coca-Cola Surge, discontinued in 2011 for Mello Yello.
– Test-marketing occurred in limited areas from June to Labor Day 2005.
– The drink was initially available in specific markets in 10 states.
– National release followed commercials during Super Bowl XL pregame show in February 2006.
– Marketing efforts aimed to promote Vault as a high-energy drink.

– Vault contained 47mg of caffeine per 237 ml serving.
Caffeine content in Vault was higher than similar beverages like Surge, Mountain Dew, and Mello Yello.
– Different Vault varieties were available, with Vault and Vault Zero being the most common.
– Various packaging options included PET bottles, cans, and liter bottles.
– The caffeine content in Vault was a key selling point for the product.

Coca-Cola released Vault Zero, a diet version of the citrus soda, in September 2005.
Grape Vault and Peach Vault were exclusive variants available from Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.
– The introduction of different variants aimed to cater to a wider range of consumer preferences.
– Variants like Vault Zero appealed to health-conscious consumers.
Coca-Cola’s strategy included offering a diverse range of Vault flavors.

– Vault commercials showcased men performing extraordinary tasks while drinking Vault.
– The slogan “Vault. Get to it!” was featured in the advertising campaigns.
– Commercials depicted scenarios like building robotic scarecrows and converting backyards into football fields.
– The advertising strategy aimed to position Vault as a beverage for adventurous individuals.
– The commercials were designed to create a memorable and engaging brand image for Vault.

– Vault Red Blitz, a new flavor, was released in late-February 2007 to compete with Mountain Dew Code Red.
Coca-Cola’s expansion strategy included promotional pricing in select areas.
– Vault Red Blitz featured a berry flavor and included the herbal supplement guarana.
– The introduction of new flavors aimed to attract consumers looking for variety.
Coca-Cola’s response to lawsuits led to reformulations and new product offerings.

Vault (drink) (Wikipedia)

Vault was a sweetened energy drink and carbonated beverage that was released by The Coca-Cola Company in June 2005 and marketed until December 2011. It was touted as an artificially flavored hybrid energy soda. Coca-Cola was marketing Vault as a combination with the slogan "Drinks like a soda, kicks like an energy drink," as well as "The Taste. The Quench. The Kick." "Get it done, and then some", "Chug & Charge", and "Get to it!".

TypeCitrus soda/Energy drink
ManufacturerThe Coca-Cola Company
Country of origin United States
Introduced2005; 19 years ago (2005)
Discontinued2011; 13 years ago (2011)
VariantsVault Zero
Vault Red Blitz
Related productsMello Yello
Mountain Dew
Sun Drop
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